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Internet Providers in Peerless, Montana

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Home Internet in Peerless, MT

  • 1. HughesNet
    Speeds Up To
    100 Mbps
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    Connection: Satellite
    Availability: 98%
  • 2. Starlink
    Download Speeds:
    50 - 220 Mbps
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    Connection: Satellite
    Availability: 100%
  • 3. Nemont
    Speeds Up To
    1 Gbps
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    Connection: Fiber, Fixed Wireless
    Availability: 89.8%

Best Internet Provider In Peerless, MT

Hughesnet tops the list of internet providers in Peerless, Montana, offering a 100% coverage rate to its residents. Connect to their satellite service and enjoy modest browsing and streaming at maximum speeds of 25 Mbps. With plans starting at $49.99 monthly, Hughesnet provides an affordable, efficient option for internet services.

But Hughesnet isn't the only game in town. Starlink and Nemont also provide noteworthy options. Starlink, another satellite provider, matches Hughesnet with 100% coverage. Their speed, however, outpaces Hughesnet, reaching up to 220 Mbps. The downside? A higher starting rate of $90 per month.

Nemont stands out with its blend of fiber and fixed wireless connection. They offer impressive maximum download speeds of 1 Gbps, although their coverage dips to 78%. Starting plans are at $65 per month.

Let's not forget about technology coverage in Peerless. While satellite connections blanket the entire area, fiber connections are available to 78% of the community. A smaller segment, 19%, have access to fixed wireless services. Unfortunately, Cable or DSL services haven't gained ground yet.

Despite the diversity of internet services in Peerless, each provider- Hughesnet, Starlink, and Nemont- hold their own unique value for consumers.

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