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Hughesnet Availability Map. Click for interactive map

No matter where you live, you should be able to sign up for Hughesnet®. As a satellite provider, Hughesnet delivers its internet service wirelessly using satellites in orbit around the Earth. Although primarily covering the United States mainland, the Hughesnet service area also includes Alaska, Puerto Rico, Brazil, India, and some parts of Europe. In total, Hughesnet provides satellite internet service to 330.4 million people across these areas.

Hughesnet’s availability depends less on the ability of the signal to reach customers and more on the availability of clear space around a reception dish. Trees, buildings, mountainsides, and other physical objects between customers and the satellite can cause problems. Luckily, since Hughesnet is primarily used by rural customers, there isn’t much of a problem with tall buildings blocking signals, which satellite TV providers have to deal with in urban areas.

Hughesnet Internet Services

Best features Things to consider
  • Expansive availability
  • Free installation for leasing
  • No data caps
  • Limited download speed
  • 24-month contract required
  • Not ideal for intense online activities

Hughesnet plans come in three levels: Select, Elite, and Fusion. While the highest download speeds from Hughesnet reach 100 Mbps, your Hughesnet plan pricing will mostly depend on the priority data included with your plan, which ranges from 15 to 200 GB.

Plan Download speeds Starting price Contract requirement Priority data
Hughesnet satellite Up to 100 Mbps $49.99 per month (for 12 months) 24-month contract 15 to 200 GB

While Hughesnet offers enough speed to browse the internet and stream in HD, heavy internet users, large families, and gaming and streaming fans may find the priority data quite restrictive. While Hughesnet does provide unlimited standard data, the priority data will determine how long you can access the fastest speeds associated with your plan.

Hughesnet’s “data tokens” extend the amount of priority data you can use in a given month. The prices of these tokens vary based on the amount you purchase.

Data token amount Price
2 GB $3
6 GB $9
15 GB $15
25 GB $25
50 GB $50

It can quickly get expensive if you purchase data tokens frequently. For now, it’s an option if you think you’ll exceed your allowance in a given month.

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Hughesnet Internet Speeds

Most current satellite services fall short of wired alternatives in terms of both overall performance and reliability. In fact, Hughesnet satellite internet plans only reach download speeds up to 100 Mbps. Satellite internet from Hughesnet has three key parts: the transmitter that sends data to space, the satellite that receives the data, and the dish in subscribers’ yards that picks up the signal.

The concern with this setup is high latency, or lag, which is the time it takes for data to travel between you, the provider, and the satellite. This lag can interfere with time-sensitive applications like gaming or two-way video. A latency of 700 to 800 milliseconds is average for satellite service, compared to 40 to 100 milliseconds with cable or DSL service.

However, Hughesnet Fusion® plans aim to deal with these latency issues. Rather than sending latency-sensitive tasks through the normal satellite receiver system, Hughesnet Fusion plans use multipath technology to send these signals along wireless connections for a faster and more consistent user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hughesnet Internet

  • Is Hughesnet available in my area?

    Hughesnet providers internet to almost every household in the United States. Simply enter your ZIP code at the top of the page to confirm Hughesnet’s availability near you.

  • Does Hughesnet have an unlimited plan?

    While all Hughesnet plans come with unlimited Standard Data, each plan also has a Priority Data limit, ranging from 15 GB to 200 GB. When you reach this limit, Hughesnet slows down your connection. If you think you may exceed your data limit, you can purchase a data token to get you through the remainder of your service month.

  • How does Hughesnet Voice work?

    Hughesnet service uses an ATA (analog telephone adapter) to send VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) signals from your satellite dish to your home phone, and vice versa.

  • How fast is Hughesnet internet?

    Hughesnet satellite internet reaches download speeds up to 100 Mbps.

  • Does Hughesnet require contracts?

    Yes, Hughesnet requires a minimum 24-month contract for internet service on all of its plans.

  • What are Hughesnet data tokens?

    Hughesnet plans comes with 15 to 200 GB of monthly Priority Data depending on the plan you purchase. If you need extra data each month, you can purchase a data token that will give you an incremental block of data.