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Please Note: We are not your internet service provider, BroadbandNow is a company that shows you what providers are available in your area.

If you still want to contact BroadbandNow please use the contact form at the right or leave us a voicemail at (877) 310-6770.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does BroadbandNow make money?

    BroadbandNow makes money through advertising and affiliate arrangements with broadband providers. In some cases, BroadbandNow receives compensation when customers order Internet service through our site. We landed on this monetization model because it resulted in the best vendor-neutral ad-free experience for users — it is the same model used by many consumer-focused businesses including NerdWallet and The Wirecutter (New York Times). For more information on how we make money, see our advertiser disclosure.

  • How can I find the providers at my address?

    The fastest way to find providers at your address is to use our Internet provider search tool. Enter your address, and we will show you every single provider registered with service in your area, including small providers and wireless.

  • How much speed do I need?

    If you want assistance figuring out how much Internet speed you need, see our home Internet bandwidth calculator and our detailed article on understanding Internet speeds.

  • What do I need to consider in my internet connection if I’m a gamer?

    If you want help understanding how to maximize home Internet for gaming, see our detailed article on Internet setup for gamers.

  • How do I cancel my service?

    To cancel your Internet service, the first step is to contact your provider on the phone. For more details, see our guide to canceling your Internet service pain-free.

  • An ISP doesn’t show up on your list, how can they get listed?

    We list all providers in the USA that have submitted Form 477 data to the FCC, per law. There is sometimes a delay for newly-filed providers, as the FCC waits for 6–9 months to release new data.

    If you’ve already filed your 477 data, then make sure to claim or create a listing on our provider dashboard. We’ll work with you to get you into our system as quickly as possible.

    If you need help filling out Form 477 for your company, we recommend Inteserra’s Form 477 compliance services.

    Please note that we don’t list 3rd party resellers.

  • I want to review my provider, how do I do so?

    You can leave a review for your provider on our Internet provider pages. All our ISP pages are listed here.

    Please note that reviews are IP-verified to ensure they come from a current customer and filtered manually to remove offensive material and “aimless rants.”

  • I keep seeing an error page saying I’m a bot, what can I do?

    If you are seeing an error page that limits your access to BroadbandNow, you have likely been flagged for making too many queries to our database.

    Unfortunately, we no longer offer a whitelist program for heavy users and are currently unable to extend the base number of queries. You’ll be able to use the site again when you fall below the limit for the time frame.

    If you are using BroadbandNow to validate addresses as part of your job, please check out BroadbandNow’s sister site BusinessInternet and create an account there. You will be able to do address searches and purchase more credits if you go over the limit.

  • How do reviews work?

    Reviews are sourced from current IP-verified customers of a given ISP. See our reviews page for more information.

  • How do ratings work?

    Ratings are sourced from current IP-verified customers of a. Given ISP. We collect these by randomly prompting customers using our site over an ISP’s service. This helps reduce “anger” reviews.

  • How are providers ranked?

    We do not “rank” providers in any way. In our listings, providers are organized according to their size within each service category.

  • I’m looking for specific data, can you help me?

    Reviews are sourced from current IP-verified customers of a given ISP. See our reviews page for more information.

  • Your maps show me as having coverage by a provider, but the provider disagrees. Why? What can I do?

    In some cases, we may show coverage for a provider that serves your census block but not your specific address. Because the FCC only requires providers to submit census block information, we can’t see the exact “border” of every provider within a service area. We collect address-level data from some Internet providers to help alleviate this problem.

    If a provider is available very near your location (e.g. across the street) and you want to request service, they will usually charge a fee to “build” out to your address. In some cases, they will add you to a wait list and inform you when they’ve built out. In either case, the process is extremely long and we recommend looking at other providers in your area in the meantime.

  • Where does your data come from?

    We source coverage data from FCC Form 477 filings. We cross-validate against private and provider-sourced datasets to show the most accurate results possible. You can learn more about the sources for our data at the BroadbandNow data page.

  • Why doesn’t the fastest speed column match our fastest plans?

    In some cases, we show averaged speed test results from customers using a particular ISP’s IPs rather than displaying the fastest advertised plan. We do this mostly on “informational” pages where users already know the choices and are looking for real-world stats to inform their purchase. We use 90th percentile averages in most places to help account for “dud” speed tests that reflect the user’s home network more than the provider’s network.

  • Provider X is showing on the zip code results and is not available.

    Please feel free to contact us using the dropdown menu above if you see any error on our site. Please look at what coverage percentage we list for your zip code before contacting us. If the percent is low, the fact that they aren’t at your address doesn’t mean they aren’t available anywhere in your zip code.

    If the provider you are reporting is available nearby your address (e.g. a few blocks up the street) we may not be able to correct the error immediately. This is caused by differences between the “zip code” borders of our search tool and the “census block” borders of provider coverage reporting.