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Brightspeed Availability Map. Click for interactive map

Brightspeed provides DSL, fixed wireless, and fiber internet connections to over 1.3 million locations across 20 states. Brightspeed’s most significant coverage areas are in North Carolina, Missouri, and Wisconsin. As a newer ISP created from CenturyLink’s coverage area, Brightspeed’s fiber internet network is still growing, but it’s already the fifth-largest DSL network in the U.S. In addition to offering internet, Brightspeed also provides home phone options via its Brightspeed Digital Voice service.

Brightspeed Internet Services

Best features Things to consider
  • Unlimited data
  • No annual contracts
  • No introductory prices
  • Modem included on fiber plans
  • Limited fiber internet coverage
  • No real bundling options

One of the best things about Brightspeed’s internet plans is that they all offer unlimited data and no annual contracts. These benefits are especially valuable with Brightspeed Fiber Internet, which delivers fast and symmetrical download and upload speeds.

Plan name Download speed Starting price Data cap
Brightspeed Internet Up to 100 Mbps $50 per month Unlimited data
Brightspeed Fiber Internet Up to 940 Mbps $49 per month Unlimited data

Brightspeed internet speeds can vary depending on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, location and number of devices per location. These same factors can also determine the total cost of your internet plan. Since Brightspeed Internet plans are DSL, the speed available at your address may differ from those in other areas in Brightspeed’s coverage network.

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Brightspeed Internet Speeds

Brightspeed offers DSL, fixed wireless, and fiber-optic internet, which all have different properties unique to their internet types. Brightspeed’s wireless internet offerings combine its fiber-optic network with wireless technology to transmit radio signals from signal towers to receivers adjacent to its location. While it’s not nearly as fast as wired internet connections, at just a minimum of 10 Mbps, it’s one of the cheapest internet types available.

Brightspeed Fiber Internet, on the other hand, travels through bundled fibers through a glass tube via light pulses. Because light travels faster than radio waves, fiber-optic connections provide internet speeds that are much faster than those offered by fixed wireless and DSL, albeit for a much higher price. Brightspeed Fiber Internet is capable of gigabit speeds, though it falls a little short with symmetrical speeds up to 940 Mbps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brightspeed

  • Is Brightspeed available in my area?

    Brightspeed offers internet to a substantial portion of the U.S., so you’re likely to be in its coverage area. Use our ZIP code search at the top of this page to see specific availability in your area.

  • What speeds does Brightspeed offer?

    Brightspeed Fiber Internet can achieve speeds up to 940 Mbps.

  • What services does Brightspeed offer?

    Brightspeed provides both internet and home phone services to residential customers. Brightspeed also has business internet services.

  • How did Brightspeed get so much coverage as a new ISP?

    Brightspeed is a new internet provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its coverage expanded rapidly to 20 states after getting approval in 2022 from the FCC to purchase network assets from Lumen Technologies, Inc., for $7.5 million.