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Broadband Service in Wyoming

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Internet Access in Wyoming

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Coverage by County

Wyoming Interactive SVG Map showing broadband coverage by county.



Broadband Speeds


of Wyomingites have access to broadband 100mbps or faster.


of Wyomingites have access to 1 gigabit broadband.

Wired Coverage


of Wyomingites have access to wireline service.


of Wyomingites have access to fiber-optic service.


of Wyomingites have access to cable service.


of Wyomingites have access to DSL service.

Largest Competing Providers In Wyoming

Coverage by County in Wyoming

County Name % Broadband Coverage
Albany 92.6%
Big Horn 39.3%
Campbell 78.6%
Carbon 86.4%
Converse 79.8%
Crook 43.9%
Fremont 64.5%
Goshen 64.2%
Hot Springs 88.9%
Johnson 75.6%
Laramie 90.7%
Lincoln 69.4%
Natrona 92.4%
Niobrara 4.2%
Park 71.7%
Platte 49.1%
Sheridan 84.1%
Sublette 3.9%
Sweetwater 95.1%
Teton 96.1%
Uinta 83.9%
Washakie 90.3%
Weston 56.2%

Internet Speed in Top Wyoming Cities

City Avg. Download Speed No. of Providers
1. Cheyenne 38.0 MBPS 15 Providers
2. Casper 58.6 MBPS 14 Providers
3. Gillette 32.7 MBPS 12 Providers
4. Laramie 48.1 MBPS 14 Providers
5. Rock Springs 33.5 MBPS 14 Providers

Speeds for Major Providers in Wyoming

Provider Avg. Download Speed
Charter Spectrum 90.6 MBPS
CenturyLink 30.6 MBPS
Vistabeam 11.9 MBPS
Rise Broadband 10.2 MBPS 4.5 MBPS

The State of Broadband in Wyoming, 2021

Written by the BroadbandNow team. Last updated 9/1/2020.

Wyoming comes in at number 46 on our list of the best overall broadband ecosystems. The cowboy state has a statewide average speed of 51.3 Mbps as well as 100 internet service providers available to its residents. Coverage is spread evenly across all 23 of Wyoming’s counties with the exception of Niobrara, which only offers 25 Mbps speeds to 4.3% of its residents.

The Digital Divide in Wyoming

We believe accessibility is an important factor to examine when calculating a state’s digital divide. That being said, 79.9% of Wyoming residents have access to a wired 25 Mbps broadband connection, meaning there are still 111,000 people in Wyoming without access to a wired connection capable of the same speed. In addition, there are 116,000 people that only have access to a single wired provider and another 48,000 without access to one at all.

Affordability is also a crucial aspect to consider when analyzing Wyoming’s digital divide. Our latest affordability data shows that as of Q4 of 2019, only 19.6% of Wyoming’s population had access to a wired internet plan that costs less than $60/month. This isn’t a staggeringly high percentage, but to put it into perspective, only 15.4% of Washington’s population (which is 30 spots higher up on the list) has access to plans in the same price range.

Best-Connected Cities

Green River is the best-connected city in Wyoming followed by Rock Springs, Evanston, Dubois, and Jackson. These cities have 100% broadband coverage as well as an excellent selection of internet providers.

Worst-Connected Cities

On the other hand, Natrona, Lonetree, Garrett, Wyarno, and Bondurant have the worst overall broadband ecosystems in the state. These towns lack availability to a wired connection and have average download speeds of 21 Mbps or less.

See how Wyoming stacks up against the rest of the nation here.

Governmental Initiatives

With the assistance of various federal grants, the state of Wyoming has been able to increase its percentage of those with access to a wired connection of at least 10 Mbps from 74.2% to 88.7%, over the past nine years.

Link Wyoming is one of many recipients of such grants. Since 2010 the program has been awarded $4,153,833 for Wyoming's Broadband Initiative. Additionally, $10,671,802 was awarded to numerous other projects whose aim is to stimulate growth in Wyoming’s broadband infrastructure.

Sources: Data collected via the FCC, NTIA, and other sources. For a full list of data sources please visit our data page.

Wyoming Cities

Average speed over time
Afton 82.6% 7 providers
Buffalo 79.8% 11 providers
Casper 95.2% 14 providers
Cheyenne 92.4% 15 providers
Cody 78.5% 11 providers
Douglas 77.8% 10 providers
Evanston 86.7% 12 providers
Evansville 53.0% 13 providers
Gillette 86.8% 12 providers
Glenrock 86.5% 10 providers
Green River 99.1% 10 providers
Jackson 98.5% 14 providers
Lander 68.0% 11 providers
Laramie 94.1% 14 providers
Newcastle 57.6% 11 providers
Pinedale 8.0% 9 providers
Powell 70.3% 10 providers
Rawlins 98.5% 11 providers
Riverton 71.1% 11 providers
Rock Springs 99.1% 14 providers
Sheridan 89.9% 12 providers
Thermopolis 90.1% 10 providers
Torrington 74.8% 12 providers
Wheatland 63.1% 8 providers
Worland 90.5% 10 providers
Last Updated on 9/1/2020.