After numerous requests for customizable broadband maps from students, universities, not-for-profits and government organizations, we decided to create a simple tool that allows anyone to embed interactive maps on their website.

Use the tool below to create customized maps on the fly or read the documentation below for advanced examples and use cases.

We’re excited to see what awesome maps you create, so feel free to shoot us a note when it’s live in your site.

Choose Map Type:

Customize Provider Coverage Map

The provider map shows the coverage area of any provider on a map that can be zoomed into the state level.

To customize this map, simply select your desired provider from the list below.

1. Search for a provider
2. Copy Map Code

Advanced Map Usage and Variables

To embed a map on your website simply visit any page on and look for a link saying “embed this map.” If you are looking for advanced ussage see below for various configuration options.

Advanced Options

To embed a map simply include the <script src="" async></script> then use the variables below to customize it to your needs. This script tag only needs to be called once on each page.

Once you have the script tag in place, the <a class="bbn-embed" data-widget="" href="" target="" data-width="" data-v2="">Broadband Map</a> is where the majority of the customization happens. See the elements below for how each variable works.


The data-widget variable defines which map type you want to build. Accepted types are: state, provider, providercompare, and providercombine.


The data-width variable sets a fixed width for the map. If left blank, the map will size to the surrounding element on your page.


The href variable determines which dataset the script will create. Valid options include[anystatename] and[anyprovidername] where [anystatename] equals any US state and [anyprovidername] equals any provider.

Example 1: href="" would draw a map for the state of Florida.

Example 2: To draw a map for any provider, just find their page on and use their URL. This means if you wanted to draw a map for the broadband provider Verizon FiOS you can do so by using href="".

data-v2 — Compare and Combine Only

The data-v2 variable is only used on data-widget types of providercompare, and providercombine. To use it simply enter the second providers URL as it appears on This means everything after

Example: If the comaparison provider is Time Warner Cable, use data-v2="".

Trouble Shooting:

If you are having issues with your map not being displayed as expected, make sure your href and data-v2 variables are match valid URLs on

Embeddable Map FAQ:

How accurate are these maps?
These maps are based on the latest publicly available government and private data and will update automatically when we update our database. To learn which data we use please visit our data page. That said, because there is a delay between the data collection and the release of the data, you should consider these maps to be a “snapshot” of availability because actual coverage is continuously evolving and changing.
How much does this service cost?
This embeddable mapping service is offered free of charge.
Can you build even more custom maps?
Custom maps (besides what you see on this page) are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us via our contact page for more information.

Embeddable Map Disclaimer:

We strive to make sure the data and maps provided are as up-to-date and accurate as possible through data review and validation processes.

Since most providers don’t make coverage data available to the public, our data is sourced from publicly available government-collected data and enhanced by our own data collection efforts. With that in mind, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all data and cannot be held responsible for any errors for any reason.

By using our embeddable maps service you understand that they are offered “as is” without any warranty of any kind express or implied. In no event shall shall BroadbandNow or it’s authors be held liable for any claim, damages, or other liability, arising from or in connection with these maps or software.