AT&T Internet Customer Reviews Summary


As of February 2021, BroadBandNow’s editorial team has surveyed 324 AT&T Internet customers and asked them to rate AT&T Internet on 6 different criteria - Reliability, Speed, Equipment, Support, Interaction, and Value.

Overall AT&T Internet customers rated them a 3.8 out of 5, which is ranked 1st of the 10 internet provider customers we surveyed in our study.

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AT&T Internet Internet Customer Reviews

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Fiber constantly drops out

Tom H on October 02, 2022

I had AT&T fiber brought into my house. It constantly drops out for 5-10 seconds and then comes back on. This causes video buffering and when online, it drops out and then reconnects soon after.

Way better

Ernie Beckley on August 25, 2022

PROS - 300 Mbps down and up; must-have for Teams or Zoom conferencing - Dedicated connection -- no sharing with the entire neighborhood - High reliability -- no frequent and long outages as with Spectrum - Fast reboots/reconnects, if needed after power flux, etc. - Includes WiFi; mesh for an extra charge, if needed - A bit more expensive up front, but pricing is not a promotion - Supports IPv6, if that's your thing CONS - None, so far

When it's good it's alright.

Albert Sagginario on August 13, 2022

Due to poor performance, I've had to check my connection every time I'm about to watch something interesting. Yesterday I had to reset my router twice as we typically received < 11Mbps. We regularly have to reset and almost always at an inconvenient time. We pay for 500Mbps, not UP TO, but as stated on the purchase icon, 500Mbps. I've never had a speed check over 350Mbps. NEVER! When I call (and wait for) "customer service" I get the management's apology, questions about the number of devices running (1), excuses, and a recommendation to call tech support, which is, of course, not available at that time, except once but after 15 minutes on hold, I got disconnected and hung up. I have to reset about 3 days per week and so for that, and the other reasons mentioned I give AT&T a very generous 2 stars.

Love AT&T service

Fatema Ali Tushi on August 01, 2022

Very good service, so happy with everything, was very helpful. Tech was very co-operative, they did a great job.

Not 100% Reliable

Shanon Morley on May 09, 2022

Devices suddenly cannot connect to the Internet, often. (Our box is also located in the living room with the devices close by). We live in a bit more of a rural area which perhaps has something to do with it. Everything else is great!

Super fast…when it works

Mike S on January 17, 2022

Great speed. Affordable price. Technicians in the field know their stuff. But it goes down almost every day. Sometimes for a minute. Sometimes for multiple hours on end. Not a great option for working from home.

Best coverage

Jeremy Messina on May 19, 2021

I travel often and I definitely travel around upstate New York and everywhere I go AT&T is faster and even seems to have more coverage than the others, so I am not sure who is doing the tests, but everywhere I have been, AT&T seems to outperform (also I don’t like AT&T as a company, so trust my honest review here).

Cannot Get A Better Deal Than AT&T Access

Kimberly Fuselier on January 16, 2021

Great customer service, Eager to get me approved quickly -- my order has been placed and is now on the way! Not much room to complain when it's only $10 monthly.

It's average

Bruce on January 11, 2021

Since i got a new router my speed seems to have been slowed.

Excellent service

Audrey James on August 17, 2020

I received my letter of approval for internet service thru the Access AT&T program. I called to set up service and spoke with a rep. She was so friendly and helpful. She was pleasant to speak with and very knowledgeable about my questions. She made sure I understood everything she said. She kept me informed on what she was doing in the process of setting up my account. She transferred me to another agent to set up my service and have a tech come out to install a phone jack. He was very efficient and professional and very friendly. He made sure all of my questions and concerns were answered. He was extremely polite and personable. I've had this service in the past and am extremely delighted that my area is covered to use their service again. My appointment and equipment is scheduled for Friday, just 5 days from my initial call. I am grateful AT&T offer this service, the same service as for those paying full price receive. It's a blessing to those of us on a fixed income can have the reliable and easy to use internet in today's times so we may stay connected and help with the stay at home request during virus epidemic. I felt like I was given the same respect as anyone else, even with receiving the discount rates. Thank you AT&T for making the effort to keep things simple and quick in setting up my account.

