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Internet Providers in St. Michael, Alaska

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Home Internet in St. Michael, AK

  • 1. GCI Internet
    Speeds Up To
    10 Mbps
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    Connection: Fixed Wireless
    Availability: 77%
  • 2. Starlink
    Download Speeds:
    50 - 220 Mbps
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    Connection: Satellite
    Availability: 100%

Best Internet Provider In St. Michael, AK

Starlink, a favored internet provider in Saint Michael, Alaska, utilizes satellite connections to deliver complete city coverage. Offering maximum download speeds from 50-220 Mbps, Starlink can support various online activities. Customers can begin enjoying these services at a starting subscription rate of $90 per month. In the digital landscape of the city, Starlink plays a significant role with its extensive coverage and speed variety.

Meanwhile, GCI Internet supplies 76% of Saint Michael with fixed wireless connections. With a maximum download speed of 10 Mbps, GCI caters to basic browsing and streaming needs. This provider's monthly plans commence at $59.99, offering inexpensive access to essential tech amenities. GCI Internet's outreach is particularly notable given the general lack of such services in the area.

Together, Starlink and GCI Internet are successfully addressing the tech needs of Saint Michael residents, helping to bridge the city's digital gap. They've bolstered the city's tech status through the multifaceted internet solutions they provide.

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