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Sign up for Starlink's residential plan in select areas — or choose the Roam plan, which is available nationwide!

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Top Starlink Internet Plan

  • Unlimited data, no contracts




    *Taxes & fees extra and subj. to change. See disclaimer for details. Restrictions apply.

    • Download Speeds up to 150 Mbps
    • Designed for self-install
    Show Details
    • Connection: Satellite
    • Modem: Modem: $599 one-time purchase
    • $120/mo regular rate

Starlink Internet Only Plans

  • Internet
MOBILE - REGIONAL $150/mo 50 Mbps Satellite
MOBILE - GLOBAL $200/mo 50 Mbps Satellite
STANDARD $120/mo 150 Mbps Satellite
Unlimited data, no contracts
MOBILE PRIORITY - 50GB $250/mo 220 Mbps Satellite
MOBILE PRIORITY - 5TB $5000/mo 220 Mbps Satellite

Best Starlink Internet Deals Right Now

As one of the best satellite internet providers on the market today, Starlink is pushing the boundaries of the technology by offering extraordinary speeds for a reasonable price. Here’s what you can get from Starlink when you sign up today:

  • Free Wi-Fi router included with your Starlink Kit
  • Unlimited data on any Starlink plan
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Portable high-speed internet for your home, business, RV, plane, or boat
  • No contract required when you sign up

How to Get Starlink Anywhere

Starlink is in high demand, which makes it tough to get in some areas of the country. There’s a workaround, though: While Starlink caps its residential customers in some areas, the company doesn’t limit access to its Roam plan.

That means that customers willing to pay a few extra dollars a month for the Roam plan can get Starlink service anywhere — even in markets where residential service is currently sold out.

Starlink Internet-Only Deals

When it comes to internet plans, Starlink keeps the pricing simple. For residential internet, Starlink charges just $90 per month in high-availability locations, while satellite internet for roaming vehicles like RVs is $150 per month. Subscribers can also get Starlink Business internet or Starlink Maritime internet for $250 per month.

A major benefit of Starlink satellite internet is its portability. New customers can purchase the Starlink Roam Kit to access Starlink service wherever they set up camp. Subscribers who choose the brand-new Flat High Performance dish can even use the internet service while in motion.

Starlink Internet Fees

While many satellite internet providers stack on the fees, Starlink satellite internet service doesn’t have many extra charges at all. Here’s what you can expect from Starlink in the way of charges and fees.

  • Deposit cost: In order to preorder your equipment in areas where Starlink doesn’t already have service, you’ll have to pay $99 upfront. It goes toward the purchase price of your hardware, but still, it can be somewhat irksome for a product that might not arrive for several months.
  • Equipment fee: Starlink charges a one-time hardware fee of $599 for both Residential and Roam customers ($2,500 for Starlink Business and Starlink Maritime). These fees are unavoidable, and you will also have to pay $50 for the shipping and handling to send this hardware to your home.

Starlink Internet Bundles and Pricing

At this point, Starlink doesn’t offer any traditional TV or phone bundles with its satellite internet plans. That said, one benefit of Starlink over other satellite providers is its ability to achieve the higher download speeds necessary for consistent and bufferless streaming online. We recommend checking out one of the various streaming services available for subscription, such as DIRECTV STREAM or YouTube TV, if you’re looking for a TV plan to go with your internet service.

How to Get the Best Deal With Starlink Internet

When you purchase a Starlink internet plan, you want to get the most for your money. Follow these tips to maximize your savings:

  • Choose the plan that’s right for you. If you’re constantly on the move in a tiny house or a recreational vehicle, then we recommend going with the Starlink Roam internet plan. If not, then stick with the residential internet plan.
  • Position your satellite carefully. Get the most out of Starlink internet speeds by placing your satellite in an area with a clear line of sight. The Starlink app will help you with this process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Starlink Internet

  • How much does Starlink internet cost per month?

    Starlink internet for residential users starts at $90 per month. Starlink Roam internet plans cost $150 per month. Starlink Business internet and Starlink Maritime internet costs $250 per month.

  • How fast is Starlink internet?

  • What’s the best Starlink deal right now for new customers?

  • Does Starlink internet have data caps?

  • Does Starlink internet have contracts?

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