Internet Only Plans

Below are the latest internet only deals T-Mobile Home Internet is offering.

  • $50/mo

    at promo rate
    Home Internet w/ Autopay
    100 Mbps
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    • Deal
    • Deal Included
    • Connection: Fixed Wireless
    • Data: No Caps
    • Modem: Modem w/ WiFi included.
    • Installation: $0 (No startup fees.)
    • Price shown includes taxes + fees
    • $50/mo regular rate
    • With AutoPay.
    Get one year of Paramount+ Essential monthly plan for free. | Get a new Chromebook with WiFi for just $149 when you sign up for Home Internet and activate a data plan.
  • $55/mo

    at promo rate
    Home Internet
    100 Mbps
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    • Connection: Fixed Wireless
    • Data: No Caps
    • Modem: Modem included.
    • Price shown includes taxes + fees
    • $55/mo regular rate
    • *Speeds may vary. Sales taxes & regulatory fees included in monthly price for qualified accounts. Not available in all areas.

Best T-Mobile Home Internet Deals Right Now

Although their home internet service is relatively new, T-Mobile Home Internet offers the best deal in certain parts of the country. Residents without access to traditional high-speed internet options like fiber or cable are often left with unacceptably slow internet options or expensive plans with barely enough speed. T-Mobile Home Internet uses fixed wireless technology along with T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G coverage to deliver speeds around 100 Mbps and more for $50 a month (with AutoPay).

T-Mobile Home Internet Discounts

While T-Mobile offers a range of discounts and benefits programs for its wireless customers, there is no guidance on whether they extend to internet-only customers. There are no advertised discounts for military members or senior citizens for T-Mobile Home Internet as there are with their wireless service.

T-Mobile Home Internet Deals

T-Mobile launched the Big Fee Deal in October 2021, lowering the price of T-Mobile Home Internet to $50 per month with AutoPay or $55 per month without it. (It originally cost $60 or $65 per month with or without AutoPay, respectively.) The Big Fee Deal also ensures you won’t have to pay installation and equipment rental fees or deal with random price hikes.

Although there’s only one plan, you will get the fastest speed available to you. Most customers get download speeds between 35-115 Mbps, which is enough to stream in HD or 4K on multiple devices.

Keep in mind: Those limited to DSL, fixed wireless, and satellite can save and get faster speeds by choosing T-Mobile Home Internet. Most rural internet options only offer speeds around 25 Mbps for $60 a month. T-Mobile’s network offers less latency and more reliability than the common rural internet options, meaning pages will load faster and your connection will be more stable.

T-Mobile  Bundle Deals

Currently, T-Mobile does not offer any Double or Triple Play deals. While existing T-Mobile customers get discounts on certain streaming services, you will not see reduced premiums by grouping cell phone, internet and/or TV services together. So, if you want to find the best bundling deals, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

T-Mobile TV Deals

T-Mobile customers can get $10 off per month on YouTube TV and Philo TV. Redeem your offer code by December 31, 2021, to get this deal.

Hint: With a Magenta plan, you get Netflix Basic, which can work on one device at a time in Standard Definition (SD). Alternatively, Magenta Max customers get Netflix Standard, a two-screen HD plan. Apple TV+ is also available free for a year for Magenta and Magenta Max customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About T-Mobile Home Internet

  • Does T-Mobile Home Internet have equipment fees?

    T-Mobile doesn’t charge equipment fees for its gateway (modem and router combo).

  • Do I have to be an existing T-Mobile customer to apply for Home Internet?

    T-Mobile Home Internet is available to everyone — you do not have to be an existing customer to apply.

  • Is T-Mobile Home Internet 5G?

    T-Mobile Home Internet service uses T-Mobile’s 4G and 5G network to connect users. Home internet subscribers will automatically switch to 5G as T-Mobile’s 5G network grows.

  • Does T-Mobile throttle Home Internet?

    T-Mobile Home Internet offers unlimited data and does not throttle internet speed when you use a certain amount of data.