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New Jersey 0 1 gbps
Pennsylvania 0 1 gbps
Pennsylvania 0 1 gbps
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Kreamer on September 17, 2020

Pay for 1Gbps down 40Mbps up, only issue I have is the upload speed, would be nice if it was even a quarter of the download speed, latency is always good.

Service electric

Sharon Know on January 13, 2019

Fair price, good internet service, and lousy customer service.

Blue Ridge Cable is really only option around here and besides price its good

Don on February 22, 2018

Setup and install are quick within few days, the speeds are up to 1000Mbps but they have limits that increase with plans. I have the 30Mbps and it has a 1000Gb limit then $10 for each additional 1000. I have never had any downtime in 3 years and the price is about $64 monthly which is the lot but really it's the only decent provider in this area and they know it. I have tried the 100Mbps speed and it's nice but just remember some older wifi networks won't even be able to push that much speed unless you have over 100Mbps router and if there is still some overhead even with 54Mbps wifi network, 30Mbps cable sometimes maxes out my network and I only get 28Mbps. I would recommend if you can afford the 30Mbps, if you get the 10Mbps it has only 500Gb limit and if you use Netflix and other streaming sites it usually hits data cap but it won't stop you, it just charges you more.

Service Electric Cable - Sparta NJ

Al Alves on September 22, 2017

Local Mom and Pop cable company. My only choice although they're not the best, they are not the worst. Customer service is really good, but wish I could have higher speeds at a lower price.

Only Option

Robert Zielinski-wright on May 31, 2017

They offer poor plans and tend to be very expensive. Upload speeds need improvement.

Ask me about PTD

Jarrett Flickinger on May 09, 2017

No outages, no slow downs, no problems. This is the real deal, it makes the other providers look like they are still using dialup.

Worst provider

Jon G on August 05, 2016

If I could move today I would, thet internet here is the worst ever. The service feels like it's 1999 with slow speeds and the same answer from customer service when there's an issue, "please reset your router" I can reset the router 100 times and still won't give me the quality I'm paying for.

Expensive and limited

Jon on May 07, 2016

Sure, it works and it's available. but who in the world is going to pay $42.95 for 1.5 Mbps down and 384 kbps up!? I pay for the 100/5 for $125/month. The upload is 20x slower than the down. I must say that it is pretty consistent. Almost 98% of the time I get my full bandwidth. I am still very concerned about the limited upload and hoping to see more in the future. It is kind of a gimped package now.

Service Electric Cablevision and PenTeleData - Often the best choice

Jeff Franklin on February 23, 2016

Service Electric Cablevision (SECV) says it was the first cable provider in the United States and it tries to keep-up even though it is a regional family owned company in the backyard of Comcast. PenTeleData (PTD) provides Internet for SECV. SECV is generally the fastest Internet service provider in its footprint. Its pricing and services are similar to Comcast XFinity and FIOS (which is generally in the more urban markets near the more rural SECV service areas). Overall, SECV or Comcast are the only real residential broadband choices in our area, and where you live determines which is available. Businesses, governmental, and non-profits have more options available, including service directly from PTD. PTD has been a good value for my residential Internet service for more than 20 years, beginning with the Zenith proprietary cable modem service before DOCSIS.

About Our PenTeleData Speed Test Tool

Whether PenTeleData is your internet provider or you use a different provider, the speed test below can show key statistics about your internet connection.

This speed test will assess the capability of your Internet service whether you use PenTeleData or another provider. These modules are designed to display results on download speed and upload throughput. Download and upload speeds are the primary indicators of Internet connection quality. As of January 2022, the national average download rate for PenTeleData is 129.28 Mbps. Throughout their coverage footprint, the average latency on PenTeleData Internet speed tests is -1ms. In context, wired connections usually perform in the 5–70ms range. Satellite Internet connections, in contrast, are often as high as 500–800ms.

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Get a precise, real-time read of your speed with this simple test, it can measure the performance of your connection regardless of who is your current internet provider. The BroadbandNow team recommends consumers regularly check their internet's performance as it fluctuates regularly and can identify when you need service support or when your household's usage exceeds your current plan's capability

Note: This speed test can be used to test any internet provider, not just PenTeleData .

If your PenTeleData speed test result is lower than expected, try resetting your router or call PenTeleData customer service for additional assistance.

PenTeleData Internet Speed Data


Maximum Advertised Download Mbps

288.92 MBPS

User Speed Test Download Mbps


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Average Jitter

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Top Cities For PenTeleData Internet Service

Lititz, PA 1,000 mbps 146 mbps
Reading, PA 1,000 mbps 270 mbps
Akron, PA 1,000 mbps 133 mbps
Bloomsburg, PA 1,000 mbps 93 mbps
Brownstown, PA 1,000 mbps 91 mbps
Denver, PA 1,000 mbps 194 mbps
Dingmans Ferry, PA 1,000 mbps 457 mbps
Douglassville, PA 1,000 mbps 475 mbps
Duncannon, PA 1,000 mbps 217 mbps
Ephrata, PA 1,000 mbps 462 mbps