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WOW! Customer Reviews

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3.56 Stars  476  Reviews
3.56 out of 5 stars

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Cheap and Reliable

5.00 Stars

on September 18, 2019

100 down and 10 up is a great price at under $30. I wish their 200 down had 20 up, but it is still only 10 up.

Excellent; exceeded expectations

5.00 Stars

on March 09, 2019

Crazy fast internet. I'm getting around 800 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up on a gigabit plan. Excellent service person who came to install. Using my own router but I'd also recommend their modem because of the limited number of third party ones that support gigabit.

Switched and never looking back!

5.00 Stars

on April 01, 2018

Came from another provider. Cut our price down to a fraction and got 10x faster speeds. I thought it was too good to be true at first, but 7 months later I still haven't had a single problem with WOW!. We started with their 500 Mbps, 2 months later they introduced 1000 Mbps in the area so we switched to that immediately. It has been amazing. We used to pay for 200 Mbps but only get about 15 Mbps on our previous provider, and on top of that it would drop out multiple times a week.

Love WOW!

5.00 Stars

on January 21, 2018

We switched to WOW! about three months ago from our previous provider. We were paying over $200 per month for Spectrum's 300Mbps internet only service which was the fastest they had to offer. We now have WOW's Gigabit Internet, 1000Mbps for $89.99 without a contract. It has been a dramatic change for the better, and I will be recommending WOW! to all my friends!

Outstanding Customer Service!

4.00 Stars

on September 18, 2020

I want to commend the customer service rep who went above and beyond and assisted me with everything I needed. He was professional, polite, efficient, and went the extra mile. He is an outstanding employee. Thank you.

So impressed!

5.00 Stars

on September 13, 2020

I initially chose another provider because they were a little less expensive, but boy did I regret that. After 2 missed appointments for installation and a misquoted price, I canceled and called WOW. They were so friendly and helpful, set me up for a quick appointment for installation after I mentioned my dilemma, and how long I had been waiting for the internet. The technician was good and set everything up perfectly, and it's working great! I'm very impressed by everyone I've interacted with and the service itself. Great value, great service, great company!

Outstanding service technician

4.00 Stars

on May 07, 2020

Service tech went above and beyond to help me with a technical issue. He is thorough and has great communication skills and a wonderful attitude. I am so pleased with the service he provided.

Awesome download speed, nonexistent upload speed

2.00 Stars

on April 29, 2020

My speed test says 109.5 Mbps download, 0.70 Mbps upload. So if all you want to do is surf the web and stream TV and movies, you'll be fine with WOW! If you want to actually work from home which requires 2-way internet communication, look elsewhere.

Happy with the speed and reliability

5.00 Stars

on March 28, 2020

We switched from another provider to WOW, their speed is great and so far no breakdown or interruptions. Their rates are reasonable, so even if we have a contract for 2 years, I am happy to get it.

WOW Internet Service results for home use

4.00 Stars

on January 21, 2020

I have WOW for Internet, 200Mbps that is it. I pay $50 a month and I have average download speeds of 150Mbps so not too bad. I am a single dad with two kids and I use Apple TV so something is always streaming or downloading and I never have had any issues with my internet usage. It is consistent for sure.

Terrance tech #4121

5.00 Stars

on December 10, 2019

After a month of problems dealing with our cable, making a lot of customer service phone calls, actually resetting our own cable box and with two visits from techs, we made one more call for a service tech to come out. Hooray for Terrance! This young man came in and knew right away how to deal with our problem. He is personally responsible for us staying with WOW. Terrance has a very pleasant personality, pleasant to talk to and has a sense of humor. Terrance gets 10 stars from this customer and WOW should be giving him a raise! Thanks Terrance!

Unreliable service

2.00 Stars

on November 24, 2019

Internet goes out constantly. WOW spends 4 minutes rebooting the modem and stops troubleshooting from there. They have sent 4 techs to the house, nothing yet. Takes forever just to get through on the phone.

