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Broadband Consumer Labels Hub

Following the FCC’s Broadband Label Order, all ISPs with more than 100,000 subscribers must now display broadband consumer labels. Like the Nutrition Facts labels on packaged foods and drinks, these broadband labels are essential for internet customers to get direct details about their internet plans, including monthly prices, additional fees, contract terms, discounts, and speeds. To help provide transparent internet plan information to the public, we gathered hundreds of broadband consumer labels from over 40 of the top internet providers in the United States, and we organized them in this hub for your use.

How to Use This Hub

Scroll down to any internet provider, click to expand the list, and select any internet plan name to see the broadband consumer label for that plan.

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(as of 2024-07-04)


(as of 2024-05-17)

Astound Broadband Powered by En-Touch

(as of 2024-06-05)
(as of 2024-06-05)
(as of 2024-06-05)
(as of 2024-07-03)
(as of 2024-07-08)


(as of 2024-06-27)

Cloud 9 Wireless

(as of 2024-07-03)
(as of 2024-06-30)
(as of 2024-06-09)
(as of 2024-06-28)
(as of 2024-06-15)
(as of 2024-06-25)
(as of 2024-06-06)

Glo Fiber

(as of 2024-07-06)
(as of 2024-07-05)

Haviland Telephone Company

(as of 2024-06-21)

Hayneville Telephone Company

(as of 2024-07-06)

Imagine Networks

(as of 2024-07-06)

Kingdom Telephone

(as of 2024-07-06)
(as of 2024-07-08)
(as of 2024-07-06)
(as of 2024-07-07)
(as of 2024-06-20)
(as of 2024-06-28)


(as of 2024-06-14)

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

(as of 2024-07-08)

Roanoke Connect

(as of 2024-07-09)

Shawnee Communications

(as of 2024-07-09)

Sister Lakes Cable

(as of 2024-07-04)
(as of 2024-06-13)

Stealth Broadband

(as of 2024-06-29)
(as of 2024-05-14)
(as of 2024-06-19)
(as of 2024-06-07)


(as of 2024-06-28)
(as of 2024-06-22)
(as of 2024-07-06)
(as of 2024-05-28)

Frequently Asked Questions About Broadband Consumer Labels

  • When were internet providers required to show broadband labels?

    All large ISPs with over 100,000 subscribers had to implement and show broadband consumer labels by April 10, 2024. Small ISPs with fewer than 100,000 subscribers must also follow these regulations from the FCC by October 10, 2024.

  • Where do internet providers have to show broadband labels?

  • Do ISPs have to update broadband labels if an internet plan changes?

  • Do broadband labels cover bundled internet packages?

  • What if my local internet provider is not displaying broadband labels?