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Fastest Internet Service Providers in the US

Compare the fastest internet providers on this page and enter your zip below to see which have service in your area.

Which Internet Provider Offers the Fastest Speeds?

As a consumer comparing internet service providers, it isn't always easy to distinguish what are facts and what is just marketing.

Each provider has a vested interest in convincing you that they offer the fastest service.

At BroadbandNow, this isn't our goal. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about the internet providers in your area.

To help you do that, we set out to find the most objective way to authoritatively answer the question of: "Which internet provider offers the fastest speeds in the US?" On this page, you see those results.

ISPs With Fastest Speeds in the US as of April, 2020

The speeds below look at the 90th percentile speeds as these represent the fastest speeds a provider offers. For average speeds, see the table below.

RankProviderApril Speed12mo Avg. Speed12mo 90th Percentile AvgNo. of speed tests
1 -Stealth Communications7168.11 MBPS2236.10 MBPS3786.27 MBPS14,040
2 -BWTelcom636.89 MBPS100.97 MBPS447.41 MBPS267
3 Ben Lomand Connect529.14 MBPS153.62 MBPS518.14 MBPS822
4 Adams Networks527.03 MBPS122.25 MBPS503.91 MBPS1,804
5 Zona Communications513.95 MBPS109.82 MBPS454.31 MBPS448
6 ACD.net507.25 MBPS88.65 MBPS366.73 MBPS1,122
7 Greenlight Networks506.31 MBPS279.17 MBPS456.87 MBPS1,072
8 Skybest Communications496.28 MBPS114.39 MBPS436.82 MBPS1,776
9 Benton Communications487.70 MBPS92.03 MBPS437.70 MBPS665
10 Rock Island Communications470.16 MBPS55.72 MBPS137.81 MBPS1,996
11 Celito464.22 MBPS21.18 MBPS54.67 MBPS79
12 Westelcom Network455.85 MBPS49.48 MBPS105.58 MBPS3,368
13 Twin Valley Telephone427.60 MBPS84.82 MBPS390.20 MBPS851
14 Surry Telephone Membership Corporation417.99 MBPS67.24 MBPS390.78 MBPS538
15 Verizon Fios390.44 MBPS123.81 MBPS329.39 MBPS2,490,012
16 North State Communications384.51 MBPS89.60 MBPS287.29 MBPS10,823
17 Shawnee Communications377.14 MBPS77.41 MBPS239.93 MBPS2,557
18 Sonic372.09 MBPS95.08 MBPS312.26 MBPS52,519
19 Metronet365.63 MBPS182.53 MBPS415.02 MBPS5,418
20 Verizon High Speed Internet361.84 MBPS107.83 MBPS318.22 MBPS828,619
21 Pinpoint Communications340.09 MBPS61.76 MBPS162.97 MBPS611
22 United Communications336.27 MBPS137.13 MBPS338.20 MBPS4,872
23 Google Fiber333.44 MBPS119.06 MBPS313.31 MBPS2,652
24 Pinnacle Communications331.77 MBPS33.96 MBPS64.50 MBPS625
25 Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative326.14 MBPS86.08 MBPS253.81 MBPS1,875
26 Jackson Energy Authority323.85 MBPS96.08 MBPS269.76 MBPS1,172
27 IdeaTek322.88 MBPS60.85 MBPS195.19 MBPS55
28 Full Channel322.45 MBPS103.40 MBPS316.07 MBPS5,364
29 Tel-Star Cablevision316.84 MBPS74.53 MBPS149.60 MBPS733
30 Vermont Telephone Company316.04 MBPS71.98 MBPS237.06 MBPS11,470
31 DirectLink315.27 MBPS76.16 MBPS206.71 MBPS3,056
32 Allo Communications314.47 MBPS68.62 MBPS216.68 MBPS15,176
33 AT&T Internet312.85 MBPS81.03 MBPS265.33 MBPS2,106,091
34 Towerstream310.81 MBPS104.86 MBPS238.22 MBPS2,362
35 Wintek Corporation308.67 MBPS63.99 MBPS149.02 MBPS1,582
36 Clarity Connect308.45 MBPS100.74 MBPS311.54 MBPS2,320
37 BTC Broadband305.66 MBPS71.85 MBPS150.97 MBPS1,044
38 South Central Communications303.70 MBPS56.96 MBPS188.04 MBPS2,291
39 RCN299.59 MBPS96.03 MBPS260.43 MBPS225,310
40 EATEL298.03 MBPS83.53 MBPS207.68 MBPS7,002
41 Hargray Communications297.95 MBPS82.30 MBPS237.81 MBPS10,517
