Providers Offering Cable Service

We've found 447 providers offering Cable service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Xfinity 1200 mbps
Spectrum 940 mbps
Cox Communications 1000 mbps
Optimum by Altice 1000 mbps
WOW! 50 mbps
Mediacom Cable 1000 mbps
Astound Broadband Powered by RCN 1000 mbps
Sparklight (formerly Cable One) 1000 mbps
Astound Broadband Powered by Wave 1000 mbps
Breezeline 1000 mbps
Astound Broadband Powered by Grande 1000 mbps
Midco 1000 mbps
Vyve Broadband 1000 mbps
Armstrong 1000 mbps
Service Electric Cable TV 1000 mbps
TDS Telecom 1000 mbps
Blue Ridge Communications 1000 mbps
GCI Communication 1000 mbps
Buckeye Broadband 1000 mbps
Service Electric Cablevision 1000 mbps
Shentel 1000 mbps
Windspeed Broadband 100 mbps
Fidelity Communications 1024 mbps
Cablelynx Broadband 150 mbps
Hargray Communications 1000 mbps
Rainier Connect 1000 mbps
Zito Media 1000 mbps
Comporium Communications 1000 mbps
Bluepeak 1000 mbps
MaxxSouth Broadband 60 mbps
Massillon Cable TV 100 mbps
Windstream 1000 mbps
Horry Telephone Cooperative 300 mbps
Blue Stream Fiber 1000 mbps
Consolidated Communications 1000 mbps
Astound Broadband Powered by En-Touch 1000 mbps
Ritter Communications 1000 mbps
Antietam Broadband 1000 mbps
REV 1000 mbps
Cable America Missouri 1000 mbps
CAS Cable 2000 mbps
Adams Cable Service 50 mbps
Inter Mountain Cable 1000 mbps
TruVista 500 mbps
USA Communications 60 mbps
Summit Broadband 300 mbps
CTV Beam 102 mbps
ETC Communications, LLC 300 mbps
Giggle Fiber 500 mbps
CentraCom 250 mbps
OneSource Communications 35 mbps
Orbitel Communications 1000 mbps
Mid-Hudson Cablevision 300 mbps
CNSNext 500 mbps
ImOn Communications 1000 mbps
Coba Systems 95 mbps
Home Telecom 1000 mbps
Conway Corporation 1000 mbps
Arvig 1000 mbps
FOCUS Broadband 600 mbps
CASSCOMM 50 mbps
All West Communications 1000 mbps
Frankfort Plant Board 250 mbps
i3 Broadband 1000 mbps
AllensTV 1000 mbps
Nittany Media 125 mbps
Access Cable Television 1000 mbps
Astrea 1000 mbps
Thacker-Grigsby Telephone 250 mbps
Troy Cablevision 1000 mbps
Riviera Utilities 100 mbps
Bailey Cable TV 12 mbps
Long Lines 1000 mbps
Indco Cable 4 mbps
commZoom 100 mbps
FiberVision Florida 150 mbps
San Bruno Municipal Cable TV 300 mbps
HBC 1000 mbps
USA Communications (Iowa) 6 mbps
Bardstown Connect 250 mbps
Northwest Communications (Wisconsin) 100 mbps
Swyft Connect 10 mbps
CPWS Broadband 1000 mbps
SELCO 50 mbps
GVTC Communications 12 mbps
Emery Telcom 1000 mbps
Spanish Fork Community Network 120 mbps
Bee Line 1000 mbps
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative 900 mbps
SCI Broadband 1000 mbps
Smartaira 1000 mbps
ATC Broadband 100 mbps
Norwood Light Broadband 0 mbps
Wyandotte Municipal Services 10 mbps
Tri-County Communications Cooperative 100 mbps
Community Cable & Broadband 10 mbps
GEUS 450 mbps
City of Wadsworth 1000 mbps
TruVista (Formerly PlantTel) 500 mbps
OpticalTel 25 mbps

How many cable companies are there in the US?

There are 450 cable internet service providers in the United States as of 2020. The largest provider in terms of coverage area is XFINITY from Comcast with availability in 40 states and an availability footprint covering 111,564,376 people.

Pros and Cons of Cable Internet


  • Wide coverage
  • Relatively low cost
  • Low latency (lag)
  • Low-priced TV and/or phone bundling options


  • Limited providers in a given area
  • Limited rural availability
  • Slower speeds at peak hours

What is cable internet?

Cable internet makes use of pre-existing cable television infrastructure to deliver high-speed internet to consumers, which is faster than DSL in most areas. Unlike satellite internet, cable is not affected by outages caused by storms. While cable cannot perform as fast as fiber-optic internet, cable providers offer much wider coverage than fiber at this time.

You can find out more about the technology powering cable internet providers in our Cable Broadband technical guide.

Top 5 Cable Providers in the USA by Coverage Availability

Cable internet providers include some of the top telecom companies in the United States, as measured by size. Cable is one of the most common choices for internet service in suburban and urban areas since it combines relatively fast speeds with competitive, low pricing.

The top five most available cable internet providers listed by coverage in the US are XFINITY from Comcast, Spectrum®, Cox Communications, Optimum by Altice, and Mediacom Cable.

Cable Internet Provider Speed Range Price Range (internet-only)
XFINITY 15 – 2000 Mbps $49.95-299.95/month
Spectrum 60 – 940 Mbps $49.99-109.99/month
Cox Communications 10 – 940 Mbps $19.99-99.99/month
Optimum 200 – 1000 Mbps $24.99-69.99/month
Mediacom 60 – 1000 Mbps $39.99-79.99/month

If you are trying to compare multiple cable internet providers in the same city, be sure to consider factors such as promotions, data caps, download/upload speeds, contract terms, and local consumer reviews.

XFINITY from Comcast and Spectrum® have widespread coverage while Cox Communications, Optimum by Altice, and Mediacom have coverage in dense pockets where they’re available. If you’re considering bundling, whether now or later down the line, each of these providers offer double and triple play plans. Cable providers often offer discounts on each service when bundled together. Perks like no data caps and an extended promotional period are also offered for bundle package.

Cable Companies In Your Area

You can check for which of these providers is in your area using the Zip Code provider search tool at the top of the page.

While there are hundreds of cable providers registered with the FCC, most customers will only have access to one provider. Why? Keep in mind cable internet service is delivered by cable TV companies. The coaxial cable lines they use for internet and TV are privately owned. In most cases, only one cable provider will be connected to any given house.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cable Providers

  • Who offers cable internet?

    The top two cable providers by coverage are XFINITY from Comcast and Spectrum®, with coverage in 40 and 42 states, respectively. XFINITY has greatest coverage in California, Florida, and Illinois, while Spectrum® offers the most coverage in California, Texas, and New York.

  • Who is the best cable provider?

  • How to install cable internet?