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Read why BroadbandNow’s data has been used and cited by the FCC, U.S. Senate Banking Committee, Federal Reserve Bank, Microsoft, Facebook, Harvard University, MIT and many other academic and public institutions.

BroadbandNow has collected and maintained coverage, pricing and plan information for all U.S. internet providers since 2015. Because government data on internet coverage is typically 12-18 months old, hundreds of internet providers manually provide BroadbandNow with more recent updates.

Our independent research staff authors quarterly studies on broadband access in America and we publish our own estimates of low-priced plan access and the size of the digital divide. We are also proud to be part of the Open Data Initiative on broadband.

We also have collected hundreds of thousands of real customer ratings of internet providers, with verified IP addresses.

If you are a journalist or part of a governmental or academic institution and would like to be connected with a broadband market expert, please reach out to us.

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High-Speed Internet in the United States

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