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Which Internet Provider Offers the Fastest Speeds?

The fastest internet provider for October 2018 is Stealth Communications, followed by Pinpoint Communications in second place, and CTI Fiber in 3rd place. Learn about how these results are calculated under the table.

ISPs With Fastest Speeds in the US as of October, 2018

The speeds below look at the 90th percentile speeds as these represent the fastest speeds a provider offers. For average speeds, see the table below.

RankProviderOctober Speed12mo Avg. SpeedSpeed over timeNo. of speed testsData Caps
1 -Stealth Communications2673.91 MBPS2585.34 MBPS8,772No
2 -Pinpoint Communications428.15 MBPS93.55 MBPS251Unknown
3 -CTI Fiber308.65 MBPS318.98 MBPS160No
4 Hotwire Communications301.52 MBPS228.67 MBPS6,802Unknown
5 Endeavor Communications268.51 MBPS88.98 MBPS1,027No
6 Jackson Energy Authority246.78 MBPS114.63 MBPS1,611Unknown
7 ACD.net238.29 MBPS239.78 MBPS1,847Unknown
8 DC-Net233.60 MBPS91.74 MBPS196Unknown
9 Community Broadband Network230.39 MBPS217.09 MBPS368No
10 Zayo213.57 MBPS223.82 MBPS20,357Unknown
11 SDN Communications212.68 MBPS208.60 MBPS3,901Unknown
12 Google Fiber209.87 MBPS207.49 MBPS3,833No
13 United Communications203.47 MBPS229.84 MBPS2,001Unknown
14 Blue Stream200.89 MBPS159.50 MBPS9,928Unknown
15 CallTower196.76 MBPS226.37 MBPS136Unknown
16 Optic Communications192.13 MBPS115.05 MBPS54Unknown
17 CC Communications189.11 MBPS134.22 MBPS550No
18 C Spire Wireless185.11 MBPS86.34 MBPS1,355Yes
19 Metronet177.79 MBPS125.55 MBPS381Unknown
20 Towerstream175.91 MBPS173.90 MBPS3,979Unknown
21 Great Basin Internet Services173.42 MBPS77.83 MBPS596Unknown
22 SandyNet172.07 MBPS154.27 MBPS260Unknown
23 Conterra Ultra Broadband171.62 MBPS89.96 MBPS1,553Unknown
24 Verizon Fios169.54 MBPS142.39 MBPS1,427,103No
25 BendTel169.32 MBPS89.12 MBPS590Unknown
26 RCN168.14 MBPS153.76 MBPS124,039Unknown
27 Reedsburg Utility Commission167.30 MBPS49.99 MBPS310Unknown
28 e-Tel166.48 MBPS19.88 MBPS62Unknown
29 OSHEAN165.33 MBPS167.11 MBPS360Unknown
30 Grande Communications164.20 MBPS141.77 MBPS40,162No
31 WestNet161.09 MBPS69.01 MBPS1,853Unknown
32 Hood Canal Communications159.69 MBPS89.04 MBPS834No
33 Veracity Networks159.48 MBPS176.07 MBPS9,628Yes
34 Barbourville Online156.40 MBPS17.93 MBPS710Unknown
35 Greenlight Networks153.96 MBPS87.82 MBPS500Unknown
36 Allo Communications153.72 MBPS142.65 MBPS14,632No
37 Co-Mo Connect153.21 MBPS88.78 MBPS883No
38 i3 Broadband151.85 MBPS153.32 MBPS1,082No
39 Verizon High Speed Internet147.64 MBPS108.82 MBPS392,988Unknown
40 XFINITY from Comcast146.99 MBPS118.91 MBPS3,432,681Yes
41 Wave Broadband145.49 MBPS137.07 MBPS29,486Yes
42 CDE Lightband141.42 MBPS119.10 MBPS288Unknown
43 Global Cloud Xchange137.03 MBPS82.16 MBPS533Unknown
44 Giggle Fiber136.38 MBPS132.99 MBPS2,662Unknown
45 Optimum by Altice135.51 MBPS115.15 MBPS1,043,004Unknown
46 Xtel Communications131.46 MBPS197.54 MBPS348Unknown
