About BroadbandNow's Team

Who We Are and What We're Building

BroadbandNow is a website that helps consumers find and compare Internet service providers in their area. When we’re describing it to friends and family, we usually say: "it’s like Kayak for Internet service."

To make sure our data is up-to-date, we crunch millions of rows of data every year from public and private datasets and manually collect tens of thousands of data points from providers. All this data allows us to build the most accurate public Internet service database online.

For more information on what makes us tick, see the BroadbandNow mission statement, or visit our broadband data page for a peek under the hood.


Also known as the dream team
Tom Buck

Tom B.

Chief Cow Fancier

Tom has been creating websites since the mid-nineties, first as a way of avoiding piano practise, and later realising he'd stumbled across a natural talent and passion for technology along the way.

After spending the dot-com years building up a wide variety of web development knowledge at agencies, Tom moved into the rapidly-growing world of SMS marketing. Taking many lessons about usability and reliability from campaigns with major brands such as Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay, it was here that Tom got his first taste of processing big data, with live television votes on major UK broadcasters needing thousands upon thousands of text messages to be processed per second.

A few years later, Tom moved to Poland, using his data warehousing skills in business intelligence roles for enterprises such as Honda. Taking on more consulting roles over time, Tom started to appreciate the possibilities of crunching vast amounts of data down to manageable and useful chunks, made presentable and readily understandable online. At BroadbandNow, Tom's found his data heaven, loving that by tapping away at a computer, he can help make a real and positive difference for broadband consumers nationwide.

Now back in the UK, and still considering himself the "friendly neighborhood geek - but online!", when Tom's not geeking out on data, he's usually seen chasing after - or being chased by - his two kids in the Sussex countryside.

Sherrylyn Hubilla

Sherrylyn H.

Sr. Data Researcher

Sherrylyn oversees the data collection team. Having worked in back office support for both construction and real estate firms, she developed meticulous attention to detail. Known for her ability to multi-task with accuracy, she joined BroadbandNow in 2014 to help uphold the mission of bringing transparency to the broadband industry.

Today, she and the data team dig into every provider website and scrutinize their plans and fine print to find the most helpful information that consumers need to make an informed decision while ensuring the data presented on BroadbandNow is accurate and up-to-date.

A mom to 2 bubbly girls, Sherrylyn is located in Albay, Philippines. This typhoon-beaten province is home to the Mayon Volcano, known as the best example of a cone volcano in the world. When she isn’t collecting plans, you’ll catch her repotting plants and weeding in her front yard or stretching and doing headstands in yoga class.

Bijay Pakhrin

Bijay P.

Frontend Designer

Bijay Pakhrin is the frontend designer and developer for BroadbandNow.

Residing in Kathmandu, Nepal where he was born and raised, Bijay began developing his skills by remotely consulting with clients.

In 2016, Bijay began to work extensively with BroadbandNow to create user experiences that work well on both mobile and desktop. Today Bijay is responsible all of the CSS/HTML and design implementation for BroadbandNow.

When he isn’t seeking pixel perfection he is hanging out with his friends, touring on his motorbike, and taking instagram photos.

Maria João Azeredo

Maria J.

Operations & Partner Relations

Maria João has a degree in applied biochemistry and postgraduate education in industrial management. Before joining BroadbandNow, she worked as a production manager in one of the largest food companies in Portugal where she became well known for her ability to streamline processes and reduce costs through lean techniques. Today, she brings her attention to detail and skill at bringing sense to chaos to BroadbandNow. In short, Maria helps our team deliver on our promises to our customers and partners.

Located in Lisbon, Portugal, Maria stays true to her management and science roots. So much so, when Maria isn’t tying up loose ends and keeping the team on track, you can likely find her stargazing and studying astronomy with her husband Mario.

Steve G.

Steve G.

Director of SEO

Steve leads the SEO strategy for BroadbandNow. He has a core focus on technical SEO and content optimisation, which is fueled by data and caffeine. It’s Steve’s job to make sure that the most relevant information we have finds its way to you when you search on Google.

Steve's work motto is 'When your content answers the visitors question then the results will naturally follow'.

With over 9 years in the SEO and data industry, Steve has led multiple companies SEO direction, including a succession of leading global brands in the FMCG, hospitality, technology, education, banking and real estate sectors.

Based in Asia but originally from the UK, when Steve isn’t on the computer he can be found underwater - scuba diving.

Ana de Castro

Ana D.

Outreach Specialist

Ana is an Outreach Specialist for BroadbandNow. Her goal is to develop and promote positive relations with ISPs and raise awareness around the data powered by BroadbandNow that helps consumers make informed decisions. She coordinates initiatives and communications campaigns aimed at government, education and news sites designed to promote BroadbandNow and ISPs doing great work for communities.

