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Which Internet Provider Offers the Fastest Speeds?

The fastest internet provider for June 2019 is Stealth Communications, followed by Great Basin Internet Services in second place, and MTC Communications in 3rd place. Learn about how these results are calculated under the table.

ISPs With Fastest Speeds in the US as of June, 2019

The speeds below look at the 90th percentile speeds as these represent the fastest speeds a provider offers. For average speeds, see the table below.

RankProviderJune Speed12mo Avg. Speed12mo 90th Percentile AvgNo. of speed tests
1 -Stealth Communications2550.29 MBPS2063.10 MBPS2833.68 MBPS11,556
2 -Great Basin Internet Services620.01 MBPS106.69 MBPS306.48 MBPS945
3 MTC Communications403.04 MBPS31.34 MBPS64.74 MBPS146
4 CallTower346.89 MBPS73.14 MBPS249.75 MBPS128
5 -Google Fiber326.17 MBPS102.15 MBPS259.65 MBPS3,924
6 United Communications324.83 MBPS96.45 MBPS265.13 MBPS2,456
7 Skybest Communications322.43 MBPS38.69 MBPS68.19 MBPS1,258
8 Hotwire Communications311.74 MBPS113.00 MBPS265.21 MBPS8,886
9 CTI Fiber287.63 MBPS115.13 MBPS318.98 MBPS138
10 Greenlight Networks287.63 MBPS130.81 MBPS282.66 MBPS520
11 Nex-Tech286.08 MBPS29.84 MBPS48.24 MBPS916
12 Veracity Networks263.48 MBPS81.63 MBPS208.29 MBPS8,462
13 -Vermont Telephone Company234.08 MBPS49.27 MBPS153.89 MBPS4,776
14 -Zayo228.82 MBPS111.51 MBPS230.97 MBPS18,685
15 Compudyne228.79 MBPS43.72 MBPS164.50 MBPS455
16 M2 Connections220.12 MBPS49.21 MBPS92.36 MBPS78
17 Verizon High Speed Internet214.31 MBPS66.82 MBPS159.51 MBPS424,050
18 Verizon Fios209.72 MBPS78.40 MBPS166.30 MBPS1,506,531
19 Community Broadband Network202.28 MBPS112.17 MBPS225.98 MBPS434
20 XS Media191.26 MBPS52.56 MBPS153.91 MBPS454
21 Grande Communications190.93 MBPS61.70 MBPS166.85 MBPS50,720
22 Dalton Utilities185.75 MBPS69.83 MBPS107.88 MBPS245
23 Towerstream184.37 MBPS60.16 MBPS162.53 MBPS3,842
24 SandyNet179.31 MBPS66.60 MBPS181.73 MBPS135
25 Metronet179.29 MBPS87.24 MBPS175.87 MBPS782
26 Allo Communications178.10 MBPS50.36 MBPS144.24 MBPS10,779
27 RCN178.08 MBPS65.07 MBPS161.01 MBPS131,770
28 OSHEAN176.97 MBPS71.64 MBPS189.87 MBPS98
29 Spiral Communications176.15 MBPS27.67 MBPS92.36 MBPS348
30 Jackson Energy Authority173.17 MBPS59.33 MBPS149.96 MBPS1,172
31 Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative172.21 MBPS51.34 MBPS104.19 MBPS942
32 Optimum by Altice168.91 MBPS60.33 MBPS147.00 MBPS1,204,326
33 Wave Broadband167.41 MBPS59.03 MBPS148.37 MBPS32,478
34 XFINITY from Comcast167.24 MBPS61.57 MBPS152.57 MBPS3,645,780
35 Speed of Light Broadband165.45 MBPS61.37 MBPS155.73 MBPS140
36 Sonic161.35 MBPS41.90 MBPS102.19 MBPS18,211
37 AT&T Internet159.17 MBPS48.04 MBPS113.96 MBPS1,331,121
38 Armstrong154.32 MBPS48.52 MBPS122.65 MBPS50,054
39 Hargray Communications154.00 MBPS44.96 MBPS98.92 MBPS8,709
40 Blue Stream152.92 MBPS79.39 MBPS185.42 MBPS4,602
41 Paul Bunyan Telephone152.00 MBPS45.36 MBPS139.57 MBPS622
42 Giggle Fiber151.23 MBPS54.63 MBPS135.56 MBPS1,736
43 North Central Telephone Cooperative145.91 MBPS37.39 MBPS96.94 MBPS1,171
44 Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems145.87 MBPS46.73 MBPS123.02 MBPS1,105
45 Atlantic Broadband142.84 MBPS45.07 MBPS109.68 MBPS71,907
46 Comporium Communications141.97 MBPS43.14 MBPS103.10 MBPS11,662
47 Full Channel141.73 MBPS46.21 MBPS127.99 MBPS1,924
48 Adams Networks140.18 MBPS51.56 MBPS91.59 MBPS1,090
49 EPB139.31 MBPS59.35 MBPS101.22 MBPS27,327
50 San Bruno Municipal Cable TV137.76 MBPS48.54 MBPS93.05 MBPS2,659
51 Cox Communications135.07 MBPS47.89 MBPS108.75 MBPS1,140,677
52 Charter Spectrum134.94 MBPS50.85 MBPS109.81 MBPS3,626,553
53 Xtel Communications134.61 MBPS73.08 MBPS171.90 MBPS116
54 AMA Techtel133.66 MBPS23.53 MBPS50.26 MBPS1,577
55 West Carolina Tel133.37 MBPS59.54 MBPS118.49 MBPS227
56 Suddenlink Communications133.26 MBPS50.52 MBPS120.39 MBPS152,007
57 ATMC132.46 MBPS41.70 MBPS124.69 MBPS2,713
58 Wes-Tex130.13 MBPS44.95 MBPS104.33 MBPS199
59 Consolidated Telcom128.22 MBPS43.98 MBPS90.23 MBPS578