47 Adams Networks130.47 MBPS73.76 MBPS1,066Unknown
48 Pioneer Telephone Cooperative128.95 MBPS79.87 MBPS3,463Yes
49 Leaco128.86 MBPS49.26 MBPS318Unknown
50 Paul Bunyan Telephone128.74 MBPS88.52 MBPS604No
51 Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative127.43 MBPS139.10 MBPS691No
52 West Carolina Tel127.34 MBPS71.10 MBPS209Unknown
53 Rainier Connect125.54 MBPS92.25 MBPS1,874No
54 IP Global118.37 MBPS124.33 MBPS82Unknown
55 DQE Communications118.05 MBPS92.36 MBPS1,173Unknown
56 Suddenlink Communications116.35 MBPS116.48 MBPS123,643Yes
57 Full Channel116.09 MBPS98.63 MBPS1,612Unknown
58 Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association113.59 MBPS112.55 MBPS420No
59 Charter Spectrum112.18 MBPS101.21 MBPS3,845,272No
60 Tel-Star Cablevision111.71 MBPS111.50 MBPS492Yes
61 XS Media110.58 MBPS136.34 MBPS324Unknown
62 AT&T Internet107.50 MBPS101.12 MBPS1,127,863Yes
63 Smithville Communications107.49 MBPS101.49 MBPS5,033Unknown
64 Summit Broadband106.74 MBPS106.85 MBPS4,327Unknown
65 Cox Communications106.72 MBPS100.76 MBPS1,114,087Yes
66 Daystarr Communications106.55 MBPS104.41 MBPS137Unknown
67 Believe Wireless Broadband106.51 MBPS49.81 MBPS116Unknown
68 WOW!104.69 MBPS101.61 MBPS180,102No
69 Armstrong104.43 MBPS97.28 MBPS35,540Yes
70 Atlantic Broadband104.28 MBPS89.91 MBPS74,345No
71 Citynet104.10 MBPS166.46 MBPS154Unknown
72 Silver Star Communications103.76 MBPS103.81 MBPS1,036Unknown
73 BendBroadband102.52 MBPS126.17 MBPS3,944Unknown
74 GVEC.net101.78 MBPS15.17 MBPS894No
75 Direct Communications101.51 MBPS97.05 MBPS1,272No
76 1 Tennessee100.36 MBPS85.16 MBPS493Unknown
77 Hamilton County Communications100.20 MBPS38.92 MBPS232Unknown
78 Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative99.75 MBPS63.31 MBPS670Unknown
79 IdeaTek99.59 MBPS88.86 MBPS96Unknown
80 ATMC99.09 MBPS57.68 MBPS1,836No
81 Cable ONE98.73 MBPS98.70 MBPS64,827Yes
82 EasyStreet Online98.69 MBPS96.24 MBPS111Unknown
83 Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative98.43 MBPS89.61 MBPS833No
84 Zona Communications98.32 MBPS36.05 MBPS77Unknown
85 Montana Opticom97.65 MBPS94.47 MBPS1,098Unknown
86 West River Telecommunications Cooperative96.90 MBPS88.85 MBPS616Unknown
87 EPB96.51 MBPS91.79 MBPS14,059Unknown
88 Cruzio Internet96.24 MBPS91.86 MBPS716No
89 Clearwave Communications95.28 MBPS77.05 MBPS124Unknown
90 Ben Lomand Connect94.81 MBPS63.19 MBPS400No
91 Mediacom Cable94.65 MBPS93.16 MBPS127,318Yes
92 Emery Telcom94.42 MBPS85.62 MBPS2,941Yes
93 Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative93.93 MBPS60.95 MBPS513Yes
94 Plateau93.75 MBPS103.00 MBPS2,830No
95 LOGIX Fiber Networks93.38 MBPS76.68 MBPS7,390Unknown
96 MTCO Communications92.85 MBPS56.80 MBPS383Yes
97 Brooklyn Fiber92.79 MBPS91.34 MBPS286Unknown
98 GVTC Communications92.43 MBPS92.92 MBPS5,898Unknown
99 BTC Broadband92.30 MBPS80.87 MBPS899No
100 Hargray Communications92.24 MBPS95.38 MBPS6,662Unknown

