The Best 5G Home Internet Providers in 2022

Written by Jul 25, 2022 | Published: Feb 1, 2022

5G Home Internet Overview

Speedy 5G home internet services are changing the game in home internet. For the first time, wireless broadband is offering serious competition to wired connection types like DSL and cable. The top 5G home internet services offer convenience, low prices, and speeds that soar past those of satellite, fixed wireless, and even DSL connections. Read on for your best wireless broadband options.

Is 5G Home Internet Your Best Option?

There’s a reason why so many people are talking about 5G home internet. The technology behind the 5G standard is dramatically changing the nature of wireless home internet. That doesn’t mean that 5G home internet is the best option for every single customer. It does mean, however, that every customer should consider what 5G home internet has to offer.

First, we should consider speed. Traditionally, broadband access has been a question of infrastructure: The type of cables running to your town, your neighborhood, and your home has long determined how fast your internet will be. Fiber-optic cables are fastest, followed by cable and DSL infrastructure. Truly wireless solutions like fixed wireless and satellite were considered options of last resort. But 5G home internet is different: It can reach speeds that blow DSL out of the water and, in some cases, can even rival the fastest broadband connections in some areas.

The fast-growing 5G home internet market is also notable for its low prices and lack of restrictive contracts. The flexibility and affordability of 5G home internet make it appealing to certain users – even in areas where fiber and cable connections are available. It just depends on what internet speed you need!

The Best 5G Home Internet Providers

Brand Speed Price Learn More
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet 33-182 Mbps $50 per month (includes AutoPay discount) See plans and pricing
Verizon 5G Home Internet 300 Mbps and up; can reach nearly 1 Gbps in some areas $50-$70 per month (includes AutoPay discount) See plans and pricing
Starry 200 Mbps $50 per month See plans and pricing
Order T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet service, and you'll get a box just like this

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet isn’t just the best 5G home internet option for most customers – for many, it’s the only option. That’s because T-Mobile 5G Home Internet has rolled out its service to hundreds of markets. It can currently reach tens of millions of households, a feat that no other 5G home internet service has matched. T-Mobile’s widely available service is also one of the 5G home internet market’s best deals. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet comes with free equipment and installation, and its easily accessible AutoPay discount knocks down its price from $55 to just $50 per month.

Verizon 5G Home Internet

Verizon claims the fastest 5G home internet speeds on the market. At its peak speeds, Verizon 5G Home Internet service can compete not only with DSL but also with cable and even fiber. With that said, speeds that approach 1 Gbps are not necessarily the norm for Verizon 5G Home Internet customers. Average real-world speeds are around 300 Mbps. That’s not enough to top fiber, but it’s faster than most DSL connections and any other 5G home internet service on the market. If speed is your top priority, Verizon 5G Home Internet should be your top home internet choice. With that said, Verizon 5G Home Internet does lag behind T-Mobile 5G Home Internet in service area and price: Verizon 5G Home Internet is available only in about 30 markets, and it will cost $70 per month unless you’re already a Verizon Wireless customer. (If you are a customer of Verizon’s mobile service, then your price will be $50 per month – the same as T-Mobile’s best price and Starry’s standard price.)


Starry’s speeds are solid, and its everyday price of $50 per month is as low as its competitors’ discounted rates. Starry is a great choice for those who can get it, but therein lies the service’s biggest drawback: Right now, Starry has the smallest service area of any of our top three choices. Naturally, that limits the number of customers that Starry can deliver 5G home broadband service to. Starry can’t reach everyone, but it’s a worthy option for those who live within the company’s ever-expanding reach. As it ramps up service, T-Mobile and Verizon will have serious competition on their hands.

Alternatives to 5G Home Internet

Not every customer has access to 5G home internet service. If you’re in an area that is not yet served by T-Mobile, Verizon, or another 5G home internet provider, then your broadband options may be more limited. If wired connections aren’t an option, your only wireless home internet alternatives are fixed wireless and satellite internet. Unfortunately, neither of these connection types can match 5G’s speeds, but either alternative should be suitable for lighter internet use.


Frequently Asked Questions About 5G Home Internet

Is 5G available for home internet?

Yes, the providers currently offering 5G home internet are T-Mobile, Verizon, and Starry.

Is 5G faster than fiber-optic internet?

While 5G speeds can reach up to 1 Gbps in some areas with Verizon 5G Home Internet, customers are more likely to experience download speeds closer to 300 Mbps and up. 5G isn’t quite as fast as fiber since the latter is capable of speeds faster than 1 Gbps.

How do you install 5G home internet at home?

Setting up 5G home internet service is easier than wired connections. Typically, you’ll get a Wi-Fi gateway and all you have to do is plug and play.

Is 5G Home Internet good for gaming?

5G home internet is a better alternative for online gaming than satellite internet. You’ll still need a stable connection but 5G speeds are faster and latency is lower.