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Fastest Internet Service Providers in the US

Compare the fastest internet providers on this page and enter your zip below to see which have service in your area.

Which Internet Provider Offers the Fastest Speeds?

The fastest internet provider for December 2019 is Stealth Communications, followed by Skybest Communications in second place, and DC-Net in 3rd place. Learn about how these results are calculated under the table.

ISPs With Fastest Speeds in the US as of December, 2019

The speeds below look at the 90th percentile speeds as these represent the fastest speeds a provider offers. For average speeds, see the table below.

RankProviderDecember Speed12mo Avg. Speed12mo 90th Percentile AvgNo. of speed tests
1 -Stealth Communications3751.59 MBPS1849.93 MBPS2975.16 MBPS9,388
2 Skybest Communications791.59 MBPS83.38 MBPS306.63 MBPS1,204
3 DC-Net610.91 MBPS74.21 MBPS171.89 MBPS154
4 Grayson Collin Communications552.48 MBPS60.91 MBPS172.73 MBPS671
5 Shawnee Communications521.16 MBPS49.70 MBPS93.41 MBPS1,702
6 Ben Lomand Connect519.82 MBPS73.97 MBPS238.42 MBPS725
7 Adams Networks516.86 MBPS85.27 MBPS228.03 MBPS2,041
8 Clarity Connect515.52 MBPS71.99 MBPS302.91 MBPS1,746
9 ACD.net507.34 MBPS57.48 MBPS158.20 MBPS751
10 Metronet489.32 MBPS133.81 MBPS337.15 MBPS915
11 DirectLink466.41 MBPS65.56 MBPS152.32 MBPS1,952
12 Westelcom Network465.98 MBPS29.43 MBPS70.30 MBPS2,016
13 Verizon Fios439.63 MBPS100.14 MBPS250.37 MBPS1,501,934
14 Surry Telephone Membership Corporation435.50 MBPS39.91 MBPS70.39 MBPS614
15 Greenlight Networks433.36 MBPS232.00 MBPS304.88 MBPS1,132
16 Twin Valley Telephone426.79 MBPS41.62 MBPS92.93 MBPS476
17 SRT Communications422.15 MBPS38.57 MBPS75.00 MBPS346
18 Reedsburg Utility Commission415.50 MBPS67.85 MBPS169.38 MBPS162
19 Verizon High Speed Internet414.70 MBPS86.47 MBPS237.28 MBPS491,430
20 Sonic411.13 MBPS68.11 MBPS209.57 MBPS22,193
21 Jackson Energy Authority408.58 MBPS70.97 MBPS178.51 MBPS1,213
22 North State Communications393.39 MBPS54.42 MBPS139.21 MBPS7,331
23 Benton Communications381.85 MBPS34.73 MBPS87.57 MBPS423
24 United Communications378.28 MBPS114.54 MBPS309.24 MBPS3,162
25 Google Fiber361.68 MBPS110.56 MBPS288.56 MBPS2,752
26 Full Channel338.41 MBPS69.83 MBPS179.84 MBPS1,992
27 Comporium Communications336.62 MBPS63.50 MBPS167.65 MBPS13,437
28 Zayo333.34 MBPS101.13 MBPS228.44 MBPS13,639
29 HBC332.27 MBPS46.48 MBPS95.26 MBPS1,708
30 AT&T Internet324.27 MBPS64.05 MBPS177.35 MBPS1,446,276
31 Hargray Communications314.87 MBPS60.91 MBPS164.97 MBPS6,981
32 Great Basin Internet Services312.78 MBPS144.03 MBPS377.83 MBPS1,044
33 BTC Broadband310.14 MBPS52.04 MBPS114.20 MBPS692
34 -Hotwire Communications307.21 MBPS134.16 MBPS289.99 MBPS10,491
35 RCN306.58 MBPS74.95 MBPS192.22 MBPS106,687
36 EATEL305.18 MBPS61.38 MBPS125.62 MBPS5,995
37 EPB300.94 MBPS75.44 MBPS191.21 MBPS16,374
38 Blue Stream298.36 MBPS82.66 MBPS210.87 MBPS9,870
39 Cox Communications292.59 MBPS65.38 MBPS164.76 MBPS1,068,867
40 SmartCom Telephone289.27 MBPS41.31 MBPS51.06 MBPS385
41 Grande Communications289.02 MBPS65.56 MBPS191.42 MBPS38,408
42 CAS Cable284.10 MBPS55.76 MBPS139.55 MBPS650
43 Allo Communications284.03 MBPS49.15 MBPS142.86 MBPS7,595
44 XFINITY from Comcast284.00 MBPS76.82 MBPS189.07 MBPS3,656,066
45 Tullahoma Utilities Authority276.79 MBPS45.99 MBPS89.31 MBPS217
46 Wintek Corporation274.08 MBPS55.47 MBPS101.49 MBPS1,334
47 i3 Broadband273.02 MBPS96.67 MBPS222.35 MBPS990
48 Xtel Communications272.23 MBPS76.21 MBPS176.58 MBPS178
49 GVTC Communications271.86 MBPS79.67 MBPS217.04 MBPS10,504
50 Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative270.39 MBPS68.38 MBPS213.82 MBPS1,193
51 C Spire Wireless264.89 MBPS50.69 MBPS132.81 MBPS3,542
52 Troy Cablevision264.72 MBPS38.48 MBPS83.82 MBPS955
53 ATMC264.20 MBPS67.69 MBPS145.26 MBPS2,984
54 Everywhere Wireless263.73 MBPS55.20 MBPS131.33 MBPS528
55 Community Broadband Network262.50 MBPS116.19 MBPS228.67 MBPS547
56 1Tennessee259.03 MBPS42.55 MBPS103.08 MBPS582
57 Wave Broadband257.81 MBPS69.66 MBPS190.29 MBPS32,382
