AT&T Internet vs TDS: Side by Side Comparison

A Side-by-Side Comparison of AT&T Internet and TDS Telecom in 2021.

TDS Telecom and AT&T Internet are some of the largest internet providers in the nation that offer competitive high-speed internet plans. Both ISPs offer gigabit speeds and similar internet plan policies, which make distinguishing them a more involved task. Below, we take a look at the many similarities between TDS Telecom and AT&T and the nitty-gritty details of what differentiates them.

AT&T Internet Info

Price Range


TDS Info

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AT&T Internet vs. TDS Comparison
Provider AT&T Internet TDS
Speed 25-940 Mbps 25-1,000 Mbps
Pricing $35-60/mo. $29.95-89.95/mo.
Service Type IPBB, Fiber or Fixed Wireless DSL, Fiber, Cable or Copper
Provider AT&T Internet TDS
High-Speed Plans Yes Yes
Unlimited Data Select Plans Select Plans
Contract-Free Plans Select Plans No
TV Service Yes Yes
Phone Service Yes Yes

AT&T Internet Internet Deals †

Last updated on 10/15/2021

†All plans not available in all areas or to all customers. Verify details with AT&T Internet.

TDS Internet Deals †

Last updated on 8/29/2021

†All plans not available in all areas or to all customers. Verify details with TDS.

AT&T Internet vs. TDS Performance Overview

AT&T Internet provides a variety of connection types, depending on your location, which includes fiber, DSL, fixed wireless, and dial-up. AT&T is the 2nd largest provider of broadband internet services across 22 states and supplies service to 150.6 million people, 25.1 million being fiber customers. They offer many different broadband services to bundle with internet which can include, AT&T TV, DIRECT TV, or U-verse TV, with landline or wireless phone service.

TDS Telecom provides broadband internet, TV, and phone services in 27 states to 1.2 million customers in 900 different communities, which makes them the 10th largest internet provider in the nation. Depending on your location, their broadband services include DSL, cable, and fiber internet connections. Like AT&T Internet, TDS Telecom’s bundled plans give their customers the flexibility to pair internet with their TDS TV+ service and/or phone service—all of which give you special promotional pricing for one to two years depending on the plan.

AT&T Internet Installation

Professional installation with AT&T Internet costs $99, which involves having a technician come out to your residence to install your broadband internet. If you are installing an AT&T DSL service, then there is a $49 activation fee which is waived if you need to opt for professional installation over the choice to self-install.

TDS Telecom Installation

TDS Telecom has a $49.95 professional installation cost, which can be waived depending on the service that is being purchased. There is no self-install option for TDS Telecom’s high-speed internet plans.

AT&T Internet Contracts, Equipment Fees & Fine Print

With a contract requirement ranging between 1-2 years, AT&T internet plans supply download speeds from .8-940 Mbps and upload speeds from .4-940 Mbps.

If you are interested in their initial promotional pricing, you must agree to a minimum contract length of 12 months on a majority of their plans. If you decide to end your agreement early, you may be subjected to an early termination fee of up to $180, which is prorated by the number of months left on your contract. AT&T also provides a wifi modem rental option, which is available for $10 a month.

TDS Telecom Contracts, Equipment Fees & Fine Print

Currently, TDS Telecom’s internet-only plans require a contract commitment with a 2-year price lock guarantee.

Depending on your service and location, there can be a cancellation penalty that equates to 1 month of service although in some locations there are no cancellation fees. TDS Telecom also offers equipment rentals that include a standard wireless modem for $9 a month or a mesh network for $12.95 a month. TDS Telecom’s internet plans supply varying download speeds from 50-1000 Mbps and upload speeds of 3-400 Mbps.

AT&T Intenet Data Caps

AT&T Internet has no data caps if you opt for their Internet 500 or 1000 plans. AT&T has various data caps depending on the service that you select. There are data caps of 150 GB on their DSL plans, 250 GB on their fixed wireless internet plans, and 1 TB on their Internet basic 768Kbps up to Internet 300 plans. If you need unlimited data, it can be purchased as an add-on for an additional $30 a month. Else, there is a $10 charge for each additional 50 GB of data—up to a maximum of $200.

TDS Telecom Data Caps

TDS Telecom employs data caps ranging from 200 GB to 500 GB. Depending on the location, they offer unlimited data with select plans. Additional data may be purchased but pricing varies between markets.

Fantastic team and great coverage

on September 28, 2019

Absolutely fantastic! Tech came out to help install and, due to the wiring in our apt, it took a while to find the correct outlets. But he was so patient and helpful and kind, really going above and beyond to make sure things got set up so I could have the level of coverage needed to qualify for work from home. Truly amazing guy, I honestly can't speak highly enough of him. He kept trying long after I suspect most would have given up. Huge THANK YOU to AT&T for the coverage at the right price (literally half the price of the competitor in this area), and more importantly for having such an amazing guy on your team. Thank you.