Ana has worked in a variety of fields including public relations, SAP consulting, health & wellness, and most recently, as an agent for celebrity chefs. One common attribute in each of these past roles is her ability to create strong relationships with her partners, no matter what the industry, role or field.

Ana is a Jersey girl at heart but is currently living in sunny Barcelona. When she isn’t on a call with a partner, you can find her geocaching with her kids, trying out new recipes, or working out at the gym.

Laila Elaine Gelle

Laila G.

Customer Success / Data Researcher

Laila splits her time between moderating customer reviews and researching plan data. It's her duty to make sure all provider reviews on BroadbandNow are relevant and helpful for visitors. She also helps manage maintenance and outreach campaigns for BroadbandNow. Before working with BroadbandNow, Laila worked extensively in sales and tech support.

When her kids started school, she faced a difficult choice between being a full-time employee or a full-time mom; she chose the latter. Luckily, she found her way to BroadbandNow, which has allowed her to devote time to her family while still developing professionally.

When she's not working, she loves to go hiking with her husband. Laila has also conquered several mountain peaks around the Philippines as her way to reconnect with nature.

Michelle De Leon

Michelle D.

Sr. Data Researcher

Michelle joined BroadbandNow as a Data Researcher in 2015. She spends her days collecting plans from the websites of different Internet service providers to make it easier for consumers to choose the best provider in their area.

Prior to joining BroadbandNow, Michelle worked as a Mainframe Systems Analyst where she handled government projects overseas. She also used to work as a Quality Analyst and Coach in different call centers.

When she’s not working, Michelle loves to hang out at the mall with her husband and their baby.

Mark Ignacio

Mark I.

Sr. Data Researcher

As a senior data researcher at BroadbandNow, Mark spends his days looking for, collecting, and checking plans and pricing from broadband providers and helping out his fellow researchers. His work helps people in the U.S. understand and pick the best internet service available to them.

Before bringing his attention to detail and problem-solving skills to BroadbandNow, Mark worked with a variety of clients on web research and data entry projects.

When he isn't collecting DSL, fiber, cable and fixed wireless Internet plans, he enjoys watching TV shows and movies and hanging out with his family in the valley of La Trinidad in the Philippines.

Darren Andrade

Darren A.

Data Researcher

Darren is a Data Researcher at BroadbandNow. His main task is to collect internet plans and analyze the data. He also works with team leads directly compiling research, uploading content to the BroadbandNow CMS, and generally making sure everything gets done as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Before landing his job at BroadbandNow, Darren was an Auditor in Rotaract Club of Olongapo City Philippines. He’s been part of the Club since 2010, and still enjoys doing projects that move the community forward and help people.

When he's not in front of the computer, he enjoys watching Netflix series and having coffee outside with his friends.

Jessa Jane Villavicencio

Jessa V.

Data Researcher

Jessa’s main task is collecting internet plans and making sure they are accurate and up to date. She also assists team leads and specialists in checking provider reviews, always available to lend a hand if needed for data entry and research projects.

Jessa worked in a BPO company for nine years as a Customer Service Representative and a Subject Matter Expert before landing in a homebase job. Currently, she has a small business to run and a daughter to take care.

When she's not working, she spends time with her family, cooking for them and helping her daughter with school assignments.

Marycle Merlan


Data Researcher

A data researcher at Broadbandnow, Marycle’s main task is collecting internet plans, checking the pricing, and making sure that the data she collects is accurate and helpful to BroadbandNow visitors. Prior to joining broadbandnow Marycle worked as a 2nd assistant manager in the food industry for five years before switching paths into the world of freelancing.

When she isn’t working Marycle enjoys hanging out with her friends and furthering her education on topics like ecommerce.

Joemil Bercasio

Joemil B.

Data Researcher

Joemil is a data researcher at BroadbandNow. His daily work is focused on collecting and updating internet plans.

He worked as a Technical Support in We Lead Comtech, Inc. before deciding to work full time as a freelancer. He has been promoted as Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader, and Training Manager in some of his projects online. He’s been working as a Web Researcher since 2013.

When he’s not working, you can find him playing instruments with his friends. He is a church drummer.

Vanessa Recede

Vanessa R.

Quality Assurance Analyst

As a Quality Assurance Analyst for BroadbandNow, Vanessa ensures that all calls across several partner centers are handled fairly and efficiently.

Before joining BroadbandNow, Vanessa had extensive experience working in large BPO companies as a Technical Support Specialist and QA Analyst.

Vanessa is a true coffee enthusiast who also loves to read books. When she's not working with the BroadbandNow team, she's either experimenting on pour over coffee at home or sipping cold brew at one of her favorite coffee shops while reading a book.