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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

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Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1538 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Rise Broadband25,719,363191000 mbps
GHz Wireless9,699,124150 mbps
King Street Wireless7,959,776241.0 mbps
Etheric Networks5,852,58211000 mbps
VTX Communications4,394,490130 mbps
NextLink3,917,282230 mbps
Everywhere Wireless3,916,79611000 mbps
TWN Communications3,809,83651000 mbps
UnWired Broadband3,777,8891200 mbps
Phoenix Internet3,565,037120 mbps
Pixius Communications3,327,534220 mbps
Ranch Wireless3,294,333125 mbps
Cruzio Internet3,024,653130 mbps
WATCH Communications2,956,047325 mbps
TierOne Networks2,827,43213.0 mbps
AT&T2,743,5671910 mbps
Skywire Networks2,653,63911000 mbps
Nextera Communications2,589,030250 mbps
Wisper ISP2,426,05541000 mbps
Agile Networks2,129,8744100 mbps
Cirra Networks1,918,117125 mbps
lv.net1,878,12813.0 mbps
Utah Broadband1,865,241150 mbps
Brown Dog Networks1,832,464150 mbps
ERF Wireless1,815,90710.768 mbps
Packet Layer1,773,32021000 mbps
Mercury Wireless1,727,018430 mbps
Sky Fiber1,629,4543100 mbps
EasyStreet Online1,629,345250 mbps
Hoosier Broadband1,608,10610.768 mbps
Southern California Telephone Company1,593,991150 mbps
All Points Broadband1,592,8964100 mbps
Cellcom1,587,99820.700 mbps
Phoenix Broadband1,555,648110 mbps
Areyouonline.Net1,538,762110 mbps
Internet Free Planet1,483,708110 mbps
Aerux Broadband1,476,008110 mbps
DirectLink1,453,2251250 mbps
ZipLink Internet.com1,406,552130 mbps
Texas Wireless Internet1,329,34213.0 mbps
RazzoLink1,316,6021100 mbps
Rock Solid Internet & Telephone1,279,768110 mbps
Blast Communications1,194,17216.0 mbps
Sinlar Broadband1,191,08313.0 mbps
Future Technologies1,100,252720 mbps
Bluespan1,094,90421000 mbps
Fire2Wire1,088,462112 mbps
Cibola Wireless1,064,735150 mbps
North Coast Wireless Communications1,056,585150 mbps
E-Vergent Wireless1,046,730225 mbps
Argon Technologies1,031,00511.5 mbps
Simply Bits1,010,864125 mbps
CityLink Telecommunications1,006,14916.0 mbps
Michwave Technologies994,02813.0 mbps
SafeLink Internet953,637420 mbps
Ayera Technologies, Inc.950,7201500 mbps
Future Link IT921,55516.0 mbps
Bertram Internet894,082150 mbps
Bresco Broadband881,416150 mbps
NYSYS airAccess842,17216.0 mbps
Hudson Valley Wireless815,2383100 mbps
Tekfinity802,464210 mbps
Twin Wireless791,3681100 mbps
Surf Air Wireless789,779325 mbps
Vivint Wireless785,2072500 mbps
Total Highspeed Internet754,1942180 mbps
Telegia Communications747,1764100 mbps
Connext735,956110 mbps
Intelligent Computing Solutions731,690120 mbps
Net Vision Communications LLC726,7583100 mbps
BridgeMAXX Wireless720,232450 mbps
Atlas Broadband719,57413.0 mbps
AIR-PIPE715,235330 mbps
MEXUS711,48910.768 mbps
NMSURF.COM709,1181500 mbps
Succeed.Net705,5521100 mbps
KwiKom Communications689,9962100 mbps
On-Ramp Indiana689,906110 mbps
Bluegrass Cellular671,405112 mbps
GVEC.net665,87616.0 mbps
Kellin Communications653,3211100 mbps
Suncoast Broadband644,695150 mbps
Alyrica Networks, Inc.631,6511250 mbps
Air Advantage619,093120 mbps
Peak Internet CO608,093110 mbps
SOS Communications605,793120 mbps
The Junction Internet599,107130 mbps
Valley Internet590,087150 mbps
Omnipoint Technology567,021350 mbps
SVIC563,61611.5 mbps
Coba Systems555,003198 mbps
netBlazr543,9651500 mbps
PocketiNet Communications542,08523.0 mbps
Cal.net538,1651100 mbps
Florida Broadband537,34113.0 mbps
MetaLINK Technologies535,934325 mbps
Ptera527,206225 mbps
Midwest Telecom of America522,872230 mbps
KC Coyote515,912110 mbps

What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed Wireless Internet is a fast-growing Internet service that uses stationary wireless access points to “beam” connectivity directly to consumer households. While it doesn’t use a physical wire like Fiber or Cable, it is often able to achieve similar speeds anywhere from 10–1,000 Mbps.

Fixed Wireless Internet Providers in the USA

Fixed Wireless providers are often significantly smaller than the large Cable and DSL corporations. They are commonly started by local residents who are frustrated by slow speeds or limited service in their area.

In many cases, the local Fixed Wireless Broadband provider will lease a Fiber line from a larger provider and essentially resell service over their own last-mile infrastructure.

The main challenge for getting Fixed Wireless service is that the customer has to have line-of-site with the tower or roof that is broadcasting connectivity nearest to them. This means customers will need to have roof access, or be close enough to get it through a window.

For more information on the technical specs of Fixed Wireless Internet, see our technical guide to Fixed Wireless Internet service.

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