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AT&T Internet vs WOW!

A Side-by-Side Comparison of AT&T and WOW! in 2023.

AT&T Internet and WOW! Service in 2022:

View AT&T Internet and WOW! Service in 2022:

AT&T Internet and WOW! offer high-speed internet plans at competitive prices, making them top choices if they’re available in your area. While both ISPs share some similarities, they have notable differences that might persuade you to choose one over the other. Below is an in-depth comparison to help you decide which one is right for you.

AT&T Internet vs WOW! Overall Comparison

AT&T Internet vs WOW! Overall Comparison

  • Speed

    25 Mbps -5 Gbps

  • Pricing

    $55 - $180/mo.

  • Service Type

    IPBB, Fiber, Fixed Wireless

  • Installation Fee


  • Equipment Fee

    $0 a month

  • Data Cap

    Unlimited Data

  • Speed

    50 Mbps -1 Gbps

  • Pricing

    $9.99 - $94.99/mo.

  • Service Type

    Cable, Fiber, DSL, Copper

  • Equipment Fee

    $14 a month

  • Data Cap

    Unlimited Data

AT&T Internet is one of the fastest fiber internet providers, with download speeds reaching 5 Gbps. Its other connections include IPBB and fixed wireless, which aren’t as fast as a fiber connection but are more affordable if budget is your primary concern. The cheapest, non-fiber AT&T Internet plan is $55 per month, but other plans are available if you want faster download speeds.

As for WOW!, its internet plans operate on a cable connection, but it’s capable of gigabit download speeds. When compared to AT&T Internet, WOW! has a smaller price range, with the cheapest plan costing $9.99 per month and the most expensive costing $94.99 per month. If you prefer cable internet, WOW! is the more favorable provider.

AT&T Internet vs WOW!: Best Deals

Internet Deals

New customers have many money-saving opportunities when signing up for either AT&T Internet or WOW! If you choose an AT&T Internet plan, you could get a reward card and a free subscription to select streaming services. WOW! plans and deals typically include a monthly discount of up to $20 off on its internet plans and reward cards.

Whether you prefer freebies or discounts, you might find more value with one of these ISPs. Deals change monthly, so check back frequently for updated promotions.

Pros and Cons By Provider

Pros and Cons By Provider

AT&T Internet Pros

  • Reputable customer service
  • Extensive coverage
  • Lightning-fast gigabit speeds
  • Ongoing deals and promotions

AT&T Internet Cons

  • Expensive installation fees
  • Data caps on non-fiber plans

WOW! Pros

  • No data caps
  • Month-to-month plans available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Widely available in the U.S.

WOW! Cons

  • Limited connection types
  • Pricey fees

One of AT&T Internet’s strengths is its gigabit download speeds, which are ultra-fast and reliable. You might benefit from gigabit plans if you live in a large household with multiple users connecting to devices simultaneously. AT&T Fiber plans don’t have data caps, so you’re not limited to how much data you use every month. One of the downsides is that AT&T Internet’s non-fiber plans have data caps (more on this below).

WOW! has extensive coverage in the U.S. with its cable plans, which don’t have data caps. If you sign up for one of its plans, you can sign a contract or go month to month. That said, WOW! doesn’t have other connection types available, so you won’t find fiber or DSL plans. Its fees are also expensive. If you don’t mind sticking with cable internet and you’re on a tight budget, WOW! checks off those boxes.

AT&T Internet vs. WOW!: Packages Compared

Both AT&T Internet and WOW! offer comprehensive TV and/or phone bundles with their internet plans. When choosing a bundle, consider your budget and how much you’re saving compared to buying an internet-only plan.

AT&T Internet partners with DIRECTV to offer TV packages that include hundreds of channels and premium networks. WOW! has its own TV service called WOW! tv+, but it’s not available in all areas. If you’re looking for a Triple Play package, WOW! is your go-to provider.

AT&T Internet vs. WOW!: Extra Fees and Contracts

AT&T Internet doesn’t require contracts on its fiber plans, but you may have to sign an agreement on its fixed wireless plan. Be aware of early termination fees when you enter a contract with an internet provider, as they can get costly. AT&T Internet also charges an equipment fee for its fiber plans, and if you don’t return the equipment, you’ll have to pay a hefty fee.

WOW! isn’t immune to contracts and fees either. You can choose to sign a contract or go month to month – it just depends on whether you want to commit to the service in the short or long term. There’s also a monthly equipment rental fee and Wi-Fi service fee.


AT&T Internet charges a one-time $99 professional installation fee, which you can potentially waive if you choose a bundle. WOW! offers self-installation kits, but you’ll need to pay a one-time $50 fee for a technician to install the service in your house.

Data Cap

AT&T Internet doesn’t impose any data caps on its fiber plans, but its fixed wireless plan has a monthly data cap of 350 GB. WOW!’s internet plans don’t have any data caps.

AT&T Internet vs. WOW!: Customer Satisfaction

Both AT&T Internet and WOW! have a solid reputation for customer service. They’re known to address customers’ complaints and issues with fast responses and solutions.

AT&T Internet vs. WOW! Internet Review

As of February 2021, BroadBandNow’s editorial team has surveyed 324 AT&T Internet customers and asked them to rate AT&T Internet on 6 different criteria - Reliability, Speed, Equipment, Support, Interaction, and Value.

Overall AT&T Internet customers rated them a 3.8 out of 5, which is ranked 1st of the 10 internet provider customers we surveyed in our study.

As of January 2023, BroadBandNow’s editorial team has not been able to survey enough WOW! customers to provide a comprehensive understanding of how this service is meeting customers’ needs or expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions About AT&T Internet and WOW!

  • Is AT&T Internet cheaper than WOW!?

    AT&T Internet’s cheapest, non-fiber internet-only plan is $55 per month, while WOW!’s is $9.99 per month.

  • Who has faster speeds — AT&T Internet or WOW!?

    AT&T Internet download speeds reach up to 5 Gbps with its fiber plans, whereas WOW! can reach 1 Gbps with its cable internet plans.

  • Do AT&T Internet and WOW! have unlimited data?

    AT&T Internet has unlimited data with its fiber plans but employs a data cap for its fixed wireless plan. WOW! doesn’t have data caps for any of its plans.

  • Do AT&T Internet and WOW! require a contract?

    Neither providers require a contract with their internet plans, but you may have to sign one when you choose a bundle because of the TV service.