The Complete List of Internet Providers in the US

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Internet Providers in the U.S.

We've found 2666 internet service providers in the US. Below are statistics on their coverage and download speeds. Enter your zip code above to see which internet providers offer service in your area.

Exede Internet308,417,22151
AT&T Wireless306,461,48853100+ mbps
Verizon Wireless305,032,26451100+ mbps
Sprint279,984,12251100+ mbps
T-Mobile246,589,44446100+ mbps
AT&T Internet121,019,93021
XFINITY from Comcast109,495,40041
Cricket Wireless94,688,250376.0+ mbps
Time Warner Cable65,316,11529
Verizon High Speed Internet49,503,71611
Verizon Fios33,019,05110
Frontier Communications29,951,35138
Charter Spectrum27,495,07332
U.S. Cellular25,083,868196.0+ mbps
Rise Broadband23,429,45719
Cox Communications20,801,94119
Skyriver Communications18,920,1421
Lightower Fiber Networks12,786,88920
Optimum by Cablevision12,215,7634
GHz Wireless9,699,1241
King Street Wireless8,831,46026
Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph8,569,1861
Bright House Networks8,550,6366
CyberNet Communications6,972,03516.0+ mbps
Mediacom Cable6,455,98021
BelWave Communications6,301,4251
Suddenlink Communications6,140,28416
Etheric Networks5,852,5821
TDS Telecom5,080,18027
Florida High Speed Internet4,592,7831
C Spire Wireless3,993,82620.7+ mbps
Everywhere Wireless3,916,7961
Level 3 Communications3,832,50751
UnWired Broadband3,668,2751
Wi-Power3,518,5016100+ mbps
FairPoint Communications3,506,58420
Pixius Communications3,327,5342100+ mbps
Ranch Wireless3,294,3331
Cable ONE3,231,78019
Cruzio Internet3,024,6531
Wydebeam Broadband3,023,6491
LTD Broadband3,012,6012
E-Vergent Wireless3,004,9782
WATCH Communications2,979,9563
Zing Wireless2,924,98016.0+ mbps
TierOne Networks2,827,43210.7+ mbps
MHO Networks2,742,8491100+ mbps
Metro Wireless2,738,4231
Unite Private Networks2,593,30019
Nextera Communications2,589,03026.0+ mbps
Wisper ISP2,473,6504
Wifi West2,411,05210.7+ mbps
Freewire Broadband2,136,1902
Agile Networks2,129,8744100+ mbps
Believe Wireless Broadband2,016,0201100+ mbps
US Signal Company2,013,6979
Cirra Networks1,918,1171
XO Communications1,896,90851
lv.net1,878,12810.7+ mbps
Utah Broadband1,865,2411
STL WiMax1,863,7961
Brown Dog Networks1,832,4641100+ mbps
ERF Wireless1,815,9071
On-Ramp Indiana1,810,92610.7+ mbps
Packet Layer1,773,3202
Global Capacity1,762,75837
Wave Broadband1,747,2103
airPowered1,663,71916.0+ mbps
Air-Wans Wireless Broadband1,640,5961
EasyStreet Online1,629,3452
Hoosier Broadband1,608,1061
WANSecurity Wireless1,597,7812
Stealth Communications1,585,8731
MetroSpan1,557,91420.7+ mbps
Phoenix Broadband1,555,6481100+ mbps
Areyouonline.Net1,538,7621100+ mbps
Mercury Wireless1,491,765210+ mbps
Internet Free Planet1,483,7081100+ mbps
Aerux Broadband1,476,0081100+ mbps
ZipLink Internet.com1,464,4601
Google Fiber1,440,1827
Internet Nebraska Corporation1,386,7761

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