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Best option available

Rande Repp on October 07, 2020

For those of us living outside of city limits, there really is no close competition to KBI. Unless you live near one of HCI's fiber-optic lines, which not many do, your choice is a satellite (huge ping times, data caps, and very expensive) or fixed wireless. Have the 25Mbps plan and the reliability is much better. Would rather pay a few extra bucks and have some confidence the service will be available when needed. Still not reliable enough to run a server though. Service regularly drops for a few minutes but comes back fairly quickly and usually doesn't require a complete system reboot (modem, router, smart devices, etc). Really love the unlimited data. Many companies today offer unlimited* data, but KBI's really is unlimited. Not sure how their equipment works but on their 25Mbps down/10m up plan I can routinely hit 18m down but 80m up? Might just be a glitch at Fast.com but I have no problem uploading files while streaming on a video conference call doing the work-at-home thing. Live about 5 miles from the antenna with a clear line of sight, have been a KBI customer for years. Kids living at home, smart devices, IP camera systems, plenty of bandwidth, and everybody is happy with their online activities.

Game and Netflix at the same time

Katy R on February 25, 2019

I'm very satisfied with my service. Over the years, they have always provided reliable service. We don't have outages or downtime. My son loves to game and I watch Netflix. We are both capable of using the service simultaneously and we aren't even on the highest plan they offer. This is truly the best option for people who live in the country and just don't have the option to use cable or for those that are fed up with slow DSL or Satellite. Super happy with Kansas Broadband Internet as my internet provider!

Kansas Broadband Internet

Thank you for being one of our valued customers! The team here at Kansas Broadband Internet is thrilled to hear such good feedback, and we're proud to be your internet service provider in rural Kansas. Did you know we now offer a referral program? Let your neighbors know about our service and you can be compensated with a free month of service for every home you help to get connected with our service. Thanks again!

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