Internet great, TV not so much

3.00 Stars

on October 04, 2019

The online ordering process was simple and seemed affordably priced. Customer service is fine for a cable company. The internet speeds were crazy good (gig speed) and reliable. The reason I won’t be keeping the service is due to their subpar TV service. The cable boxes are archaic, slow, and featureless. My DVR boxes look like something out of the 90s and there’s no whole-home DVR option. No apps for streaming tv on a mobile device. They would be a good provider for anyone cutting the cord with their super fast. 0 data cap internet. Don’t sign up for the TV.

Steer clear of WOW

1.00 Stars

on September 19, 2019

Have had WOW for 2 years. Worst experience ever. Internet service crashes once a week, have to wait at least 2 days for a technician to come out. Half the time they are late for the three hour window they have set up. Twice they simply didn't show up at all. Most times internet comes back before the end of the day. They say the problem is outside and/or in the neighborhood, then never do anything about it. Customer service likes to say "sorry to hear that", but that doesn't fix the problem. Steer clear of WOW unless you have plenty of time to spend on the phone with customer service, resetting your modem, waiting for technicians to arrive only to repeat the process the the next week.

Wifi Strength Diminished

1.00 Stars

on September 12, 2019

Seems like just in the last couple of month, the level of the wifi has been inconsistent throughout the day - some times ok, others minimal to none. What's up?

Beware of Autopay

2.00 Stars

on September 09, 2019

I signed up for auto pay when we first got WOW a few years ago. I was double billed so I stopped autopay. Fast forward 2 years and went to internet only service. There was an offer to get $5/mo off your bill with autopay so I thought I would give it another try. Signed up and nearly 3 months later and two late fees in the amount of $55 I find out the autopay was not happening. They would only waive 1 late fee so I was stuck with paying for what I believe is a flaw in their system. Highly unlikely I would go with this service again in the future. If I weren't locked in with a contract I would have dropped them immediately.

First six months with WOW

4.00 Stars

on June 04, 2019

I looked around and found that WOW does not have data limits, has 500 Mbps download speed for less than what I was paying our previous provider for (100 Mbps download speed). The only question for me was how reliable would WOW internet service be. Well, it has now been six months and I have nothing but good things to say. Very reliable service and when I first started, I used my own modem and had a few problems. The customer service was very good and resolved all my problems. I did not go with the two-year plan since I wasn't sure about WOW service. Still, my cost was less than with old ISP and now I have faster upload (50) and download speed (500). If you're in the WOW coverage area, I highly recommend giving WOW a try.

Agent #20978

5.00 Stars

on April 07, 2019

After a few calls to wow trying to resolve our internet connection issue, agent #20978 was patient and helpful in attempting different troubleshooting methods to help us recover our internet connection. He carefully took the time to verify and reverify our password until he found the error. We are so thankful that we didn't have to switch internet providers. Thank you Albert!

Worth switching

4.00 Stars

on March 11, 2019

I have been a customer for quite some time now. Had some issues with outages but they are able to fix it quickly. Internet also drops sometimes but I think it is normal. It depends on the data traffic. So far everything is good. 2 thumbs up.

Rates just never stop going up

2.00 Stars

on February 02, 2019

The GOOD: The Ultra cable is OK. Whole home DVR works well. The BAD: Must reset my media boxes frequently, very annoying. WiFi router goes out infrequently The UGLY: They just never stop increasing their rates. Just got an $11/mo increase due to "Network Programming Fees". Same package (Cable, Phone and 30 Mbps Internet) for $255/mo. I just want to watch TV. I don't want to buy a new TV every month!

Customer service is Awesome

4.00 Stars

on February 01, 2019

We were having an issue with our modem, called Wow and in less than 3 hours, the tech was here and fixed it very quickly. He was very informative and worked very quickly even in the negative wind chills we were having that day. Thank you WOW! for awesome customer service! WOW! should be proud of having such great people working for them!

