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Broadband Coverage in the U.S.

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Broadband Providers By State

Alabama25.7mbps137 providers
Alaska24.9mbps60 providers
American Samoa-mbps6 providers
Arizona33.2mbps129 providers
Arkansas22.8mbps119 providers
California38.8mbps223 providers
Colorado30.2mbps196 providers
Connecticut31.3mbps62 providers
Delaware39.1mbps48 providers
District of Columbia31.9mbps61 providers
Florida30.8mbps154 providers
Georgia28.1mbps190 providers
Guam11.8mbps8 providers
Hawaii20.7mbps26 providers
Idaho19.0mbps121 providers
Illinois29.5mbps289 providers
Indiana24.6mbps198 providers
Iowa27.0mbps371 providers
Kansas31.0mbps192 providers
Kentucky16.7mbps174 providers
Louisiana28.7mbps111 providers
Maine16.3mbps79 providers
Maryland36.5mbps113 providers
Massachusetts36.3mbps103 providers
Michigan28.8mbps224 providers
Minnesota26.0mbps231 providers
Mississippi22.2mbps100 providers
Missouri39.0mbps204 providers
Montana21.6mbps105 providers
Nebraska27.4mbps166 providers
Nevada35.6mbps116 providers
New Hampshire33.2mbps71 providers
New Jersey38.3mbps102 providers
New Mexico22.7mbps108 providers
New York39.6mbps180 providers
North Carolina20.1mbps148 providers
North Dakota33.3mbps98 providers
Northern Mariana Islands2.9mbps5 providers
Ohio18.8mbps214 providers
Oklahoma30.3mbps152 providers
Oregon30.4mbps212 providers
Pennsylvania29.7mbps174 providers
Puerto Rico13.6mbps21 providers
Rhode Island37.0mbps40 providers
South Carolina22.4mbps96 providers
South Dakota32.1mbps100 providers
Tennessee28.7mbps144 providers
Texas33.6mbps393 providers
Utah33.5mbps118 providers
Vermont25.1mbps62 providers
Virgin Islands9.5mbps13 providers
Virginia34.7mbps148 providers
Washington38.8mbps192 providers
West Virginia25.5mbps68 providers
Wisconsin22.0mbps194 providers
Wyoming21.9mbps81 providers

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