About HughesNet

  • Hughes Network Systems is a subsidiary of EchoStar, a satellite and internet services provider.

  • Hughesnet is the name given to Hughes Network Systems’ high-speed satellite internet service.

  • As of 2018, Hughesnet became the largest provider of satellite internet in the United States.

  • Though it primarily serves subscribers in the United States, Hughesnet expanded to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador between 2016 and 2018.

HughesNet Availability Map. Click for interactive map.

HughesNet Availability

As a satellite provider, HughesNet offers service virtually anywhere with a view of the Southern sky – where satellite transmitting service is located. Although primarily located in the United States’ mainland, the HughesNet service area for Gen 5 also includes Alaska and Puerto Rico, Brazil, India, and some parts of Europe.

The main issue with HughesNet availability centers less on the ability of the signal to reach customers and more on the availability of of clear space around a reception dish. Trees, buildings, mountainsides, and other physical obstacles between customers and the satellite can cause problems. Luckily, since HughesNet is primarily used by rural customers, there isn’t much of a problem with tall buildings blocking signals that satellite TV providers face in urban areas.

HughesNet Plans and Pricing

Best Features: Things to Consider:
  • Free installation
  • No hard data cap
  • Standard plans and pricing nationwide
  • Limited download speed
  • Not ideal for gamers, large households, or for those using VPNs
  • 2-year contract required

Pricing for HughesNet is a bit unusual since each plan offers the same speed: up to 25 Mbps in download speeds and up to 3 Mbps in upload speeds. The difference between each plan is their data cap, which ranges from 10-50 GB. Visit our HughesNet Plans and Pricing page for details on HughesNet’s data caps and additional monthly fees.

Monthly Start Price Soft Data Cap Contract
$59.99-$149.99 per month 10-50 GB per month 24-month agreement required

While HughesNet offers enough speed to browse and even stream in high definition (HD), heavy internet users, large families, and gaming and streaming fans may find the data caps quite restrictive. Fortunately, HughesNet offers two ways to use and get more data: through bonus data and data tokens.

For small-business owners, HughesNet offers an Internet Continuity plan as a backup when primary service is down. When terrestrial services go down, resulting in costly outages, HughesNet Internet Continuity seamlessly connects to let your business avoid downtime. HughesNet is currently offering free installation and $60 in instant savings for new Internet Continuity subscribers.

HughesNet Data Plans

HughesNet “data tokens” extend the amount of data you can use in a given month. The prices of these tokens vary based on the amount you’re purchasing, and are included below.

HughesNet Data Token Price
3 GB $9
5 GB $15
10 GB $30
25 GB $75

It can quickly get expensive if you purchase data tokens frequently. For now, it’s an option if you find yourself exceeding your allowance one month.

HughesNet also offers a “Bonus Zone” from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. where data cap restrictions are lifted. During this time, you can stream and download to your heart’s content without using any of your data allowance.

HughesNet Hidden Fees

Outside of the monthly rate, each customer is subject to installation and equipment fees. You may also need to pay an early termination fee (ETF) if you cancel service before your contract ends.

HughesNet offers the option to lease equipment or buy it outright. The various fees associated with each choice are included below.

HughesNet Sign-up Costs Buy Lease
Equipment Fee (Satellite Antenna and Modem) $350 $9.99 per month
Standard Installation $200 Free
Lease Setup Fee N/A $99 one-time fee

If you’re confident that you’re going to use your HughesNet internet plan for a long time, it may make more sense to buy the equipment outright. You’ll break even in less than three years; however, if your satellite breaks when it’s out of warranty, you may be on the hook for repairs.

HughesNet often offers to waive the lease setup fee if you’d rather lease equipment. Visit our HughesNet Plans and Pricing page to see which deals HughesNet is offering this month.

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HughesNet Connection Speed

Most current satellite services fall short of wired alternatives in terms of both overall performance and reliability. Satellite internet from HughesNet has three key parts: the transmitter that sends data to space, the satellite that receives the data, and the dish in subscriber yards that picks up the signal.

The concern with this setup is high latency or lag – the time it takes for data to travel between you, the provider, and satellite. This “lag” can interfere with time-sensitive applications like gaming or two-way video. A 700-800 millisecond latency is about average for satellite service, compared to 40-100 milliseconds with cable or DSL service.

HughesNet Customer Service

HughesNet customer support can be reached at (866) 347-3292. If you want to return equipment and cancel your service outright, the retention department can be reached through the customer support line. HughesNet business customers can call (800) 347-3272 to reach HughesNet’s business customer service center.

Availability by State

Alabama 4,779,736 25mbps
Alaska 710,231 25mbps
Arizona 6,392,017 25mbps
Arkansas 2,915,918 25mbps
California 37,253,956 25mbps
Colorado 5,029,196 25mbps
Connecticut 3,574,097 25mbps
Delaware 897,934 25mbps
District of Columbia 601,723 25mbps
Florida 18,801,310 25mbps
Georgia 9,687,653 25mbps
Hawaii 1,360,301 25mbps
Idaho 1,567,582 25mbps
Illinois 12,830,632 25mbps
Indiana 6,483,802 25mbps
Iowa 3,046,355 25mbps
Kansas 2,853,118 25mbps
Kentucky 4,339,367 25mbps
Louisiana 4,533,372 25mbps
Maine 1,328,361 25mbps
Maryland 5,773,552 25mbps
Massachusetts 6,547,629 25mbps
Michigan 9,883,640 25mbps
Minnesota 5,303,925 25mbps
Mississippi 2,967,297 25mbps
Missouri 5,988,927 25mbps
Montana 989,415 25mbps
Nebraska 1,826,341 25mbps
Nevada 2,700,551 25mbps
New Hampshire 1,316,470 25mbps
New Jersey 8,791,894 25mbps
New Mexico 2,059,179 25mbps
New York 19,378,102 25mbps
North Carolina 9,535,483 25mbps
North Dakota 672,591 25mbps
Ohio 11,536,504 25mbps
Oklahoma 3,751,351 25mbps
Oregon 3,831,074 25mbps
Pennsylvania 12,702,379 25mbps
Puerto Rico 0 25mbps
Rhode Island 1,052,567 25mbps
South Carolina 4,625,364 25mbps
South Dakota 814,180 25mbps
Tennessee 6,346,105 25mbps
Texas 25,145,561 25mbps
Utah 2,763,885 25mbps
Vermont 625,741 25mbps
Virgin Islands 0 25mbps
Virginia 8,001,024 25mbps
Washington 6,724,540 25mbps
West Virginia 1,852,994 25mbps
Wisconsin 5,686,986 25mbps
Wyoming 563,626 25mbps

Provider Awards

Top 3 Fastest Internet Providers in 2 states
Major Provider Category
Top 5 Fastest Internet Providers in 7 states
Major Provider Category
Top 10 Fastest Internet Providers in 23 states
Major Provider Category
#1 Fastest Internet Provider in Alaska
Major Provider Category
Top 3 Fastest Internet Providers in Utah
Major Provider Category
Top 3 Fastest Internet Providers in Wyoming
Major Provider Category
Claim Award

Frequently Asked Questions about HughesNet

  • Is HughesNet available in my area?

    HughesNet is available in many different locations. To find out if it is available in your area, it’s best to visit their website or call customer service.

  • Is HughesNet better than DSL?

    For some individuals and families, HughesNet is a better option than DSL, while for others, the opposite is true. Picking the best service is often dependent on individual needs, personal preferences and location.

  • Is HughesNet unlimited?

    HughesNet plans are currently subject to data limits. Once these are reached, your speeds may be reduced in times of peak traffic. These internet packages start as low as $59.99.