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Providers Offering Fiber Service

We've found 1159 providers offering Fiber service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Verizon Fios33,530,45910940 mbps
AT&T Fiber11,280,436211000 mbps
Frontier Communications10,123,310830 mbps
CenturyLink3,951,414341000 mbps
Google Fiber1,783,67081000 mbps
Windstream1,320,664441000 mbps
Cincinnati Bell1,236,71231000 mbps
C Spire Fiber1,147,04531000 mbps
Consolidated Communications1,077,404121000 mbps
Armstrong970,06351000 mbps
Hawaiian Telcom611,57211000 mbps
En-Touch Systems526,16911000 mbps
Ultimate Internet Access517,77111000 mbps
Shentel471,75541000 mbps
TDS Telecom460,796221000 mbps
NexGen Communications428,871110 mbps
Veracity Networks402,94611000 mbps
Sonic.net397,78911000 mbps
EPB359,86321000 mbps
Metronet352,95631000 mbps
The Computer Works348,8431100 mbps
CTS Telecom309,9851100 mbps
LightSpeed Communications298,71211000 mbps
Peoples Telephone Cooperative274,45511000 mbps
North State Communications267,56011000 mbps
Columbia Energy211,7311100 mbps
Summit Broadband202,18111000 mbps
CentraCom195,68211000 mbps
Fybercom182,6371101 mbps
Desert Winds Wireless170,9041100 mbps
Horry Telephone Cooperative160,38211000 mbps
Bristol Tennessee Essential Services156,82311000 mbps
Comporium Communications150,35221000 mbps
Wave G144,4503 mbps
Direct Communications142,5156100 mbps
NTS Communications138,12421000 mbps
LocalTel Communications132,9761100 mbps
Community Fiber Solutions126,315250 mbps
Morris Broadband124,25411000 mbps
LUS Fiber115,01511000 mbps
CDE Lightband113,98411000 mbps
GoNetspeed110,39621000 mbps
GVTC Communications107,22911000 mbps
EATEL107,19811000 mbps
Dalton Utilities102,59911000 mbps
Hotwire Communications98,52171000 mbps
Benton PUD97,3601100 mbps
Owensboro Municipal Utilities96,65611000 mbps
Allo Communications91,27011000 mbps
Brandenburg Telecom88,00411000 mbps
Paul Bunyan Telephone87,95211000 mbps
i3 Broadband85,53111000 mbps
Ben Lomand Connect84,47911000 mbps
Odessa Office Equipment83,679150 mbps
Campus Communications Group82,34351000 mbps
Kaptel81,202150 mbps
Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative80,81311000 mbps
Casair78,80311000 mbps
Jackson Energy Authority77,40711000 mbps
Troy Cablevision75,43611000 mbps
Empire Access74,28411000 mbps
Hargray Communications72,102250 mbps
Nex-Tech71,96021000 mbps
Bulloch Telephone Cooperative70,21711000 mbps
Yadtel66,2081100 mbps
Home Telecom65,96411000 mbps
Co-Mo Connect65,93811000 mbps
Ocala Telecom65,4031100 mbps
Greenlight Networks65,22711000 mbps
Clearnetworx64,47911000 mbps
GCI Communication63,45021000 mbps
Highland Telephone Cooperative62,7422200 mbps
Cascade Networks62,1262100 mbps
Jaguar Communications61,11411000 mbps
Primelink58,63611000 mbps
City of Longmont58,52311000 mbps
FTC57,98211000 mbps
Pend Oreille Valley Networks57,7162100 mbps
NineStar Connect57,23211000 mbps
Sunset Digital Communications56,3251100 mbps
Douglas Fast Net56,25811000 mbps
Lumos Networks55,93921000 mbps
Skybest Communications55,08731000 mbps
Eagle Communications54,8501100 mbps
VTX Communications54,24011000 mbps
Greenlight53,64611000 mbps
Twin Lakes Telephone51,71811000 mbps
WK&T51,57121000 mbps
Golden West Telecommunications51,443250 mbps
North Central Telephone Cooperative51,41621000 mbps
Smithville Communications50,72411000 mbps
South Central Rural Telephone49,90711000 mbps
SenaWave49,73611000 mbps
Silver Star Communications48,10521000 mbps
Pineland Telephone Company47,86811000 mbps
Wilkes Communications47,54611000 mbps
Bluewave Communications46,887150 mbps
USA Communications46,1362200 mbps
Burlington Telecom45,53511000 mbps
HBC44,77611000 mbps

How Many Fiber Internet Providers Are There in the USA?

There are currently 1159 Fiber Internet companies operating in the United States. The largest Fiber Internet provider as of 2018 is Verizon Fios, offering availability in 10 states. Many Fiber providers are small, premium business Internet companies.

Fiber Optic Internet Providers in the USA

Fiber is a relatively new technology compared to other common Internet options like Cable and DSL. It is most commonly found in urban centers or densely populated suburbs, since the high cost of installation makes it difficult to install in rural areas.

What is Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Internet?

“Fiber to the Home” connections use Fiber all the way to the subscriber’s address, rather than switching to coaxial or ethernet somewhere on the street or block. FTTH is widely considered the gold standard for both residential and business Internet connections, offering speeds in excess of 500 Mbps up into the Gigabit range. This is around ten times faster than competing technologies like Cable.

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic companies deliver service over Fiber-Optic cables, which transmit data as light over bundled strands of glass or plastic. Binary data is “pulsed” using laser diodes, allowing it to travel much faster than the modulated RF frequencies on copper used for Cable and DSL service. For more information on how Fiber Internet works, see our technical guide to Fiber-Optics.

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