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Providers Offering Cable Service

We've found 447 providers offering Cable service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

XFINITY from Comcast111,625,32140987 mbps
Charter Spectrum102,024,00043300 mbps
Cox Communications21,098,17519300 mbps
Optimum by Altice12,617,6064400 mbps
Mediacom Cable7,498,805221000 mbps
WOW!7,174,627950 mbps
Suddenlink Communications6,808,834191000 mbps
RCN4,061,72071000 mbps
Cable ONE3,298,758191000 mbps
Wave Broadband1,906,0073250 mbps
Atlantic Broadband1,858,754131000 mbps
Midco1,293,53951000 mbps
Grande Communications1,138,21711000 mbps
Newwave Communications1,057,6017100 mbps
Armstrong976,08651000 mbps
Service Electric Broadband Cable969,1002150 mbps
Blue Ridge Communications616,3081350 mbps
Vyve Broadband606,062101000 mbps
Windstream573,752491000 mbps
GCI Communication556,70511000 mbps
Buckeye Broadband549,5682300 mbps
En-Touch Systems530,0971300 mbps
Northland Communications495,0948100 mbps
TDS Telecom474,71710500 mbps
Service Electric Cablevision440,9001200 mbps
Shentel411,5573101 mbps
Fidelity Communications387,3455250 mbps
Cablelynx Broadband363,095450 mbps
Internet Nebraska Corporation358,678110 mbps
Vast Broadband295,8233200 mbps
Zito Media294,74516200 mbps
Comporium Communications293,5912400 mbps
MaxxSouth Broadband259,771260 mbps
Consolidated Communications206,1868500 mbps
Horry Telephone Cooperative205,4031300 mbps
Blue Stream184,17711000 mbps
Massillon Cable TV169,0671100 mbps
Cable America Missouri144,579250 mbps
BendBroadband136,43411000 mbps
Morris Broadband133,7111100 mbps
Hargray Communications132,129230 mbps
Antietam Broadband131,9861200 mbps
Ritter Communications124,0383100 mbps
Direct Communications119,387420 mbps
Continuum104,6111200 mbps
Adams Cable Service101,045250 mbps
Reach Broadband97,956175 mbps
TruVista93,8142100 mbps
Summit Broadband92,47111000 mbps
Reserve Telecommunications89,6311300 mbps
Inter Mountain Cable89,2063100 mbps
USA Communications87,146360 mbps
NuLink Digital85,0981100 mbps
CTV Beam83,932151 mbps
CAS Cable80,2552500 mbps
Giggle Fiber79,6941500 mbps
ImOn Communications77,482180 mbps
ComSouth73,728150 mbps
ETC Communications71,9273150 mbps
OneSource Communications70,808135 mbps
Orbitel Communications70,0271100 mbps
Eagle Communications69,8863100 mbps
Mid-Hudson Cablevision65,2131100 mbps
CentraCom64,0712100 mbps
Thames Valley Communications63,9231110 mbps
Conway Corporation60,799150 mbps
Home Telecom58,3401100 mbps
Arvig58,0441100 mbps
All West Communications53,9311100 mbps
Golden West Telecommunications52,372150 mbps
Frankfort Plant Board51,2011250 mbps
Thacker-Grigsby Telephone49,894110 mbps
Full Channel49,6121320 mbps
D&P Communications49,5532110 mbps
Rainier Connect44,688155 mbps
CASSCOMM44,640150 mbps
ATMC44,0951200 mbps
Bailey Cable TV43,875212 mbps
Spanish Fork Community Network43,5981120 mbps
commZoom41,5401100 mbps
Emery Telcom41,392140 mbps
AllensTV41,347150 mbps
FiberVision Florida41,098190 mbps
Indco Cable40,66844.0 mbps
Spirit Broadband40,356110 mbps
Access Cable Television40,2212100 mbps
Long Lines40,0053200 mbps
LivCom39,343125 mbps
HBC38,05711000 mbps
Vision Communications37,474125 mbps
Country Cablevision36,9301100 mbps
Carolina Mountain Cablevision36,9301100 mbps
USA Communications (Iowa)36,81616.0 mbps
CableSouth Media335,893210 mbps
SELCO35,608150 mbps
Satview Broadband34,640110 mbps
GVTC Communications34,371112 mbps
BELD Broadband33,8751300 mbps
Kings Bay Communications32,11311000 mbps
CPWS Broadband32,0021100 mbps

How Many Cable Companies are There in the US?

There are 447 Cable Internet service providers in the United States as of 2019. The largest provider in terms of coverage area is XFINITY from Comcast with availability in 40 states and an availability footprint covering 111,625,321 people.

Top Cable Providers in the USA

Cable Internet providers include some of the top telecom companies in the United States, as measured by size. Cable is one of the most common choices for Internet service in suburban and urban areas since it combines relatively fast speeds with relatively low pricing. It isn’t the fastest option in urban centers, and it also isn’t the cheapest. But for many customers, speeds in the 25–250 Mbps range are more than enough. Cable Internet providers are often the cheapest way to get it.

You can find out more about the technology powering Cable Internet providers in our Cable Broadband technical guide.

Cable Companies in your Area

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While there are hundreds of Cable providers registered with the FCC, most customers will only have access to one. Why? Well, keep in mind that “Cable” service is delivered by former “Cable TV” companies. They use the exact same cables that deliver TV to send digital data and put WiFi in your home. These coaxial Cable lines are privately owned by companies like those listed above. In most cases, only one Cable provider will be connected to any given house.

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