AT&T Internet Deals and Promotions

Below you will find the best triple play offers, TV and internet bundles, and internet only deals available for AT&T Internet.

AT&T Internet


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Internet Only Plans

Below are the latest internet only deals AT&T Internet is offering.

$40.00/mo for 45 mbps

  • 45 mbps ↓ and 6.0 mbps ↑ w/ a 1000 GB/mo data cap
  • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $70.00.
  • Contract Term: 1 year with $180 ETF
  • Setup: $99.00 (Internet Installation Fee)
  • Modem w/ WiFi included.
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$40.00/mo for 45 mbps

  • up to 45 Mbps w/ a 1000 GB/mo data cap
  • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $70.00.
  • 45mbps not guaranteed. Speeds vary by service area, but AT&T offers fixed pricing of $40/mo for the first year at the maximum speed that is available at your location.
  • Modem w/ WiFi included.
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$70.00/mo for 100 mbps

  • 100 mbps ↓ and 100 mbps ↑ w/ a 1000 GB/mo data cap
  • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $99.00.
  • Contract Term: 1 year with $180 ETF
  • Setup: waived
  • Modem w/ WiFi included.
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$80.00/mo for 1,000 mbps

  • 1,000 mbps ↓ and 1,000 mbps ↑ w/ no data cap.
  • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $99.00.
  • Contract Term: 1 year with $180 ETF
  • Setup: waived
  • Modem w/ WiFi included.
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Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with AT&T Internet. Last updated on 2/1/2017.

AT&T U-verse Overview

AT&T is one of the largest vDSL providers in the US. Originally AT&T was one of the main home phone providers in the United States, but as technology and consumers needs have changed, AT&T has been working to change as well.

Today AT&T offers phone service and internet under the U-verse brand and they also offer Satellite TV with their recent acquisition of DirecTV.

Above you will find the latest deals and bundles offered by AT&T and DirecTV.

How to Choose Between AT&T U-verse Deals and Plans

When choosing between different U-verse promotions, there are 3 main things all consumers should take into consideration before signing up.

1 -- Total Monthly Cost

One of the most important factors regardless of whether you're looking at triple play bundles that include TV, internet, and phone or you are just looking for a single service is the total cost you'll be paying monthly.

Above we've collected the latest deals directly from AT&T U-verse but depending on the taxes and what equipment your household needs the plan may be a bit more than the promotional price.

Keep in mind that additional equipment like TV boxes and modems can add up so keep this in mind when ordering and always look at the price in the checkout before signing up.

2 -- With a Contract vs Without a Contract

Another important factor to consider when choosing a plan is whether you should have a contract or not. Our general advice is that if you are unsure of whether you'll be moving during your contract, you should not get a contract.

Here is why: If you sign up for a plan with a contract and cancel your service, you'll face an early termination charge. This charge, also known as an ETF, catches many consumers off guard so make sure to verify the plan you are signing up for is one that fits your needs.

We do our best to mark plans with ETFs, but always verify it with the provider directly.

3 -- What Services Will You Use?

It is tough to live without an internet connection in today's world and many families still use a home phone and traditional TV, but one of the most common questions we get asked at BroadbandNow is "How do I lower my cable/internet bill?"

The easiest answer to this question is to only order the services you know you'll use, regardless of the promotion.

As a consumer it's hard to pass up a great deal and AT&T is know for running competitive offers.

That said, before you sign up for a promotion that includes TV, internet, and phone evaluate your needs and only order the services you really need.

This may sound obvious, but by only ordering the services you really need you'll not only be saving on the cost of those services, but also the taxes, fees, and equipment charges that may accompany them.

AT&T U-verse Rating and Reviews

At BroadbandNow we only allow verified users of a service to rate their provider. This helps us prevent biased user ratings and reviews. To date, 74,573 IP verified AT&T U-verse customers have rated their service.

When asked 41.5% of U-verse customers said that they would recommend their to a friend.

The Technology That Powers AT&T U-verse

With the rise of fiber optic internet connections, more and more consumers are interested in the technology that powers their internet connection.

With U-verse, vDSL powers their internet, home phone, and some cases TV connections. But, with AT&T's acquisition of DirecTV more and more consumers are receiving their TV service via satellite.

AT&T U-verse Availability

AT&T U-verse is available in 22 including California, Texas, Florida, and 19 other states (see U-verse coverage map) but coverage varies depending on your location so verify with the provider.

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