About Frontier Communications

  • Before the rebranding to Frontier Communications Corporation, the company was known as Citizens Utility Company until 2000 and Citizens Communications Company until 2008.

  • Frontier offers fiber and DSL services in 25 states.

  • In 2009, Frontier acquired Verizon’s landline networks in 14 states for a sum of $8.6 billion, with $10.5 billion in additional assets acquired in 2015.

  • After two straight years of declining revenue, Frontier filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

  • Frontier rebranded its fiber services to Frontier FiberOptic in early 2021.

Frontier Communications Availability Map. Click for interactive map.

Frontier Availability

Aside from some dead zone areas in far western states like Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas, Frontier has availability in most of the country, including California, Florida, Connecticut, and 22 other states.

Frontier Communications started offering Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet services in rural and suburban U.S. markets in 2008. In 2014, Frontier acquired additional network coverage from Verizon, including fiber network areas, now marketed as “Frontier FiberOptic.” The service in these areas is similar to Verizon Fios, although the pricing is unique to Frontier.

As a DSL provider, one of Frontier’s strengths is their widespread rural availability, since even rural households usually have access to the twisted copper phone lines needed to deliver Frontier’s DSL connection. Frontier FiberOptic is available in multiple states, normally in metropolitan areas.

Frontier Internet Plans and Prices

Best Features: Things to Consider:
  • No equipment fee
  • Contract-free plans
  • Unlimited data on all plans
  • Option to bring your own modem
  • Limited bundle options
  • Plans vary by location — fiber not available everywhere

Frontier offers a simple pricing structure. Frontier Internet, the brand name for Frontier’s DSL internet, generally starts at $37.99 per month and can go up to $59.99 per month for download speeds up to 115 Mbps. Frontier Internet speeds vary by location. Don’t be surprised to see speeds starting at up to 6 Mbps in certain areas.

Plan Speed Connection Type Price
Frontier Internet Up to 115 Mbps DSL Starting at $39.99 per month
Frontier FiberOptic Up to 940 Mbps Fiber Starting at $49.99 per month

Frontier FiberOptic offers two pricing options: about $50 per month for speed up to 500 Mbps or $74.99 per month for gigabit speed (up to 940 Mbps). Visit our Frontier Deals page to find out about this month’s promotions and which plans offer the best value.

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Frontier Internet Speeds

Frontier networks consist of its standard DSL network and its FiberOptic network. The main difference is that DSL runs significantly slower than fiber; however, Frontier has been building out more fiber backbone in recent years, boosting the overall speed and bandwidth of DSL Frontier connections.

Frontier DSL internet, simply known as Frontier Internet, offers download speeds up to 115 Mbps, while Frontier FiberOptic delivers upload and download speeds up to 940 Mbps.

Frontier Customer Satisfaction

In our most recent survey where participants rated internet providers in six categories (speed, reliability, customer support and interaction, equipment, and value), Frontier earned 3.5 of 5 stars, putting them in 7th place, after competitors such as AT&T and Spectrum.

Frontier tied for third place on Netflix’s Speed Index as of November 2021. This confirms that they’re a workable option for customers who intend to use OTT (Over the Top) streaming services rather than traditional TV plans from Frontier directly or through a third-party satellite provider.

Frontier Customer Service

Though many providers separate billing, sales, and technical support into dedicated helplines, Frontier offers just one central support number: 800-921-8101.

If you’re looking to cancel service outright, contact Frontier’s dedicated customer retention number at: 866-786-6693. Save time by calling this number directly, but be aware that you will likely reach a sales agent who will offer you a special rate to remain a Frontier customer.

Business customers can contact Frontier’s business customer service and tech support at 800-921-8102. If you’re looking to cancel your business internet with Frontier, call 866-786-6693.

Availability by State

Alabama 50,870 940mbps
Arizona 309,548 940mbps
California 8,112,505 940mbps
Connecticut 3,392,156 940mbps
Florida 3,669,662 940mbps
Georgia 49,897 940mbps
Illinois 1,624,869 940mbps
Indiana 1,670,727 940mbps
Iowa 82,719 940mbps
Michigan 1,298,687 940mbps
Minnesota 498,690 940mbps
Mississippi 16,594 940mbps
Nebraska 83,975 940mbps
Nevada 90,507 940mbps
New Mexico 24,708 940mbps
New York 1,676,365 940mbps
North Carolina 607,481 940mbps
Ohio 1,586,888 940mbps
Pennsylvania 565,956 940mbps
South Carolina 323,294 940mbps
Tennessee 209,796 940mbps
Texas 2,424,197 940mbps
Utah 47,580 940mbps
Washington 1,118 940mbps
West Virginia 1,615,147 940mbps
Wisconsin 689,803 940mbps

Cities and Towns Frontier Communications Has Coverage

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