Great experience!

Alana on June 24, 2020

The service was outstanding. I called on Sunday and they put me on a schedule for Wednesday. The technician came on time with all protective gear: mask, shoe cover. He was very professional, promptly explained everything that I did not have a question to ask. We have our hi-speed internet in 1 hour. This is great teamwork. Thank you and your customer service team.

Fast but unreliable

Nonya Byznz on June 13, 2020

I've had AT&T 1Gbps fiber optics for three weeks now. It's unbelievably fast but I have been without service for two of the three weekends that I had it. It worked for a few hours on the day of the install and stopped working after that. Tech came out first thing Monday morning and told me the gateway was on the recall list. It was a 20-minute fix, but I had to use my cell phone as a mobile hotspot to work since I work from home. Today I lost service again today (Saturday), tech won't be out until Monday so working off my phone all weekend. The speed is great, but this is getting old.

Customer Service thank you so much

Phyllis Valenti on June 07, 2020

Rep took great care of all the transactions we needed to be taken care of, he was very patient and professional. Everyone at the Gardens store, thank you so much.

Service technician from Jacksonville Beach FL

Anthony Pierce on June 04, 2020

We asked for a service technician to come out to fix an issue with our TV and find out why our internet service is so slow. He found that we have a splitter in the outside box for stronger Wifi. He also reprogrammed the remote to turn on TV and change channels and volume. Best technician to ever come to our house yesterday.

Exceptional Value

Daphne on May 29, 2020

We Switched to AT&T, we liked our TV experience better from our previous ISP, but AT&T's fiber internet is 100% better and way less expensive. We highly recommend fiber. We have 300 Mbps and it's lightning-fast.


Kaynson on May 23, 2020

It was a 2 am call CT, I dialed 24/7 support and I was redirected to a polite representative from overseas I guess, I'm not sure. He was patient and knowledgeable and even helped me to set up my printer. Thank you.

Not a great past year with AT&T

Josh on April 07, 2020

I've had AT&T Internet for about 10 years. During the first 9 I had one service call and a handful of outages (mostly due to weather). This past year however has really tested my patience. It started with my modem resetting a few times per month, interrupting service for 2-3 minutes. This wasn't a big issue and I purchased a new modem which helped. Then the problems really started. There was a service outage that required a tech coming out and replacing a few lines. Six months later, another outage required 4 days and 3 techs to fix. Next month another outage happened. Fortunately a tech was able to fix it the same day. The customer service has been great. Representatives are very polite on the phone and the techs fix issues quickly or provide an explanation for a delay. I just wish the internet reliability was as good.

At&t Fiber

Jim on April 04, 2020

AT&T's fiber may be the next best thing but the way AT&T does their setup with the TV receivers using wifi is terrible and unreliable. Every so often out of nowhere, the receivers refuse to connect to the WAP (wifi access point). Connect it to cable internet and no problem. Ended up changing both the receiver and the wap for it to work. Then months later it happens again. I went back to the original equipment that didn't work before and now it's fine. I imagine in a while I'll have to do the swap again. It's hard to beat directly connecting to a cable and AT&T has not done it with these wifi receivers. Also, with AT&T you can not use your own modem. Two big marks against AT&T. I don't recall having this many problems when I had their DSL setup. Very disappointing now.

No good in Kokomo

David Seymour on March 31, 2020

Switched to AT&T fixed wireless from a competitor. This internet is almost useless if your neighbors also have it. Do not try to use it when anyone else is online. We’ve run a speed test on “peak” hours, results as low as 1.7 download and 0.00 upload. We’ve had service rep come check it and basically tell us that’s just how it is out here. This isn’t even fast enough for Alexa to function properly most of the time. Signing a contract for this internet has been a mistake, can’t stream videos on it when I’m home from work cause “the traffic is too heavy during prime hours” according to them.

