Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1803 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet 100 mbps
EarthLink 5G Home Internet 25 mbps
Verizon 5G 1000 mbps
Rise Broadband 250 mbps
Starry Internet 1000 mbps
Nextlink Internet 500 mbps
Etheric Networks 400 mbps
Agile Networks 1000 mbps
UnWired Broadband 100 mbps
TWN Communications 15 mbps
Unwired Ltd 70 mbps
RapidSystems 25 mbps 100 mbps
Ranch Wireless 25 mbps
Startouch 10 mbps
Neptuno Networks 100 mbps
BarrierFree 0 mbps
Phoenix Internet 200 mbps
WATCH Communications 100 mbps
AeroNet 100 mbps
Nextera Communications 1000 mbps
DM Wireless, LLC 100 mbps
Wisper ISP 400 mbps 1000 mbps
OSNET Wireless 30 mbps
VTX Communications 25 mbps
Lynx Communications 200 mbps
WilloWeb 1000 mbps
AT&T 10 mbps
Mercury Broadband 150 mbps
ERF Wireless 0.768 mbps
Point Broadband 100 mbps
Packet Layer 1000 mbps
Bug Tussel Wireless 50 mbps
Choice Broadband (Arizona) 25 mbps
Open Broadband 1000 mbps
Hoosier Broadband 0.768 mbps
Brown Dog Networks 50 mbps
BeamSpeed 30 mbps
XAirNet 75 mbps
KwiKom Communications 40 mbps
Utah Broadband 1000 mbps
LTD Broadband 250 mbps
Resound Networks 1000 mbps
Southwestern Wireless 10 mbps
Skynet Communications (Texas) 25 mbps
Triad Wireless 1000 mbps
Bertram Internet 100 mbps
Ethoplex 100 mbps
Rock Solid Internet & Telephone 10 mbps
Nasircle Networks 100 mbps
DigitalPath 1000 mbps
Succeed.Net 100 mbps
Sinlar Broadband 3 mbps
InNet Connections 50 mbps
Bluespan 1000 mbps
Cosotnet 10 mbps
San Diego Broadband 250 mbps
Rocky Ridge Wireless 50 mbps
Argon Technologies 1.5 mbps
Hunter Communications 30 mbps
IP Solutions 75 mbps
RedZone Wireless 50 mbps
Simply Bits 1000 mbps
LiveWire Networks 250 mbps
Aerux Broadband 100 mbps
Elevate ConnX 175 mbps
Viaero Wireless 25 mbps
Skyrunner 25 mbps
Webatron Internet Solutions 100 mbps
NMSURF.COM 1000 mbps
Natural GC 100 mbps
Suncoast Broadband 50 mbps
Bresco Broadband 50 mbps
Ayera Technologies, Inc. 120 mbps
Lobo Internet 60 mbps
Carolina West Wireless 25 mbps
VTel Wireless 25 mbps
Seiontec Systems 500 mbps
Velociter Wireless 10 mbps
Alyrica Networks, Inc. 100 mbps
All Points Broadband 25 mbps
NYSYS airAccess 100 mbps
Twin Wireless 100 mbps
Applied Technology Group 35 mbps
E-Vergent Wireless 60 mbps
123NET 1000 mbps
Connext 10 mbps
White Cloud Communications 200 mbps
BridgeMAXX Wireless 50 mbps
AIR-PIPE 30 mbps
Intelligent Computing Solutions 20 mbps
RazzoLink 100 mbps
WiFi Services Caribbean 100 mbps
Sail Internet 300 mbps
The Junction Internet 30 mbps
Anthem Broadband 100 mbps
PocketiNet Communications 300 mbps
Frontier Broadband 45 mbps
SenaWave 1000 mbps

What Is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed wireless internet uses stationary wireless access points to “beam” connectivity directly to consumer households. While it doesn’t use a physical wire like fiber or cable, it can achieve similar download speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Who Offers Fixed Wireless Internet?

Currently, there are 1,769 fixed wireless providers in the U.S., with nationwide coverage of more than 50 percent.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet uses the newest form of fixed wireless technology through its 5G network, now capable of delivering internet service in residents’ homes. It’s available in over 8,000 cities and covers more than 300 million American households.

Ultra Home Internet

Sharing T-Mobile 5G Home Internet’s network, Ultra Home Internet is another fixed wireless provider with the same availability and coverage. The only difference is Ultra Home Internet separates its plans by soft data caps rather than download speeds.

Rise Broadband Fixed Wireless

Rise Broadband is the third largest fixed wireless provider in the U.S., servicing 48 states and 3,715 zip codes nationwide. Known as an alternative to cable internet, Rise Broadband has the most coverage in Texas, Illinois, and Colorado, with its fastest speeds being offered in Illinois.

King Street Fixed Wireless

Following Rise Broadband is King Street Wireless, which currently services 24 states. King Street Wireless’s coverage is mostly in concentrated pockets spread across the U.S., with the greatest coverage being in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

Nextlink Fixed Wireless

Nextlink is the fifth largest fixed wireless internet provider in the U.S. and the largest fixed wireless internet provider in the Midwest. An estimated 6.9 million people in Texas, Nebraska, and Omaha have access to Nextlink internet.

Pros and Cons of Fixed Wireless Internet


  • Wide coverage, especially in rural areas
  • Relatively low latency
  • Typically offers more responsive customer support
  • Fast and affordable installation


  • Requires direct line of sight between consumer’s antenna and ground station
  • Average higher residential cost
  • Severe weather conditions may cause possible reductions in internet quality
  • Potential signal interference issues

Fixed Wireless Internet Providers in the U.S.

Fixed wireless providers are often significantly smaller than larger cable and DSL companies. They are commonly started by local residents who are frustrated by slow speeds or limited service in their area.

In many cases, local fixed wireless broadband providers will lease a fiber line from a larger provider and essentially resell service over their own last-mile infrastructure.

The main challenge for getting fixed wireless service is that the customer has to have line-of-sight with the tower or roof that is broadcasting connectivity nearest to them. This means customers will need to have roof access or be close enough to get it through a window.

For more information on the technical specs of fixed wireless internet, see our breakdown of fixed wireless internet service.

Is Fixed Wireless the Best Type of Rural Internet?

Fixed wireless, DSL, and satellite offer the widest coverage in the U.S. Their broad availability and technology are able to connect rural areas with high-speed internet service.

Fixed Wireless vs Satellite Internet

Despite using different technologies, fixed wireless and satellite internet share some similarities. For example, both types of internet require line-of-sight and could be affected by weather conditions.

Fixed wireless internet does offer higher speeds and lower latency, but it could be more expensive than satellite plans. Choosing between the two often comes down to availability, price, and desired speeds.

Fixed Wireless vs DSL Internet

Fixed wireless internet speeds are comparable to DSL with speeds averaging between 5-50 Mbps. That said, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is upping that range with its 5G network, now available for residential homes. While DSL doesn’t require line-of-sight like fixed wireless does, optimum service requires customers to be relatively close to the provider’s offices. With that said, DSL does tend to be cheaper than fixed wireless. Speed and price are the main deciding factors when these two options are available.

FAQs about Fixed Wireless Internet

  • How fast is fixed wireless internet?

    Fixed wireless internet can reach speeds up to 1 Gbps, but the average fastest download speeds offered is around 100 Mbps.

  • Who needs fixed wireless internet?

  • Is fixed wireless internet better than satellite?