58 Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative256.51 MBPS43.51 MBPS167.01 MBPS1,088
59 Towerstream255.31 MBPS84.50 MBPS222.40 MBPS3,493
60 Celito254.30 MBPS15.18 MBPS33.81 MBPS203
61 Mediacom Cable254.24 MBPS55.84 MBPS127.49 MBPS86,977
62 Unwired Ltd253.28 MBPS39.03 MBPS114.75 MBPS572
63 West Carolina Tel251.83 MBPS82.83 MBPS212.74 MBPS307
64 MTCO Communications249.97 MBPS49.96 MBPS122.72 MBPS721
65 Smithville Communications248.25 MBPS54.68 MBPS165.61 MBPS2,591
66 Beehive Broadband247.42 MBPS39.38 MBPS90.62 MBPS1,243
67 Armstrong242.11 MBPS60.18 MBPS156.94 MBPS49,506
68 Veracity Networks241.22 MBPS87.59 MBPS231.35 MBPS3,605
69 South Central Communications240.89 MBPS32.31 MBPS78.73 MBPS1,062
70 EPB Smartnet239.92 MBPS31.03 MBPS75.01 MBPS52
71 Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative237.55 MBPS38.17 MBPS134.05 MBPS392
72 Giggle Fiber237.02 MBPS63.75 MBPS149.93 MBPS2,304
73 LOGIX Fiber Networks232.72 MBPS45.82 MBPS93.25 MBPS5,671
74 Home Telecom231.21 MBPS49.66 MBPS93.41 MBPS4,960
75 Atlantic Broadband229.02 MBPS59.83 MBPS158.99 MBPS78,646
76 San Bruno Municipal Cable TV227.96 MBPS58.57 MBPS143.59 MBPS1,291
77 Charter Spectrum225.56 MBPS61.04 MBPS157.73 MBPS3,476,448
78 Morris Broadband225.37 MBPS31.02 MBPS83.19 MBPS4,195
79 Optimum by Altice225.09 MBPS72.69 MBPS184.07 MBPS1,209,584
80 Compudyne223.55 MBPS75.33 MBPS209.88 MBPS404
81 Co-Mo Connect221.94 MBPS47.50 MBPS119.32 MBPS624
82 Liberty Cablevision217.89 MBPS45.62 MBPS84.40 MBPS19,836
83 SDN Communications217.78 MBPS42.62 MBPS88.87 MBPS3,806
84 Endeavor Communications217.73 MBPS35.27 MBPS74.48 MBPS886
85 Twin Lakes Telephone217.62 MBPS59.03 MBPS148.42 MBPS504
86 All West Communications215.66 MBPS78.01 MBPS99.84 MBPS13,963
87 Pioneer Telephone Cooperative214.58 MBPS39.81 MBPS109.38 MBPS3,630
88 Velocity Online214.04 MBPS42.08 MBPS98.95 MBPS58
89 Vermont Telephone Company213.18 MBPS59.09 MBPS190.86 MBPS6,848
90 Sparklight (formerly Cable One)212.72 MBPS54.52 MBPS136.25 MBPS77,295
91 Plateau210.67 MBPS29.76 MBPS74.40 MBPS3,114
92 Summit Broadband210.50 MBPS69.74 MBPS107.58 MBPS6,956
93 Suddenlink Communications209.95 MBPS55.39 MBPS147.24 MBPS174,614
94 TDS Telecom208.14 MBPS48.19 MBPS99.54 MBPS103,000
95 Pottawatomie Telephone Company205.55 MBPS14.34 MBPS13.56 MBPS92
96 Citynet205.40 MBPS26.62 MBPS79.65 MBPS378
97 Hawaiian Telcom204.05 MBPS29.93 MBPS90.06 MBPS11,928
98 Zito Media196.28 MBPS42.71 MBPS158.60 MBPS63
99 Hood Canal Communications194.91 MBPS46.57 MBPS92.58 MBPS602
100 Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative194.38 MBPS42.75 MBPS96.59 MBPS418

Which Internet Provider Offers the Fastest Speeds?

As a consumer comparing internet service providers, it isn't always easy to distinguish what are facts and what is just marketing.

Each provider has a vested interest in convincing you that they offer the fastest service.

At BroadbandNow, this isn't our goal. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about the internet providers in your area.

To help you do that, we set out to find the most objective way to authoritatively answer the question of: "Which internet provider offers the fastest speeds in the US?" On this page, you see those results.

Average Speeds vs Fastest Speeds

When we started digging into the data to power this page, our initial plan was to create a simple average of all of the speedtests from a provider.

Quickly, we found that simple averages lead to misleading results due to different plan speeds, different home network setups, and the number of speed tests evaluated.

To help control for all of these variables while minimizing the impact of outliers we instead display the download speed from the speed test found in the 90th percentile of all of the tests for a provider in a given month.

This allows us to confidently say that 10% of the speedtests we saw were faster than this speed while 90% of them were slower than this speed.

We believe this is the most objective and accurate way to calculate and compare different plans, network conditions, and speedtest across thousands of providers and millions of speed tests.

Last Updated on 01/06/2020