Best coverage

on May 19, 2021

I travel often and I definitely travel around upstate New York and everywhere I go AT&T is faster and even seems to have more coverage than the others, so I am not sure who is doing the tests, but everywhere I have been, AT&T seems to outperform (also I don’t like AT&T as a company, so trust my honest review here).

HAPPY and SATISFIED customer

on December 20, 2016

I am not sure why there are reviews out there "knocking" TDS service, but I would like to pass on my experience to anyone who has TDS Telecom service and is reluctant to change to "Fiber Optic" Technology. Having lived most of my life within rural communities in New Hampshire, I have been a customer of TDS Telecom for several years which included phone and internet and have no complaints to report. During that time (after antennas became obsolete), Cable TV was not available in my area and Satellite Dish receivers were the required means of providing television service. (DISH and DIRECT TV are the ones offered in my area) A few years ago, TDS started running what they called "Fiber Optic" cable technology in the vicinity of my residence. Although excited that this would provide me with better TV and Internet service, my home was fairly new, completely wired with coaxial cable and I was reluctant to change what was in place. So I told myself I was comfortable, "accepted" the reception I had from DISH and turned down multiple promotions to upgrade to the TDS High Definition service. One day recently, I happened to call TDS once more and once again inquired about changing to fiber optic TV Service. As always, I was connected to a very friendly, polite, representative who was well versed in her subject material and again explained to me all the benefits of fiber optic - high definition reception. She was compassionate, understanding and I'm sure felt my anxiety about "change" and assured me how much more pleased I would be with the upgraded service. She was not "pushy", and her calming demeanor and thorough explanation of my option to discontinue the service should I not be completely satisfied, convinced me to "give it a try". She even provided me with her telephone number and direct extension should I have further questions and/or concerns. The day scheduled for the "upgrade"/installation, two representatives arrived who work for a company that sub-contracts to do install work for TDS. They were also very polite, respectful, professional, and took time to walk me through the entire procedure to explain what they would be doing so I fully understood what to expect and what I was getting. They did an EXCELLENT job and also took the time along the way to answer any questions I may have had and did not leave until after ensuring the service and signal to ALL my televisions (I have several) and internet (which was upgraded to 100 mbps) was working perfectly. I have had high definition TV and signal through satellite Dish TV for many years, but it was only when I sat down to watch television with my new Fiber Optic high definition reception that I realized what I had been missing. The clarity and difference was unbelievable and I could not have been happier with my decision to upgrade to this service. The cost was in the vicinity of what I was paying with DISH and I am very thankful to the TDS staff for their patience and for guiding me into making the decision to upgrade and become a member of "Fiberville", which I would recommend to anyone! Happy and satisfied TDS Customer

Does TDS Have Customer Service? I have not seen any!

on January 25, 2021

Customer service is non-existent! I called twice to talk with someone. First time I was on hold for 37 minutes and I finally hung up. Second time after waiting 21 minutes, someone finally picked up. I asked one question, they put me on hold for 5 minutes. Then I asked if I could move my phone number to a mobile provider, Tony put me on hold again. Should that be something all customer service reps should know? After being on the phone a total of 1 hour on just this call, 97 minutes total, I hung up once it was 7:11PM figuring they were not going to come back since the website says they are open until 7:00 PM! Also reviewing their website, phone and internet costs $39.94/mo., a special. We are currently paying $90+ for the same service and that only includes local calls, no long distance. We have been a customer for 28 years. I guess they do not care about their customers!

AT&T Internet vs. TDS Coverage Availability

AT&T Internet Coverage & Availability

TDS Coverage & Availability

Frequently Asked Questions about AT&T Internet & TDS Telecom

  • Is AT&T Internet cheaper than TDS Telecom?

    AT&T Internet ($49.99-$69.99/month) and TDS Telecom ($44.95-$89.95/month) have similar pricing and therefore should be compared depending on the level of service that you require. For instance, AT&T’s Internet 1000 plan is priced at a promotional rate of $49.99/month for the first year and raised to the monthly standard rate of $69.99. This is less expensive than TDS Telecom’s 1 Gig Fiber internet at $89.95 per month for the first 2 years and $111.95 for every month after.

  • Who has faster speeds? AT&T Internet or TDS Telecom?

    TDS Telecom’s 1Gig fiber plan has download speeds up to 1000 Mbps which is slightly faster than AT&T’s Internet 1000 plan with speeds up to 940 Mbps. All in all, both providers have comparable internet speeds with most of their broadband plans.

  • Do AT&T Internet and TDS Telecom have unlimited data?

    AT&T Internet offers unlimited data with select plans—Internet 500 and 1000 plans. You may also add unlimited data to any of AT&T’s plans for an additional $30 a month. TDS Telecom offers unlimited data only in select markets. If not available, there are options to purchase more data but pricing differs depending on the plan and market you are a part of.