Terrible internet speeds and cable during high usage times

1.00 Stars

on December 22, 2018

We have 1000 Mbps service, but during the evenings and especially the weekends, the service slows down dramatically or shuts down intermittently. We see the same results with the cable. On weekends, I primarily watch sports. It is extremely aggravating to watch a football game and have the TV glitch for 20-30 seconds at a time every five minutes during the prime watching time. The problem tends to clear up during nonpeak times, but you are never completely safe. Because the WiFi speeds are unreliable, the streaming movies are often prone to buffering shutdowns. Unfortunately, we are in an apartment which mandates this provider.

Great for the price

4.00 Stars

on December 14, 2018

It is $30 a month for 30Mbps down and 5Mbps up. It always just works. I do wish they had faster upload speeds. Syncing anything with a cloud service is painful. I do not pay for a static address but I have had the same IP since I signed up for service 3 years ago.

Long-time Customer

4.00 Stars

on June 19, 2018

I've been a long-time customer of WOW!. I love the service and the company but my bill has continually climbed and my internet speed keeps going lower and lower.

Would Definitely Recommend

5.00 Stars

on July 24, 2017

Great speed, reliable service, haven't had a problem with them for the year I've been with them. Never contacted customer service before, but I trust they'd be helpful.

Great support and service

4.00 Stars

on July 20, 2017

While the price may not be the cheapest, WOW! makes up for it with stellar customer service and reliable connections.

sing WOW

5.00 Stars

on June 29, 2017

I have WOW for TV and the Internet, both work well. The Internet is rated up to 60 Mbps, always near that during peak hours and surpasses that speed in off-hours. TV picture and sound quality are excellent on both SD and HD programming. Priced a bit high after promo period, but customer service is so much better than the huge cableco.

WOW is by far the BEST

5.00 Stars

on March 08, 2017

Our internet speed was the fastest of anybody in our area. Whenever there was a connectivity issue, which was rare, they had it fixed in no time. Other companies in this area could learn customer service and availability from WOW.

WOW! Is great!!

5.00 Stars

on January 07, 2017

After having our previous provider for years, we decided to give WOW! a try! With internet speeds going from 30-600Mbps, we chose the 60mbps and large cable and haven't looked back!!

Like WOW

5.00 Stars

on January 04, 2017

Cane back to WOW about a year ago due to need for better internet speed at a better price.


5.00 Stars

on September 29, 2016

Great customer service. Good value for the money.


5.00 Stars

on July 07, 2016

Wow is the best Internet provider.

Great internet as long as you own the Hardware

5.00 Stars

on May 03, 2016

Works well and is a great price. Just invest the money into your own quality router and modem to get the most out of your service.


4.00 Stars

on April 22, 2016

Great internet and very reliable!


5.00 Stars

on March 11, 2016

I have had a very positive experience with WOW internet in St. Pete, FL. Price is really good and after some issues during the first few weeks, service has been fast and pretty reliable (connection is lost every once in a while but picks back up immediately). I love that there is no obligation to sign a contract, and customer service has been pleasant.

Great for the $

4.00 Stars

on December 01, 2015

Great service for the $ value.

Best value

5.00 Stars

on October 29, 2015

Forget on demand and take the extra money you will be saving and get Netflix and hulu.

Great price at $25.00 for 30 Mbps.

5.00 Stars

on October 09, 2015

It's been solid since I had it installed on September 16, 2015.


4.00 Stars

on April 06, 2015

Very reliable and customer service is very good. No price brakes on their top speed of 110 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up, for now, hopefully soon.

WOW is not bad.. :-)

4.00 Stars

on April 05, 2015

Overall they have been really good to us. Customer Service is top notch and the overall service itself is not bad. Internet speeds are good and the channel line up is nice. Gets expensive if you want to use more than one TV/DVR...

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