BroadbandNow Data Sources

Where do we get our data

To complete our mission to make broadband more accessible for everyone, we collect and compile data from the federal government, local and state governments, internet service providers, and other publicly available or open-source data sets. Below are just a few of our data sources:

  • FCC
  • FTC
  • NTIA
  • Pew Research
  • Internet service provider websites
  • Measurement Lab
  • Cisco
  • The Broadband Commission
  • State and local governments

Compiled with the plans and pricing data given to us by broadband providers, we’re able to provide consumers with up-to-date, address-level information on internet plans across the US.

What makes our data better than the FCC’s and others?

Our team combines datasets from a wide range of sources to provide consumers and businesses with the information they want to know. Bridging the digital divide is a collaborative effort between broadband providers, governments, and consumers — our proprietary data provides a clear, unbiased view of the quality and availability of broadband across the US.

Government data is often difficult to understand, provided you’re able to find it in the first place. The same can be said for provider plan and pricing information at times. We know what providers, plans, and prices are available, where they’re available, and where they’re not by combining private and public datasets. Consumers are then able to compare options near them with reviews sourced by IP-verified users.

On top of all that, we conduct dozens of consumer surveys each year to better understand consumer behavior and sentiment. Our reliance on the internet has grown exponentially as technology continues to evolve. The combination of these datasets blends to create our proprietary data serving consumers and researchers alike.

How often do we update our data?

Our data team works nonstop updating our databases, ensuring the most accurate information is displayed. The datasets we pull from the FCC and Census Bureau are updated as each agency updates their information. This is often on a yearly basis but may happen more or less frequently for certain datasets. Similarly, we collect data from Pew Research and other government agencies upon the release of new reports and publications. Broadband providers send us data directly as it’s updated on their end,  ensuring that our plan and pricing information is updated on a continuous basis.