Thank you AT&T

Carol M. on March 21, 2020

AT&T has helped me in the last few years with their Access Program. I would like to thank them very much. It is unfortunate that the management company that owns my income-based apartment has revoked AT&T's access and are no longer allowed to service my address.

Good Value - Not Reliable

Mrs. H on February 23, 2020

AT&T has the best pricing. If you are not a heavy internet user, they might be your best bet. If you are reliant on consistent service and speed, I would look elsewhere. We have gone through 3 modems in the past 2 years, with waits up to 3 weeks for replacements when they eventually go bad again. I work from home often and can't depend on AT&T speed or connectivity. Customer service is disappointing. Long on-hold times. Routine, scripted diagnostics. Same problems and poor results over and over.

AT&T Superior

Jason Cruz on February 14, 2020

I'm requesting to be a candidate of AT&T Fiber Internet 300. No other company can match the quality of AT&T. It is a company that helps me feel valued as a customer. A big shout out to AT&T Navarre FL Tech Greg Fenior He goes the extra mile as a tech -- he is an example of a master tech. A+

Great company but they need to upgrade

Brandon Langties on January 25, 2020

Broadband is probably the best internet, tv, mobile, DSL, provider around. At least that's been the case till now, they need to get the fiber optic internet up and running all over the states by now, especially Illinois, Chicago.

They are great

Cheryl Jones on January 24, 2020

I loved the service. I had to drop them because they were not in the area we moved in. It made me sad. Best internet service ever. Highly recommend.

AT&T DSL review

Anthony on January 20, 2020

There isn’t much options around me and AT&T is the only option that is suitable for gaming. 12mbps isn’t much, it’s laggy on online games and it takes forever to download games and updates.

AT&T Fiber is great

Ty on January 05, 2020

AT&T Fiber's Internet 1000 is blazing fast and very reliable! I constantly see 900+mbps. Can't recommend them enough.

First Impressions

Phillip Holland on December 04, 2019

How much time do you have? I have had AT&T a while and just moved. I had to get service at my new house and my first experience is as follows; I am extremely grateful for services provided by the AT&T technician that came out to help me. I wish you would email a survey after installation for customers to fill out. Your team should be ecstatic because I never give reviews as well as I should for great service, but I spent 30 min web surfing to find a link to submit a review for an amazing installation tech you sent. His name is Shawn Kelley in the Milton Florida area. I had my package arrive for a self install. I noticed an AT&T van pull into my drive so I was confused because I signed for a self install. It was awesome that AT&T took initiative to make sure my house was set up for the gateway. It should be noted it was 54 degrees outside and my gas isn't on yet. He went above and beyond once my gateway was found to be defective. He installed a new one and went on to troubleshoot until 9pm...9pm! He made internet access as important to him as it was to me. Whatever his benefits received by you are eclipsed by the benefits he provides you. Any issues, you better send him out to my place as I know he will not give up until the job is complete. After a few hours, something happened where my internet cut out. Shawn reached out the next day working around my schedule to come out and fix the problem. I am writing this review on my laptop via WiFi, while downloading modern warfare on my xbox, while streaming the CW. So yea, I'm satisfied seems like an understatement. I have few furnishings in my house, including a mattress, tv and xbox. So the fact I put internet up there on the list before buying a washer/dryer would qualify me as an eager customer. Poor choice of priorities? Maybe, but Shawn made it happen and for that I am grateful. P.S. Get fiber optics in my area!!!!!

Bad Internet

Elena on December 03, 2019

Constant problems with the internet. Very slow speed. I changed the modem two months ago but it didn’t get better. The Internet speed is slow, the video does not open, the pages freeze. I also can’t listen to music and I can’t watch movies. Very, very poor service.

