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Our Mission

Why we built BroadbandNow

We believe broadband Internet should be available to all Americans. This is what we’re doing to make that a reality.


Champion for Consumers

Developing a Better Way to Shop for Broadband

We want to make finding the best broadband as easy as possible, so we build tools to help consumers do just that.

But, that’s just the start.

At our core we are champions for the consumer.

To us this means:

  • Bringing transparency in government data and research.
  • Aggregating IP verified customer reviews and ratings.
  • Fostering competition through better awareness of local providers.

More Than Just Policy

We Crunch the Data For You

Every year, the US government and ISPs spend millions of dollars to collect data about the status of our nation’s broadband to make policy decisions.

Unfortunately, even though the data is publicly available, it’s hard to access, difficult to understand, and overly complex, which means it’s not very usable for everyday consumers.

For example, do you know the difference between a census tract and a census block? Yea, we didn’t think so.

That is why we spend countless hours crunching relevant government (and proprietary) data, all 453 billion rows of it, to make it easily accessible for customers so they can make informed decisions.


Future Focused

An Eye on the Horizon

Our lives today are shaped by the web, yet many consumers are out of touch with legislation and technology advancements and the implications they will have on our day to day lives.

This is why we believe it’s our responsibility to help bring awareness to these issues.

The U.S. continues to trail behind many other nations when it comes to broadband penetration and access speeds. We still have 874,222 Americans without access to ANY broadband (3mbps or higher) connection even wireless, so one of our primary goals is to bring attention to under-served areas to help raise awareness and foster competition.