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Internet Service in Delaware

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Internet Access in Delaware

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Coverage by County

Delaware Interactive SVG Map showing broadband coverage by county.



Broadband Speeds


of Delawareans have access to broadband 100mbps or faster.


of Delawareans have access to 1 gigabit broadband.

Wired Coverage


of Delawareans have access to wireline service.


of Delawareans have access to fiber-optic service.


of Delawareans have access to cable service.


of Delawareans have access to DSL service.

Coverage by County in Delaware

County Name % Broadband Coverage
Kent 96.2%
New Castle 98.3%
Sussex 94.9%

Internet Speed in Top Delaware Cities

City Avg. Download Speed No. of Providers
1. Wilmington 145.0 MBPS 19 Providers
2. Newark 117.1 MBPS 17 Providers
3. Dover 169.4 MBPS 12 Providers
4. New Castle 134.0 MBPS 15 Providers
5. Bear 182.8 MBPS 17 Providers

Speeds for Major Providers in Delaware

Provider Avg. Download Speed
Verizon Fios 158.3 MBPS
Verizon High Speed Internet 147.9 MBPS
XFINITY from Comcast 133.2 MBPS
Mediacom Cable 65.5 MBPS
Atlantic Broadband 56.5 MBPS

The State of Broadband in Delaware, 2021

Written by the BroadbandNow team. Last updated 9/1/2020.

The state of Delaware ranks 14th in the US in terms of broadband access. Deleware excels in providing high-speed internet to the bulk of its population, with over 97% of its residents enjoying access to a broadband connection capable of 100 Mbps or faster. Additionally, over 56% of Delawareans have access to fiber-optic service, which is more than double the national average of 25% of consumers who have access to fiber internet. Recent speed tests reveal an average statewide download speed of 139.9 Mbps.

The Digital Divide in Delaware

The digital divide is the gap existing between those who have affordable access to the latest internet technologies and those who do not. With nearly even high-speed coverage throughout the three counties that make up this small state, Deleware’s digital divide may be slight but can still be seen in the following data.

At this time, 97.3% of Delawareans have access to a wired broadband connection providing speeds of 25 Mbps or faster. Still, 26,000 people in Delaware are left without a wired connection capable of the same speeds, and another 11,000 residents do not have access to a wired connection at all where they live. In addition, while 52 internet providers offer services in Deleware, 43,000 people only have one provider operating at their place of residence, making it impossible to switch, should the need arise.

Further, affordability data shows that 57.1% of Delaware’s population has access to a low-priced ($60/month or less) wired internet plan. This is above the national average of 51.5% of Americans with access to the same nationwide.

Best-Connected Cities

While Delaware is fairly evenly connected, a few cities offer the best mix of price, coverage, and speed. The five most well-connected cities in Delaware are Newark, Wilmington, Middletown, Bear, and New Castle, with Newark ranking at the top of the list.

Worst-Connected Cities

In contrast, the cities with the worst broadband connection in Delaware are Montchanin, Kenton, Marydel, Dagsboro, and Hartly with Montchanin at the bottom of the list.

See how Delaware stacks up against other states nationwide here.

Governmental Initiatives

The Delaware Department of Technology and Information has received over $3 million in federal grants since 2010 to further broadband mapping and data development within the state.

The information above is taken from a mix of public and private datasets. More about our data here.

Sources: Data collected via the FCC, NTIA, and other sources. For a full list of data sources please visit our data page.

Delaware Cities

Average speed over time
Bear 99.6% 17 providers
Bridgeville 80.4% 12 providers
Camden Wyoming 99.0% 12 providers
Claymont 97.8% 12 providers
Clayton 98.0% 11 providers
Dagsboro 97.9% 11 providers
Delmar 92.7% 13 providers
Dover 98.2% 12 providers
Felton 94.1% 10 providers
Frankford 94.7% 13 providers
Frederica 99.4% 9 providers
Georgetown 95.4% 13 providers
Greenwood 61.2% 11 providers
Harrington 79.9% 11 providers
Hartly 96.0% 9 providers
Hockessin 97.4% 12 providers
Laurel 87.7% 13 providers
Lewes 99.7% 16 providers
Lincoln 98.7% 9 providers
Magnolia 99.2% 9 providers
Middletown 99.7% 15 providers
Milford 98.7% 12 providers
Millsboro 98.4% 13 providers
Milton 97.3% 13 providers
New Castle 98.4% 15 providers
Newark 99.4% 17 providers
Ocean View 97.5% 14 providers
Rehoboth Beach 99.8% 13 providers
Seaford 97.1% 14 providers
Selbyville 96.9% 12 providers
Smyrna 84.8% 12 providers
Townsend 95.7% 13 providers
Wilmington 98.8% 19 providers
Last Updated on 9/1/2020.