42 Burlington Telecom295.06 MBPS66.05 MBPS150.40 MBPS3,480
43 i3 Broadband293.01 MBPS126.62 MBPS318.93 MBPS1,478
44 Great Basin Internet Services289.77 MBPS132.43 MBPS329.15 MBPS5,573
45 All West Communications286.85 MBPS90.69 MBPS188.29 MBPS10,460
46 MLGC284.77 MBPS47.33 MBPS102.38 MBPS65
47 CTI Fiber282.41 MBPS109.94 MBPS259.14 MBPS274
48 Zayo281.25 MBPS98.83 MBPS259.75 MBPS18,545
49 Hotwire Communications280.72 MBPS142.84 MBPS299.03 MBPS13,109
50 Grande Communications280.38 MBPS82.92 MBPS238.47 MBPS54,882
51 -Comporium Communications276.92 MBPS84.61 MBPS237.13 MBPS19,555
52 EPB275.24 MBPS80.60 MBPS243.50 MBPS24,407
53 XFINITY from Comcast270.84 MBPS94.44 MBPS234.18 MBPS6,209,737
54 BEK Communications Cooperative269.14 MBPS66.50 MBPS181.69 MBPS708
55 Fusion Media265.53 MBPS69.93 MBPS178.27 MBPS706
56 Reedsburg Utility Commission263.25 MBPS95.37 MBPS267.12 MBPS322
57 C Spire Wireless262.31 MBPS71.20 MBPS203.28 MBPS3,953
58 Velocity Online261.83 MBPS50.16 MBPS132.08 MBPS138
59 GVTC Communications260.66 MBPS106.19 MBPS249.60 MBPS13,808
60 Beehive Broadband259.35 MBPS72.95 MBPS225.03 MBPS2,085
61 ATMC258.78 MBPS89.23 MBPS240.12 MBPS3,797
62 Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative257.50 MBPS48.78 MBPS113.47 MBPS561
63 Twin Lakes Telephone256.87 MBPS72.45 MBPS209.61 MBPS385
64 Cox Communications253.86 MBPS87.91 MBPS215.83 MBPS1,824,397
65 Blue Stream252.55 MBPS94.17 MBPS266.83 MBPS14,348
66 Summit Broadband252.20 MBPS85.79 MBPS180.66 MBPS6,841
67 Armstrong250.93 MBPS73.47 MBPS194.40 MBPS88,498
68 Spiral Communications247.09 MBPS62.79 MBPS204.75 MBPS551
69 Wave Broadband247.06 MBPS86.66 MBPS231.31 MBPS57,500
70 Wabash Communications245.99 MBPS50.01 MBPS142.07 MBPS645
71 Giggle Fiber245.75 MBPS81.24 MBPS214.61 MBPS5,602
72 West Carolina Tel243.17 MBPS117.94 MBPS216.31 MBPS486
73 Barbourville Online242.67 MBPS46.26 MBPS92.31 MBPS442
74 Morris Broadband241.84 MBPS57.02 MBPS196.98 MBPS7,218
75 Crown Castle Fiber237.59 MBPS51.39 MBPS108.22 MBPS7,854
76 Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative235.41 MBPS62.71 MBPS233.51 MBPS530
77 WTC235.39 MBPS59.57 MBPS96.81 MBPS1,670
78 Community Broadband Network235.18 MBPS109.88 MBPS237.04 MBPS785
79 Bulloch Telephone Cooperative234.38 MBPS39.57 MBPS80.93 MBPS460
80 Suddenlink Communications234.05 MBPS65.87 MBPS186.14 MBPS229,789
81 Grayson Collin Communications233.71 MBPS83.91 MBPS299.34 MBPS693
82 GEUS230.14 MBPS57.13 MBPS163.05 MBPS682
83 Mediacom Cable226.71 MBPS73.22 MBPS183.21 MBPS145,290
84 -LOGIX Fiber Networks225.29 MBPS59.36 MBPS137.81 MBPS4,966
85 Charter Spectrum224.01 MBPS75.11 MBPS204.52 MBPS5,629,282
86 Optimum by Altice220.86 MBPS83.78 MBPS210.58 MBPS2,208,463
87 Atlantic Broadband220.19 MBPS73.43 MBPS196.89 MBPS115,332
88 -Sparklight (formerly Cable One)217.87 MBPS68.90 MBPS184.83 MBPS109,109
89 Smithville Communications216.32 MBPS64.73 MBPS216.18 MBPS5,269
90 Dnet Internet Services216.16 MBPS37.91 MBPS151.15 MBPS308
91 VNET Fiber215.90 MBPS53.62 MBPS139.25 MBPS1,660
92 Compudyne214.55 MBPS84.97 MBPS213.07 MBPS667
93 Co-Mo Connect213.88 MBPS52.50 MBPS137.71 MBPS1,062
94 Speed of Light Broadband209.91 MBPS67.77 MBPS187.38 MBPS154
95 -Home Telecom208.86 MBPS62.14 MBPS159.10 MBPS3,748
96 Nex-Tech207.64 MBPS67.15 MBPS230.40 MBPS1,907
97 TDS Telecom206.65 MBPS58.78 MBPS143.58 MBPS162,370
98 Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative205.95 MBPS59.85 MBPS223.51 MBPS1,434
99 Tierzero203.64 MBPS36.95 MBPS92.36 MBPS270
100 -Auburn Essential Services202.95 MBPS51.92 MBPS128.31 MBPS427