60 CC Communications126.76 MBPS60.50 MBPS181.06 MBPS198
61 UC2B126.36 MBPS65.05 MBPS137.69 MBPS314
62 Cruzio Internet124.80 MBPS50.33 MBPS94.14 MBPS654
63 Mid-Hudson Cablevision124.04 MBPS41.73 MBPS106.57 MBPS4,604
64 Tel-Star Cablevision122.82 MBPS67.65 MBPS111.85 MBPS818
65 Clearnetworx122.71 MBPS30.39 MBPS84.93 MBPS619
66 Silver Star Communications121.08 MBPS40.46 MBPS109.62 MBPS1,559
67 Atlantech Online121.04 MBPS41.15 MBPS89.92 MBPS534
68 Madison County Telephone Company120.16 MBPS15.91 MBPS41.60 MBPS81
69 DQE Communications119.80 MBPS45.42 MBPS103.61 MBPS739
70 Smithville Communications118.88 MBPS50.13 MBPS110.59 MBPS2,908
71 -Cable ONE117.30 MBPS46.82 MBPS101.12 MBPS69,082
72 Global Cloud Xchange116.11 MBPS37.76 MBPS94.02 MBPS334
73 City of Thomasville114.24 MBPS35.07 MBPS91.90 MBPS85
74 Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative113.92 MBPS34.81 MBPS88.15 MBPS320
75 -Cogent Communications113.08 MBPS45.58 MBPS93.62 MBPS133,471
76 Mediacom Cable113.03 MBPS44.10 MBPS101.63 MBPS87,991
77 Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association112.40 MBPS58.01 MBPS111.89 MBPS622
78 DirectLink111.83 MBPS58.46 MBPS136.04 MBPS2,876
79 Brandenburg Telecom111.49 MBPS30.94 MBPS90.31 MBPS1,720
80 Twin Lakes Telephone111.03 MBPS42.96 MBPS108.19 MBPS223
81 BendTel111.03 MBPS38.12 MBPS94.91 MBPS152
82 Dickey Rural Networks110.31 MBPS40.09 MBPS85.62 MBPS160
83 BEK Communications Cooperative108.65 MBPS42.52 MBPS97.45 MBPS420
84 Burlington Telecom108.62 MBPS44.15 MBPS106.67 MBPS3,182
85 MLGC107.64 MBPS59.01 MBPS97.63 MBPS544
86 BTC Broadband107.29 MBPS35.22 MBPS89.11 MBPS848
87 Reedsburg Utility Commission107.10 MBPS58.51 MBPS125.82 MBPS220
88 Summit Broadband107.00 MBPS59.04 MBPS106.82 MBPS4,901
89 Everywhere Wireless106.98 MBPS44.60 MBPS94.32 MBPS656
90 WOW!106.87 MBPS46.85 MBPS103.71 MBPS198,231
91 ACD.net106.42 MBPS58.50 MBPS174.11 MBPS1,116
92 Bestline Communications106.29 MBPS33.15 MBPS79.45 MBPS122
93 AccessMedia3105.90 MBPS34.76 MBPS89.79 MBPS4,382
94 Myakka Communications103.47 MBPS24.90 MBPS58.62 MBPS586
95 Morristown Utility FiberNET102.44 MBPS67.33 MBPS90.59 MBPS11,310
96 Newwave Communications101.94 MBPS37.68 MBPS94.22 MBPS15,221
97 GVTC Communications100.07 MBPS55.48 MBPS94.00 MBPS9,349
98 Direct Communications99.67 MBPS48.49 MBPS109.43 MBPS2,112
99 BendBroadband99.08 MBPS47.50 MBPS98.27 MBPS5,328
100 i3 Broadband97.66 MBPS72.82 MBPS151.33 MBPS952

Which Internet Provider Offers the Fastest Speeds?

As a consumer comparing internet service providers, it isn't always easy to distinguish what are facts and what is just marketing.

Each provider has a vested interest in convincing you that they offer the fastest service.

At BroadbandNow, this isn't our goal. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about the internet providers in your area.

To help you do that, we set out to find the most objective way to authoritatively answer the question of: "Which internet provider offers the fastest speeds in the US?" On this page, you see those results.

Average Speeds vs Fastest Speeds

When we started digging into the data to power this page, our initial plan was to create a simple average of all of the speedtests from a provider.

Quickly, we found that simple averages lead to misleading results due to different plan speeds, different home network setups, and the number of speed tests evaluated.

To help control for all of these variables while minimizing the impact of outliers we instead display the download speed from the speed test found in the 90th percentile of all of the tests for a provider in a given month.

This allows us to confidently say that 10% of the speedtests we saw were faster than this speed while 90% of them were slower than this speed.

We believe this is the most objective and accurate way to calculate and compare different plans, network conditions, and speedtest across thousands of providers and millions of speed tests.

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