My AT&T Fibre is a Nightmare

Sam A on December 03, 2019

I am paying for 300mbps fibre internet but most evenings, like tonight, I am getting 0.11 mbps download speed (Yes 0.11, not a typo). So frustrating!! I have a picture of the speed test result.

Terrible connection

Julian on November 28, 2019

Internet constantly drops during the daytime. Even now, my internet won't connect. I pay every month on time for service that I can only use 50% of the time. Stay away from this service. Thank me later.

Internet 1000 misrepresented

Sally Sharp on October 25, 2019

Since I work from home, I was so excited to find out Fiber Optics were now available in my area. So much for 1000 Mbps upload and download speeds. I knew WiFi would be slower but not as low as 100 Mbps. I was getting 400 Mbps with Spectrum. Wasn't told that the speeds would fluctuate to as low as 40 Mbps either. I can't afford the 'extender' for $50 that doesn't promise faster speeds anyway - just maybe - and can't afford to reinstall previous provider. Guess I'll have to get an adapter for my laptop and an ethernet cord and hope to get at least speeds somewhere near what I had before with WiFi from the other provider. Because of misleading information, I have to put up with a high-priced, low-quality product.

Terrible AT&T connection

Unhappy Customer on October 22, 2019

Constantly dropping connection. Very slow wireless, even when sitting within 10 feet of the router. Certainly not getting the speed or reliability that we pay for. If you like buffering, AT&T service in Basehor is for you. Pick any other providers if possible .

AT&T Digital Broadband

Michael Moore on October 14, 2019

This service is very reliable though I am disappointed that the max download speed averages 10.8 Mbps in my area. I would love to see the 25 Mbps they advertise for Baxley. No one I know has ever seen that. In rural America we have very limited choices, so I suppose I should be grateful that we have an advertised 12 Mbps plan from AT&T.

Great speed from new fixed wireless install

Jim on October 07, 2019

AT&T recently erected a fixed wireless internet tower about a mile from my ranch in a rural Southeast Texas county and on 10/4/19 I received what the technician believes is the first installation to receive service from that cell site. The initial results have been great--download speeds greater than 40 Mbps and uploads greater than 20 Mbps. AT&T only guarantees a 10 Mbps download speed and I'm sure what I am seeing will decline as more users are added to my cell site, but it is really refreshing to see the reliable service I am now getting with virtually no latency as compared to prior experience with satellite internet delivery.

Spotty internet

Rich on October 06, 2019

I pay for the 100 mbps att fiber. I never get that speed. It’s usually between 30-50, which is ok for streaming but if I try to stream on multiple devices it has trouble. Browsing can be pretty slow. Goes in and out frequently. Gets really frustrating when streaming sports and it cuts out in the middle. I had Spectrum for a year before moving and can assure you that Spectrum was much more consistent. Usually downloaded around 75+ mbps and never cut out on me. Only have att because Spectrum isn’t available at my new house.

Great Customer Service

Ina Silva-sobolewski on October 02, 2019

After having my internet installation sent to my old address 3 times, which caused us to go without the internet for 22 days, I was helped by a representative at the Schaumburg-IL AT&T store. He was extremely professional by getting to the root cause of the installation issue, making contacts, updating my account, rescheduling the technician, and calling me to keep me abreast of the changes necessary to make sure the technician would go to the new address this time. It is because of employees like him that I remain an AT&T customer. Thanks for all your help.

Fantastic team and great coverage

Heather on September 28, 2019

Absolutely fantastic! Tech came out to help install and, due to the wiring in our apt, it took a while to find the correct outlets. But he was so patient and helpful and kind, really going above and beyond to make sure things got set up so I could have the level of coverage needed to qualify for work from home. Truly amazing guy, I honestly can't speak highly enough of him. He kept trying long after I suspect most would have given up. Huge THANK YOU to AT&T for the coverage at the right price (literally half the price of the competitor in this area), and more importantly for having such an amazing guy on your team. Thank you.

