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Mobile Broadband Internet Providers

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Providers Offering Mobile Broadband Service

We've found 52 providers offering Mobile Broadband service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

AT&T Wireless306,461,4885310 mbps
Verizon Wireless305,032,2645110 mbps
Sprint279,984,1225110 mbps
T-Mobile246,589,4444610 mbps
Cricket Wireless94,688,250376.0 mbps
Metro® by T-Mobile54,308,58351.5 mbps
U.S. Cellular25,083,868196.0 mbps
C Spire Wireless4,215,95133.0 mbps
CellCom1,607,39910.768 mbps
Mobi1,229,27210.768 mbps
Viaero Wireless1,055,202210 mbps
Bluegrass Cellular936,943110 mbps
Bravado Wireless783,144110 mbps
GCI Wireless634,984110 mbps
Appalachian Wireless552,161110 mbps
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative526,197110 mbps
Choice Broadband502,712310 mbps
Inland Cellular403,20621.5 mbps
Illinois Valley Cellular393,90013.0 mbps
Union Wireless387,353110 mbps
FTC Wireless225,36411.5 mbps
Evolve Broadband164,402110 mbps
Cross Telephone162,910110 mbps
Thumb Cellular137,666110 mbps
Mosaic Telecom136,66511.5 mbps
United Wireless123,233110 mbps
Strata Networks114,381210 mbps
Chat Mobility110,800110 mbps
Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative104,74213.0 mbps
Pine Belt Wireless90,61513.0 mbps
Pine Telephone Company80,51913.0 mbps
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative61,588110 mbps
Northwest Missouri Cellular43,113110 mbps
Silver Star Wireless42,85020.768 mbps
Triangle Communications34,92110.768 mbps
PTCI33,08621.5 mbps
Albany Mutual Telephone Association29,10913.0 mbps
Snake River PCS27,00811.5 mbps
Copper Valley Telecom9,647110 mbps
Nucla Naturita Telephone3,35813.0 mbps
Cordova Telephone Cooperative2,47713.0 mbps
Phoenix Communications11310.768 mbps
Fusion--110 mbps
IT&E--210 mbps
Open Mobile--110 mbps
Claro Internet--110 mbps
Docomo Pacific--110 mbps
ADM Wireless--11.5 mbps
Bluesky Communications--110 mbps
Viya--110 mbps
Windy City Cellular--0N/A

    How Many Mobile Internet Providers Are There?

    As of 2020, there are 52 Mobile Providers offering 3G, 4G, and LTE connectivity in the United States. The largest mobile providers as measured by coverage area are AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless.

    Mobile Internet Providers in the USA

    The “Big three” or “big four” mobile LTE providers are well known, but there are dozens of smaller providers that can sometimes offer cheaper service for certain areas. Cellular broadband isn’t yet capable of competing with wired service for home use like streaming, and often has data caps to limit network congestion.

    However, some of the larger mobile Internet corporations in the United States have been promising that 5G, which is scheduled to roll out in 2020, will be able to provide speeds and performance that matches or exceeds wired Broadband.

    For more technical specs on mobile Broadband technology, see our guide to Mobile Broadband Internet.

    Mobile Broadband Speeds

    Mobile or cellular broadband can be broadly categorized into four categories: 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. 4G is the current standard used on most smartphone plans. It is commonly marketed as “4G LTE.” LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution,” signifying that mobile broadband standards are continually evolving every year.

    Mobile StandardDownload Speed RangeMaximum SpeedDate Launched
    2G10–40 Kbps50 Kbps1991
    3G50 Kbps – 2 Mbps56 Mbps1998
    4G5–12 Mbps100 Mbps - 1 Gbps2008
    5GN/A1-10 Gbps2020