Which Internet Provider Offers the Fastest Speeds?

As a consumer comparing internet service providers, it isn't always easy to distinguish what are facts and what is just marketing.

Each provider has a vested interest in convincing you that they offer the fastest service.

At BroadbandNow, this isn't our goal. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about the internet providers in your area.

To help you do that, we set out to find the most objective way to authoritatively answer the question of: "Which internet provider offers the fastest speeds in the US?" On this page, you see those results.

Average Speeds vs Fastest Speeds

When we started digging into the data to power this page, our initial plan was to create a simple average of all of the speedtests from a provider.

Quickly, we found that simple averages lead to misleading results due to different plan speeds, different home network setups, and the number of speed tests evaluated.

To help control for all of these variables while minimizing the impact of outliers we instead display the download speed from the speed test found in the 90th percentile of all of the tests for a provider in a given month.

This allows us to confidently say that 10% of the speedtests we saw were faster than this speed while 90% of them were slower than this speed.

We believe this is the most objective and accurate way to calculate and compare different plans, network conditions, and speedtest across thousands of providers and millions of speed tests.

ISPs With The Fastest Average Download Speed as of October, 2018

The speeds below look at average download speeds for providers across the US.

RankProviderOctober Speed12mo Avg. SpeedSpeed over timeNo. of speed testsData Caps
1Stealth Communications2585.34 MBPS1406.94 MBPS16,486No
2 CTI Fiber318.98 MBPS124.99 MBPS1,748No
3Zayo223.82 MBPS99.65 MBPS170,209Unknown
4Community Broadband Network217.09 MBPS91.36 MBPS3,716No
5Google Fiber207.49 MBPS86.65 MBPS59,113No
6Hotwire Communications228.67 MBPS86.34 MBPS107,146Unknown
7Citynet166.46 MBPS84.57 MBPS4,628Unknown
8Xtel Communications197.54 MBPS80.19 MBPS2,620Unknown
9United Communications229.84 MBPS78.90 MBPS22,878Unknown
10ACD.net239.78 MBPS78.09 MBPS16,041Unknown
11NewCloud190.96 MBPS76.13 MBPS28,786Unknown
12 CallTower226.37 MBPS71.63 MBPS1,428Unknown
13Veracity Networks176.07 MBPS71.16 MBPS89,955Yes
14Verizon Fios142.39 MBPS69.72 MBPS19,293,954No
15i3 Broadband153.32 MBPS67.23 MBPS30,320No
16Blue Stream159.50 MBPS66.91 MBPS84,316Unknown
17Morristown Utility FiberNET90.07 MBPS65.51 MBPS145,834Unknown
18Metronet125.55 MBPS65.28 MBPS6,286Unknown
19Tel-Star Cablevision111.50 MBPS63.53 MBPS6,555Yes
20RCN153.76 MBPS63.41 MBPS2,061,893Unknown
21All West Communications90.96 MBPS62.99 MBPS68,419Unknown
22 Plateau103.00 MBPS61.21 MBPS106,544No
23Grande Communications141.77 MBPS59.39 MBPS570,356No
24Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association112.55 MBPS58.78 MBPS4,760No
25OSHEAN167.11 MBPS58.37 MBPS4,192Unknown
26FORETHOUGHT.net214.03 MBPS57.74 MBPS5,377No
27Wave Broadband137.07 MBPS57.53 MBPS432,827Yes
28Broadstripe91.83 MBPS57.44 MBPS86,250Unknown
29SandyNet154.27 MBPS57.35 MBPS2,653Unknown
30Pinpoint Communications93.55 MBPS57.35 MBPS4,148Unknown
31West Carolina Tel71.10 MBPS57.01 MBPS4,759Unknown
32 GVTC Communications92.92 MBPS56.96 MBPS80,849Unknown
33IP Global124.33 MBPS56.65 MBPS476Unknown
34North State Communications142.09 MBPS56.64 MBPS109,496Unknown
35Dalton Utilities88.50 MBPS56.50 MBPS11,458No