Internet Service in Rural Area

Yancey Bivings on July 12, 2019

This service is the only service available, except for satellite in this area. While it is very slow (1.3 Mbps), at least it is something I can watch Netflix with. If nothing else is using it then it works ok. It's DSL and it costs about $50/month.

AT&T Fiber is great

Texas City User on July 09, 2019

My interaction with AT&T has been excellent both at the store on 646 as well as the technicians that have come to my house. The store personnel informed me of additional options but weren't pushy about it and respected my decisions to forego their options. The techs were first rate and did a great job installing the equipment and showing me how to use it. The installer didn't leave until I was happy with the installation and made sure I had phone numbers to reach someone just in case. About a year later there was an issue that AT&T's automated system determined it was due to a problem with their equipment. A tech came out and basically did a new install. Other than that I've had close to gigabit upload and download speeds all the times I measured it. I am really pleased with the service. The price is compatible with other fiber optic plans.

Steady but slow

Zachary Freeman on May 31, 2019

AT&T DSL service in Athens IL is rock steady but too slow. I pay for 18Mbps down, 1Mbps up. However, you get about 15 down and about .75 up. A big provider like AT&T should, at a minimum, be providing 25 Mbps down and have faster speeds as well.


Mark Wolin on May 13, 2019

I have had AT&T DSL service since 2003. Surprisingly, I used the original Linksys router and the Speedstream modem that AT&T furnished for 16 years. Service has always been exceptional. But, the old modem could not handle all the new data streams and I am using an AT&T Pacer 4111N wireless modem/router and my service now drops. I must reboot the device every day or two as the speed drops from avg 2.5 Mbps download to 1.2 Mbps. If I don't reboot, the speed drops to just .9 Mbps download. Reboot, and it's back up to 2.5. Not blazing fast, I know, but I don't really require more. The main complaint is that I never had to re-boot the old modem and router. Not, it's just a daily chore and a fact of life. Oh, and I'm paying $51.00/month for what would arguably be a snail-paced internet service in 2019. Just my two cents.


Drew on May 12, 2019

wow I cannot believe people dislike this internet. I have ATT fiber only @ 100 Mbps for $50 a month. They over-deliver on speeds, and I am often downloading at 150 Mbps or higher. I am extremely satisfied, although I will say the cable modem it comes with has a weak wifi signal in my 516 square foot studio. That is one thing they can improve upon ..

Excellent internet

Tim Reese on April 03, 2019

Just got fiber optic internet, much faster than others. AT&T has been great, have my cel with them for many years. Outstanding service and cheaper in the long run, streaming Hulu Live.

Can't beat AT&T Fiber if you have it in your area

Alec on March 26, 2019

For the Memphis Area, you can't beat AT&T Fiber, the CS doesn't matter because you never have issues. 99.9% uptime and speeds up to 1 Gbps. More than anyone could use right now for consumer needs.

Phone is great. Internet speed awful because high speed not available in my area!

George on March 03, 2019

The internet speed I can get is 24Mbps max and not always that high. It used to be sufficient but now too many WiFi devices like phones, tablets, laptops, TV's, and wireless surveillance cameras, cause too many wifi signal drops and/or slower speeds.

At first I was mad

Anna on January 10, 2019

We moved to a house a year ago and I had no problems with AT&T, we only use internet from them. We paid about $62 every month. I know that I was getting very high speed and it was great! Then I talked about doing another promotion due to the fact ours was going to end on December 28th, several representatives told me to call on the 28th to put a promotion down. That day I was super angry and was going to have to end being their Customer, they told me several times no promotions are available in my area even though I explained that the last guy I spoke to told me I qualified for good promotion, long story short, 3 hrs of calling and waiting, I told the lady my story and she sent me to a different department, whatever that department was, it was awesome because they cared about great paying Customers and got me the best deal ever. Now I am happy and will stay with AT&T and I don’t have to worry, Thank you.

