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A Search Engine, Not a Store

BroadbandNow is free to users. Our goal is to show you which internet service providers are available in your area. If you decide you want a plan from a provider on one of our pages, you can just call or click straight from our page. Your plan will be the exact same price as you’d get if you went straight from the provider’s own website. We won’t take a dime from you.

How Can BroadbandNow Be Free?

BroadbandNow does make money — it just doesn’t make money from you. Some internet service providers pay BroadbandNow for the customers that reach out through our links. This doesn’t cost you anything at all (you’ll pay the same price regardless of whether you find your plan through BroadbandNow or not). Plus, it allows us to continue providing our free search and comparison services to users like you.

If BroadbandNow made it easier for you to find your internet plan, we hope you’ll help us out by using our links to sign up!

Advertising Disclosure

We’re out to create the best tool for finding broadband availability. Here is how we support this mission. is an independent broadband availability website. Our mission is to create the most efficient tool to help consumers find and get service from broadband providers in their area.

Advertising helps support our mission and gives us the resources to maintain and analyze millions of rows of data; build a fast and banner-free website; collect unbiased IP-verified customer ratings/reviews; and invest thousands of working hours monthly to manually collect plans and prices from providers.

Some of the companies listed on this site may pay us an advertising fee or we may receive a referral fee when you sign up for service. Without this sort of advertising support, and the team behind it wouldn’t exist.

To be clear, compensation does not and will not direct our research, editorial content, or which providers are shown in our availability results.

In short, we strive to make our availability results as impartial as possible. To do so, we do have advertising relationships with some providers because if we didn’t, then we’d have to charge people to access our results or cease to exist.

If you think we’ve missed a provider in your area, send us a note via our contact page, and we’ll reach out to that provider to try and get them listed.