36XO Communications117.83 MBPS55.70 MBPS254,181Unknown
37Everywhere Wireless101.29 MBPS55.65 MBPS10,502Unknown
38Optic Communications115.05 MBPS55.45 MBPS635Unknown
39CDE Lightband119.10 MBPS55.35 MBPS15,454Unknown
40Summit Broadband106.85 MBPS54.14 MBPS59,058Unknown
41Verizon High Speed Internet108.82 MBPS53.71 MBPS5,380,077Unknown
42 EPB91.79 MBPS53.44 MBPS213,089Unknown
43Optimum by Altice115.15 MBPS53.11 MBPS13,589,575Unknown
44Everstream135.83 MBPS52.79 MBPS44,721Unknown
45Great Basin Internet Services77.83 MBPS52.72 MBPS12,801Unknown
46Giggle Fiber132.99 MBPS52.06 MBPS33,738Unknown
47XFINITY from Comcast118.91 MBPS51.76 MBPS50,012,852Yes
48Volo Broadband114.39 MBPS51.67 MBPS5,926Unknown
49VNET Fiber100.15 MBPS51.49 MBPS17,236No
50Adams Networks73.76 MBPS50.88 MBPS27,707Unknown
51Jackson Energy Authority114.63 MBPS49.84 MBPS7,549Unknown
52 Montana Opticom94.47 MBPS49.74 MBPS7,819Unknown
53Suddenlink Communications116.48 MBPS48.97 MBPS1,867,755Yes
54BendBroadband126.17 MBPS48.61 MBPS58,012Unknown
55Towerstream173.90 MBPS48.30 MBPS52,520Unknown
56MCNC97.82 MBPS48.19 MBPS61,645Unknown
57C Spire Wireless86.34 MBPS47.35 MBPS45,620Yes
58XS Media136.34 MBPS46.65 MBPS3,160Unknown
59Allo Communications142.65 MBPS46.52 MBPS172,329No
60Smithville Communications101.49 MBPS46.12 MBPS56,728Unknown
61SDN Communications208.60 MBPS46.06 MBPS50,555Unknown
62 DC-Net91.74 MBPS46.01 MBPS2,668Unknown
63OpenBand89.71 MBPS45.87 MBPS11,908Unknown
64CC Communications134.22 MBPS45.82 MBPS4,008No
65Charter Spectrum101.21 MBPS45.69 MBPS61,531,674No
66Brandenburg Telecom97.81 MBPS45.63 MBPS27,367Unknown
67Cable ONE98.70 MBPS45.49 MBPS1,186,333Yes
68Wabash Communications82.47 MBPS45.48 MBPS19,983Unknown
69Comporium Communications101.99 MBPS45.44 MBPS188,994Unknown
70Greenlight Networks87.82 MBPS45.41 MBPS17,728Unknown
71Owensboro Municipal Utilities91.09 MBPS44.93 MBPS1,150Unknown
72 Cruzio Internet91.86 MBPS44.21 MBPS9,115No
73EATEL90.45 MBPS44.15 MBPS77,124Unknown
74Cox Communications100.76 MBPS43.66 MBPS16,541,670Yes
75Armstrong97.28 MBPS43.21 MBPS776,326Yes
76SELCO95.14 MBPS43.07 MBPS119,472Yes
77Direct Communications97.05 MBPS42.50 MBPS13,466No
78Emery Telcom85.62 MBPS42.36 MBPS14,804Yes
79Hood Canal Communications89.04 MBPS42.13 MBPS6,876No
80Co-Mo Connect88.78 MBPS42.00 MBPS6,300No
81BEK Communications Cooperative95.23 MBPS41.91 MBPS3,066Unknown
82 Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative89.61 MBPS41.86 MBPS13,959No
83Daystarr Communications104.41 MBPS41.79 MBPS1,638Unknown
84Twin Valley Telephone87.32 MBPS41.72 MBPS3,670Unknown
85Vermont Telephone Company116.93 MBPS41.17 MBPS48,010Yes
86Wintek Corporation88.43 MBPS41.01 MBPS15,604Unknown
87Horry Telephone Cooperative75.80 MBPS41.00 MBPS202,452No
88LocalTel Communications85.53 MBPS40.97 MBPS28,988No
89Reedsburg Utility Commission49.99 MBPS40.94 MBPS6,442Unknown
90AT&T Internet101.12 MBPS40.91 MBPS19,035,682Yes
91Norwood Light Broadband88.31 MBPS40.85 MBPS18,944Unknown
92 US Signal Company116.23 MBPS40.79 MBPS26,696Unknown
93WOW!101.61 MBPS40.75 MBPS2,915,298No
94USAi.net81.08 MBPS40.66 MBPS924Unknown
95Bulloch Telephone Cooperative90.23 MBPS40.63 MBPS3,582Unknown
96Brooklyn Fiber91.34 MBPS40.49 MBPS2,770Unknown
97Endeavor Communications88.98 MBPS40.46 MBPS8,445No
98Mediacom Cable93.16 MBPS40.31 MBPS1,904,667Yes
99Atlantech Online87.83 MBPS40.27 MBPS8,421Unknown
100Grayson Collin Communications91.17 MBPS39.95 MBPS3,970No
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