Slow page load despite good speed test tesults

Dan Meitrio on January 05, 2019

I get 80 Mbps speed test but pages take 20 seconds to load. They are sending me a new modem one month after starting service.

Excellent Customer Service

Latonia on December 10, 2018

I went in for a service and Angelica was awesome! She throughly explained every detail associated with my request.


Kassandria Villarreal on November 11, 2018

I purchased an iphone from amazon and when i tried to activate it i realized it was carrrier locked. I contacted att three different times and had to contact apple. Apple was unable to help me. I explored all my options online. I did not want to have to go through the hassle of returning the phone. So I decided i would try to contact att one last time via online chat. Jessica a sales rep was very helpful, she did everything she could to provide me with exceptional service. She transferred me to the correct department, she even stayed on the chat until the next department could help. I was transferred to Susan in Advanced Tech support, she was amazing also. She was very polite and understanding and did not help to take control of the issue i was having. She went above and beyond. Its people like this who gives customers the perfect experience for companies. Thank you so much

Awesome field workers

Diamond on September 11, 2018

Chris Hernandez was awesome fast friendly and officiant

Good value and priced just right

Mario on August 30, 2018

I use the internet along with my Roku TV and 2 smartphones. My service is great and streaming is very good.

Communications Company Fails to Communicate

Renita on July 27, 2018

AT&T service is reliable, quick enough for most customers, and is a fair value. However, AT&T Customer Service is sadly lacking. Their automated system is not customer-friendly. You get shifted from one department to another and quite often, your call does not connect and you are looped back to the beginning of the cycle. It should not take hours to deal with a simple issue yet that is the norm when dealing with AT&T Customer Service.

Gig speeds!

Dh on July 13, 2018

Switched to AT&T fiber so much better. When att fiber was available, I ordered and never been happier. I got Gig speeds for $80/mo. The gateway provided from AT&T was adequate for home user, but I use my own security gateway and access points. The provided gateway of bgw210 would get wifi speeds of 300-400 range and 900 on ethernet. My 3rd party access point would get wifi speeds in the 300-500 range, probably more if I had something that can handle the faster wifi.


Carmen on June 27, 2018

Very nice service and welcoming employees.

My review

Joseph Ross on June 02, 2018

I had switched over 2.5 years ago. AT&T is cheaper and I can think of only one time when it went down. It's pretty fast but sometimes when 4 people are using it, it can slow down.

AT&T Internet is good, but I wish there was a fast WiFi community broadband too.

Aaron on March 23, 2018

Good experience. Installation was hassle free and install guy was great. There has been no down time, so it's very reliable. The problem is their lack of speed. 13 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up; that's it. The throttle on the upload is what makes this kind of frustrating. I work with high resolution images so it's a pain for me. Otherwise, if it were symmetric up and down it'd be pretty good for what I'm paying. I wish there was a community broadband wireless option in Jacksonville.


Betty on March 12, 2018

Although I've often had to call to have them correct my bill because added charges would show up with no explanation, I have been able to keep them to their promises and I have found their service dependable.

Best ISP In North Olmsted!

Bucky Tyrone on January 14, 2018

AT&T Fiber has never gone down or slowed down since the day of installation. Extremely happy customer!


Altoine B on January 12, 2018

The service has been reliably fast and smooth. My only complaint is that the internet isn't unlimited, unless you choose the package to have TV service which is not desired for myself.

Internet service has been rock solid.

Lew Domingo & Linda Mcnaught on January 10, 2018

Internet has been quite reliable, and it's easy to contact customer service via a chat portal.

Good quality service

Aaa Foundation Repair on October 12, 2017

I have no complaints, We have had good service for quite a while now. The price is right!

AT&T Internet + DirectTV = great!

Judy Jones on October 06, 2017

Initial and ongoing customer service has been excellent. Internet is reliable and fast enough (no fiber in my area yet). Love the DirectTV features/capabilities, very intuitive too. Value for the price much better than others. While a variety of "music" is selectable on TV, I do miss the opportunity to specifically select individual, local radio stations (via TV). Otherwise, all good. Call me grateful.