Average Speeds vs Fastest Speeds

When we started digging into the data to power this page, our initial plan was to create a simple average of all of the speedtests from a provider.

Quickly, we found that simple averages lead to misleading results due to different plan speeds, different home network setups, and the number of speed tests evaluated.

To help control for all of these variables while minimizing the impact of outliers we instead display the download speed from the speed test found in the 90th percentile of all of the tests for a provider in a given month.

This allows us to confidently say that 10 percent of the speedtests we saw were faster than this speed while 90 percent of them were slower than this speed.

We believe this is the most objective and accurate way to calculate and compare different plans, network conditions, and speedtest across thousands of providers and millions of speed tests.

How do I find the fastest internet providers near me?

Stealth Communications is currently the internet provider in the US offering the fastest speeds. The next fastest internet speeds in the States are provided by BWTelcom and CTI Fiber, respectively. When looking for the fastest internet, consider what connection types are available near you.

A plan’s connection type directly impacts how fast your internet will be. Fiber-optic internet, also referred to simply as fiber, is the fastest internet type available — a fiber internet connection can deliver 1000+ Mbps.

Following fiber is cable as the next fastest internet type. Recent upgrades to cable internet technology allow providers to offer gigabit speeds and at least 100 Mbps in most areas. Areas without cable and fiber internet are likely to have DSL or wireless internet. Wired internet connections are usually faster than wireless connections, however fixed wireless can provide gigabit speeds in some areas.

One way to check how much speed you need is to know whether your current speed is fast enough for you. If you’re running into slow connection issues often, chances are you need a higher speed. Use our internet speed test tool to find out how much speed you have to gauge how much you’ll need.

Internet TypeFastest Advertised Download SpeedFastest Advertised Upload Speed
Fiber2000 Mbps2000 Mbps
Cable1000 Mbps50 Mbps
DSL100 Mbps20 Mbps
Fixed Wireless1000 Mbps1000 Mbps
Satellite25 Mbps3 Mbps

Advertised Internet Speed vs Actual Speed

The actual internet speed delivered to your home is often lower than the speed advertised on your internet provider’s plan. This is due to a number of factors, many of which are internet-type specific.

For example, cable internet users often have to deal with slower speeds during peak hours, since bandwidth is shared with neighbors. This is especially true in the evening hours when many households have an increased volume of internet use.

DSL internet speeds often vary depending on the proximity of your home to the provider’s local office in your area.For fixed wireless users, household items, such as microwaves or objects obstructing the clear line-of-sight to/from your antenna can give you slower than advertised speeds.

A satellite internet connection also requires a line-of-sight connection with the network. This can cause slower speeds for users living in areas with mountains and forests. The equipment is also susceptible to interference from poor weather conditions.

While limited in coverage at this time, fiber internet providers are often able to deliver speeds extremely close to advertised speeds.

What is a good internet speed?

If you want an in-depth guide that can explain how much internet speed you need, take a look at our guide on the subject. For a quick explanation: it largely depends on how you use the internet and how many people in your household will be on a connected device.

Different online activities call for different speeds. Basic web browsing requires much lower speeds than internet gaming.

The number of devices connected to your wifi also affects the speeds you get. Your internet speed will be effectively split up between your devices.

For example, a one to two person household with basic web surfing needs can usually get by on a 25 Mbps plan. On the other hand, a household with multiple heavier internet users or a professional working from home and handling a lot of big files will likely need a more robust plan, in the 100+ Mbps range. For families with intense gamers, simultaneous HD streamers, and a home office, a gigabit plan may be in order.

To calculate what kind of speed your household needs, use our bandwidth calculator.

Last Updated on 05/07/2020