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BroadbandNow Provider Awards

What They Are and How Winners Are Selected

The purpose of the BroadbandNow Provider Awards Program is to grant awards to internet providers who display operational excellence across a range of categories.

These awards are displayed on your company’s page on BroadbandNow, and made available as embeds that you can include on your website if desired.

How Were We Selected for a BroadbandNow Award?

BroadbandNow awards are made possible by our extensive marketwide datasets, which include information collected from consumers, ISPs, the FCC, NTIA, and more. We used the methodology described below to identify each award recipient.

BroadbandNow Award Contexts

Awards are visible in three contexts:

Branded Company Pages On BroadbandNow

Awards are shown on BroadbandNow pages associated with specific internet providers in order to highlight them for consumers looking for more information about the company. When BroadbandNow users search for your brand on our site, they will see your awards alongside other company information.

Partner.Broadbandnow.Com Provider Dashboard

Awards are available in your provider dashboard so that you can sign in to customize the style of embed you want, and access award lists and embed codes.

Your Website/Blog/Emails

Awards are available to be embedded for use in footers, sidebars, in the body of blog posts and emails, and however else you’d like to showcase them!

Award categories

Awards are granted to providers within 3 company categories:

  • Small provider: provider with population covered < 50,000
  • Mid-size provider: provider with population covered < 4 Million
  • Major provider: provider with population covered > 4 Million

We’ve split awards into categories in order to ensure fairness in the types of company you’re being compared with.

Average Speed Awards

2019 Average speed awards are based on M-Labs data in the 2018 calendar year. We produce averages using the following methodology:

  • Group tests by IP to avoid counting repeat tests from same user
  • Only using tests from North America

Time period: Annual

Timeline for underlying data: January – Dec of previous year. (e.g. “Fastest Speed 2019” would be based on M-Labs data from 01/01/2018–12/31/2018)

Customer approval awards

For customer approval awards, we utilized our extensive database of consumer sentiment polls gathered over the past few years. This is a distinct dataset from text-based user reviews that we believe more accurately reflects how your customers feel about your services. We collected this data by prompting visitors tied to your IP ranges to rate their satisfaction with the service.

Time period: Annual

Timeline for underlying data: Jan 2015 – Jan 2018

Methodology: Rankings were assigned based on the overall percent of responses that were positive. To maintain the highest standards of accuracy, providers needed 10 responses at minimum to be eligible for this award.

Affordable Plans Awards

This award was granted to residential providers in all tech categories that have the least expensive plans recorded within the following speed ranges:

  • Basic internet: 5 Mbps-24.9
  • Broadband internet: 25 Mbps – 99.9 Mbps
  • High Speed Internet: 100 Mbps – 949.9 Mbps
  • Gigabit Internet: 950+ Mbps

Time Period: Annual

Timeline for underlying data: Ongoing

Methodology: We utilized our pricing data, which contains a mix of our own team’s data collection and data provided to us directly via the provider dashboard. Remember, you can always upload your latest deals and promotions through this interface.