Picture Perfect - with an install glitch

Craig Nordin on September 21, 2017

Never lost internet during Irma in Jacksonville, FL. We weren't hit like others further south and on the coast but many friends without a connection while we were up. Getting 125Mbps for $60 per month. Can go to 900Mbps for $80. May need to because we may pass 1TB accumulated per month at which point we have to go to $80. Nearly the first quarter mile from our house is a single fiber. That helps with speed and reliability. Our AT&T gateway does the wireless and on the other side of the house, my Nexus 6P phone can do 125Mbps - checking against (ookla). That is a vast improvement over my old service connection.

Read "Review"

John Doe on August 22, 2017

Cons - Terrible speeds (Upload and Download), Can be inconsistent (mostly during the wee hours 1am-7am) Pros - Great price. Great customer service, no Data caps

Could be faster and more reliable

Trent Holmes on June 14, 2017

Frequent service interruptions makes it necessary to call AT&T for assistance. When I am successful in getting someone to help, they are usually knowledgeable and helpful. Their fee structure is hard to understand, and seems quite expensive.

San Diego vs. Borrego Springs

Leroy Dorman on May 12, 2017

I have the same (basic) DSL service from AT&T in both San Diego and Borrego Springs. The service in BS seems faster than in SD. In SD, local connections (such as to UCSD) are significantly faster than to my email provider in Atlanta.

Slow yet reliable

Chris B on May 05, 2017

At least it doesn't go down. Best speed in my area is 12mbps down and 1mbps up, which is not good for running local servers or anything remotely serious.

love my AT&T UVERSE

Betty Favis on March 30, 2017

I was using a card for a wireless personal wifi and had limited internet access. I now have AT&T UVERSE which is cheaper than the card I was getting and I have more data than I ever use. Love it!

Hazel Park has att fiber to the house. We have had it about 6 months now.

Gerard Wandolowski on March 28, 2017

Never goes down. Uverse work good. att will be changing the name soon.

Pretty awesome service

Matthew W Bennett on January 20, 2017

Love the service, I have their 75 Mbps line. The only gripe I have is cost. I'm paying the same for 75 Mbps with ATT that I paid with another company for 250 Mbps at my old residence.

Just got AT&T Fiber in our neighbor hood and it smokes.

Jim on January 14, 2017

Just got AT&T Fiber to my home and have U-verse and Internet over 100% Fiber. I had another provider for the past 10 years and always had problems. The U-verse picture is better than I had with my previous provider and the Internet is really fast. I have the 1000 Mbps internet and speeds run between 600-900 Mbps in each direction depending on test node.

Great reliability.

Jeff Wurzler on January 06, 2017

I love how reliable the internet services are, but apparently I don't get a price break for being a DirecTV member like they lead me to believe.


Dennis on November 29, 2016

Good overall, TV content lacks broad choice. Reliable service and decent signal. The speed of wifi is ok, could be better. Better than others for steady video quality.

Great service

Teresa Auch on September 13, 2016

Service has never gone out, even during bad storms or hurricanes. DSL speed is very fast.

Latency is awful

on May 31, 2016

Upload and download speeds are as advertised, but the latency in the ping is awful. Plus you're tethered to their POS router and cannot use your own equipment unless you bury it behind their router.

Fiber to the house

on May 18, 2016

Special Deal 300 Mbps up/down (Gigabit for more money) Free install, equipment.... works great, no problems.

Great service.

Sam N. on May 12, 2016

Great service. Just tired of the bill constantly going up. Time to cut the cord.

AT&T is great

Gg on April 30, 2016

AT&T is a great service provider and awesome customer service. They just need to work on moving fiber optics in outer areas and faster DSL service.

