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The Complete List of Internet Providers in the US

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Internet Providers in the U.S.

We've found 2640 internet service providers in the US. Below are statistics on their coverage and download speeds. Enter your address above to see which internet providers offer service in your area.

HughesNet308,745,5385325 mbps
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede)307,980,6275030 mbps
AT&T Wireless306,461,4885310 mbps
Verizon Wireless305,032,2645110 mbps
Sprint279,984,1225110 mbps
T-Mobile246,589,4444610 mbps
EarthLink169,539,350431000 mbps
AT&T Internet121,996,008211000 mbps
XFINITY from Comcast111,710,288401000 mbps
Charter Spectrum102,473,344431000 mbps
Cricket Wireless94,688,250376.0 mbps
Metro® by T-Mobile54,308,58351.5 mbps
Verizon High Speed Internet49,220,31011940 mbps
CenturyLink48,284,685531000 mbps
Verizon Fios34,396,28010940 mbps
Frontier Communications33,486,95338100 mbps
Rise Broadband25,719,363191000 mbps
U.S. Cellular25,083,868196.0 mbps
Cox Communications21,128,654191000 mbps
Windstream16,150,173501000 mbps
Optimum by Altice12,437,93141000 mbps
GHz Wireless9,699,124150 mbps
King Street Wireless7,959,776241.0 mbps
Mediacom Cable7,510,920221000 mbps
WOW!7,174,6279600 mbps
Suddenlink Communications6,818,884191000 mbps
Etheric Networks5,852,58211000 mbps
Consolidated Communications4,557,294241000 mbps
C Spire Wireless4,215,95133.0 mbps
TDS Telecom4,154,064271000 mbps
RCN4,103,16281000 mbps
NextLink3,917,28221000 mbps
Everywhere Wireless3,916,79611000 mbps
TWN Communications3,821,76851000 mbps
UnWired Broadband3,740,7731200 mbps
Phoenix Internet3,565,037120 mbps
Cable ONE3,358,492201000 mbps
Pixius Communications3,327,534220 mbps
Ranch Wireless3,294,333125 mbps
Cruzio Internet3,024,653130 mbps
Sonic2,922,66711000 mbps
TierOne Networks2,827,43213.0 mbps
E-Vergent Wireless2,797,485250 mbps
WATCH Communications2,606,536315 mbps
Nextera Communications2,589,03021000 mbps
Wisper ISP2,561,12941000 mbps
Agile Networks2,129,8744100 mbps
Google Fiber2,127,072101000 mbps
Cirra Networks1,918,117125 mbps
Wave Broadband1,908,56431000 mbps
lv.net1,878,12813.0 mbps
Atlantic Broadband1,871,420131000 mbps
Utah Broadband1,865,241150 mbps
Brown Dog Networks1,832,464150 mbps
ERF Wireless1,815,90710.768 mbps
On-Ramp Indiana1,810,926110 mbps
Packet Layer1,773,320210000 mbps
Sky Fiber1,629,4543100 mbps
EasyStreet Online1,629,345250 mbps
Hoosier Broadband1,608,10610.768 mbps
CellCom1,607,399250 mbps
Southern California Telephone Company1,593,991115 mbps
Phoenix Broadband1,555,648110 mbps
Areyouonline.Net1,538,762110 mbps
TruCom1,530,94610.768 mbps
Internet Free Planet1,483,708110 mbps
Aerux Broadband1,476,008110 mbps
Mercury Wireless1,435,376230 mbps
All Points Broadband1,434,9614200 mbps
ZipLink Internet.com1,406,552131 mbps
Cincinnati Bell1,335,440311000 mbps
Texas Wireless Internet1,329,34213.0 mbps
RazzoLink1,316,602130 mbps
Rock Solid Internet & Telephone1,279,768110 mbps
C Spire Fiber1,265,25181000 mbps
Hawaiian Telcom1,262,15211000 mbps
Mobi1,229,27210.768 mbps
Grande Communications1,226,24111000 mbps
Blast Communications1,194,17216.0 mbps
Sinlar Broadband1,191,08313.0 mbps
Future Technologies1,100,252720 mbps
Bluespan1,094,90421000 mbps
Fire2Wire1,088,413125 mbps
Newwave Communications1,057,6017100 mbps
North Coast Wireless Communications1,056,585150 mbps
Cibola Wireless1,054,458150 mbps
LTD Broadband1,047,5132250 mbps
Argon Technologies1,031,00511.5 mbps
SafeLink Internet1,021,9864120 mbps
Simply Bits1,010,864125 mbps
Michwave Technologies994,02813.0 mbps
Armstrong982,86751000 mbps
Service Electric Broadband Cable969,1002150 mbps
Ayera Technologies, Inc.950,7201500 mbps
Bluegrass Cellular936,943112 mbps
Future Link IT921,55516.0 mbps
Surf Air Wireless921,190330 mbps
Metronet910,151310000 mbps
ACD.net904,073110 mbps

How Many Internet Service Providers are there in the USA?

There are currently 2640 Internet service providers in the United States:

  • 882 DSL “Digital Subscriber Line” providers
  • 225 Copper providers (Business T1/T3 connections, etc)
  • 443 Cable companies
  • 1247 Fiber Internet providers
  • 1534 Fixed Wireless Broadband providers
  • 52 Mobile Broadband and LTE providers

Internet Service Providers in the USA

As you can see in the table above, there are thousands of Internet service providers, or “ISPs,” in the United States. (This is before even counting unlicensed wireless operators and local overbuilders.)

However, many consumers will find themselves picking between only a handful of providers. In urban areas, it is common to be limited to one Cable provider and one DSL provider. In rural areas, Internet users are often stuck with DSL, Satellite, or nothing at all.

As of 2018, 25 Million Americans don’t have access to any broadband providers offering over 25 Mbps download speed. Even if you count wireless connections like Satellite, there are still 14 Million consumers left without a robust home Internet service option.[1]

How Are Internet Service Providers Counted?

Internet providers are listed on BroadbandNow when they file their biannual Form 477 paperwork with the FCC to confirm basic data like coverage area, subscriber base, and etc. We do not list “cowboy” providers that fail to keep up their paperwork or complete their contribution to the Universal Service Fund (USF) as required by law. In some cases, this may lead to the exclusion of small “overbuilders” that lease infrastructure and fiber from larger providers to serve specific buildings and communities.

Our database of Broadband providers is updated on a biannual basis. In some cases, we are able to update listings and coverage information before data is published on the FCC or other government websites, thanks to direct reporting.

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