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BroadbandNow is the best place to find and compare local internet providers, and we have the most comprehensive dataset of internet plans, pricing, and availability.  Our data comes from the FCC and is supplemented by data provided to us directly by ISPs. We also verify plans and pricing of all 2,000+ ISPs as often as once per month.

We’re proud to publish independent research on broadband in America, recognized and cited by The New York Times, Washington Post, Ars Technica, The New Yorker, and numerous other publications. If you’d like to be connected to a broadband expert, please reach out to us.

What else can you do at BroadbandNow? If you’re new to the site, we recommend testing your internet speed, exploring our national broadband map, or comparing internet providers in Chicago or wherever you live!

The Team Behind BroadbandNow

Tyler-Cooper Bio

Tyler Cooper

Editor-in-Chief, BroadbandNow

Tyler Cooper is the Editor-in-Chief at BroadbandNow. BroadbandNow and its analytics arm, BroadbandNow Research, cover social, economic and political issues related to broadband technology such as digital inclusion, municipal broadband, telecom legislation, emerging technologies, and the impact of broadband on everyday life.

Tyler is an active speaker at industry conferences and events, such as the National Digital Inclusion Alliances Net Inclusion 2020 conference, NPR’s “In Conversation” & Broadband Breakfast’s “Broadband Breakfast Live Online.”

Tyler has more than a decade of experience in the telecom industry, and he has been writing about broadband issues like the digital divide, net neutrality, cybersecurity and internet access since 2015. Tyler’s work is internationally recognized; he has been published on sites like VentureBeat, TechRadar, Digital Trends, and The Next Web. He has also been featured in VICE, Fox News, Voice of America, and many other outlets.


John Busby

Managing Director

John Busby is the Managing Director of BroadbandNow, the most comprehensive guide for internet service provider plans, pricing and coverage. Prior to joining BroadbandNow, John was Head of Analytics for Amazon’s grocery delivery service and responsible for business intelligence, data science and automated reporting. Prior to Amazon, John was Senior Vice President of Analytics and Marketing at Marchex.

John began his career in product management for InfoSpace, Go2net and IQ Chart. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University.

Deanna-Nguyen Bio

Deanna Nguyen

Content Manager

Deanna Nguyen is the Content Manager at BroadbandNow. She focuses on creating well-researched content about the telecom industry and covers important issues related to broadband technology such as the digital divide and net neutrality.

Deanna has written and edited for various publications and brands such as Locale Magazine, Crunchyroll, and Tokyo Journal. Topics that she has covered are travel, culture, food, anime, video games, and celebrity profiles.


Sherrylyn Hubilla

Sr. Data Researcher

Sherrylyn oversees the data collection team. Having worked in back office support for both construction and real estate firms, she developed meticulous attention to detail. Known for her ability to multi-task with accuracy, she joined BroadbandNow in 2014 to help uphold the mission of bringing transparency to the broadband industry.

Today, she and the data team dig into every provider website and scrutinize their plans and fine print to find the most helpful information that consumers need to make an informed decision while ensuring the data presented on BroadbandNow is accurate and up-to-date.

A mom to 2 bubbly girls, Sherrylyn is located in Albay, Philippines. This typhoon-beaten province is home to the Mayon Volcano, known as the best example of a cone volcano in the world. When she isn’t collecting plans, you’ll catch her repotting plants and weeding in her front yard or stretching and doing headstands in yoga class.

Jaimie Clark BBN Headshot Dark-cropped

Jaimie Clark

Director of SEO

Jaimie directs BroadbandNow’s SEO strategy. She’s an expert in technical SEO, content optimization, and high-level digital strategy.

Jaimie previously served as Head of SEO at The Wirecutter. She lives in Connecticut with her family.


Ana DeCastro

Outreach Specialist

Ana is an Outreach Specialist for BroadbandNow. Her goal is to develop and promote positive relations with ISPs and raise awareness around the data powered by BroadbandNow that helps consumers make informed decisions. She coordinates initiatives and communications campaigns aimed at government, education and news sites designed to promote BroadbandNow and ISPs doing great work for communities.

Ana has worked in a variety of fields including public relations, SAP consulting, health & wellness, and most recently, as an agent for celebrity chefs. One common attribute in each of these past roles is her ability to create strong relationships with her partners, no matter what the industry, role or field.

Ana is a Jersey girl at heart but is currently living in sunny Barcelona. When she isn’t on a call with a partner, you can find her geocaching with her kids, trying out new recipes, or working out at the gym.


Bijay Pakhrin

Front-end Designer

Bijay Pakhrin is the front-end designer and developer for BroadbandNow.

Residing in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he was born and raised, Bijay began developing his skills by remotely consulting with clients.

In 2016, Bijay began to work extensively with BroadbandNow to create user experiences that work well on both mobile and desktop. Today Bijay is responsible for all of the CSS/HTML and design implementation for BroadbandNow.

When he isn’t seeking pixel perfection, he is hanging out with his friends, touring on his motorbike, and taking Instagram photos.

vivian-nguyen-headshot Bio

Vivian Nguyen


Vivian Nguyen is a writer at BroadbandNow. They offer their expertise in broadband technology, including business internet, U.S. laws that have affected the telecom industry, and more. 

Vivian has over five years of editorial experience, developing brand marketing strategies and content for various target audiences and users. They’re a copywriter with knowledge across different industries, including broadband and video streaming.

Jasons photo Bio

Jason Shevik

Sr. Industry Analyst

Jason Shevik is a data analyst and writer. He graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Minnesota where he was also a member of the debate team and unicycle club. As part of the debate team, he amassed years of experience researching and scrutinizing topics ranging from geopolitics to public health. Jason’s senior thesis was on the applications of abstract algebra in quantum resistant cryptography.

Kate Fann Bio

Kate Fann


Kate Fann is a writer for BroadbandNow who covers all aspects of the broadband industry. With four years of writing and editing about the internet under her belt, she strives to help consumers find the best internet plan through in-depth consumer guides.


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