AT&T review.

on April 28, 2016

AT&T is reliable and fast enough for searches, streaming services and social networks. Terrible customer services regarding billing questions. Bills may increase without any explanation.


on March 30, 2016

Expensive, fairly reliable, and could stand 2x Mbps.


on March 12, 2016

Speed: slow Customer service: average Reliability: average Value: expensive

Decent ISP for decent price

on March 03, 2016

AT&T has been pretty good this far using U-verse. Every year I try to adjust my plan to the current promotion trying to keep the price down at a reasonable level. Honestly, I just wish I get 10-12Mbps down for around 30 bucks. Every year AT&T keeps pushing the price up higher and higher. Might be better off just looking elsewhere soon. or going to cable.

Uverse customer for 8+ years

on December 16, 2015

Overall I've been very happy with AT&T Uverse. My only "complaint" is there hasn't been much innovation/change in the system functionality since I first got it. Ironically, my biggest complaint was there were 2 different searches... 1 for normal Guide and another for On-Demand. It actually was just updated today so now you can do a single search and it will give Guide results as well as On-Demand. As far as reliability, I'm pretty happy with the results. I would recommend this service.

dependable with good download speeds

on November 08, 2015

I pay for 6 Mbps but different sites that measure download speeds regularly report 7 and 8 Mbps download speeds.


on November 02, 2015

Predictable service, reliable, basically consistent speed; buffering issues with streaming; mediocre value.

Not for gamers

Jake From State Farm on October 26, 2015

It's ok for browsing but laggy for gaming.

Good service most of the time, spotty during peak hours

Reno Internet User on October 26, 2015

I originally purchased 6 Mbps service for our home and did not find it sufficient for streaming video and other high-data uses. After upgrading to 12 Mbps, we have been pretty happy with the speed. However, during peak times in the evening, the speed drops significantly and we often have trouble with the internet.

AT&T U-verse

Jeani on September 26, 2015

When it's working, the service is excellent. The customer service experience is better than any other provider. The problem is the equipment in our area is outdated and overloaded. It simply cannot handle all of the devices we use today. We have an ongoing connectivity issue that AT&T claims to be working on. They are still lagging with features, as well. Only three HD programs can be recording at a time, while others offer between five and eight. No acceptable answer to that considering AT&T now owns DirecTV. Wifi speed is simply unacceptable. We had been paying for speeds that the equipment cannot provide. To their credit, they are refunding those overages, but they sold it to us knowing they could not provide it. The technicians are very good, but limited. They are honest and forthcoming. We have had almost every other service available and they are all problematic. At least they are aware of the problems and are actively working to improve. Other providers we've used didn't even keep records of our complaints.

Great company

on September 17, 2015

They are a great company with great customer service and great deals, their only downfall is that when your promo offer ends, they fail to tell you and proceed to charge you full price. Say your promo offer is 30 dollars a month like mine was for a year. When your year is over, they start charging you 72 dollars a month with no notice at all, no letter in the mail saying "hey, your year is coming up and your bill will now be 72 dollars" or nothing so here you are, paying 30 dollars and your internet is being shut off and you are being charged a late fee for something you had no idea about. Besides that, they are a great company for the first year.

Good depending on location

on August 21, 2015

The provider works alright, but in my location, I cannot get more than 6Mbps.

Rough install - great service and speed

James on July 05, 2015

Took four days to install (beginner installer) but once it is in, it is stable and fast.

Solid, reliable service

Gary on May 06, 2015

The infrastructure here is ancient and patchwork. AT&T has introduced a new U-verse architecture and infrastructure that is quite reliable and supports VoIP and TV at rates competitive with cable.

Only provider in town. Reliable.

on March 23, 2015

The service is reliable and decent relative to the area. It can handle Netflix and a steam download at once. I am happy with the service, albeit unsatisfied with the speeds. I still have a hard time sharing files for professional use(large files/video edits/cad files) but it does most of the basic tasks efficiently.

Excellent Service

on December 04, 2014

I rarely have any issues. When I do, it is taken care of very quickly.

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