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on July 17, 2015

Seems old and outdated. WiFi will not cover the whole house and cable TV has been spotty at best. DVR is 1st generation and I can't view DVR shows in second room. Customer service is not effective.

Worst in the Country

2.00 Stars

on January 07, 2016

We are a military family so we've lived all over. We have never had such poor service or products from a single company. Since moving to Montgomery, AL, we've had nothing but headaches and frustration. Even in TINY San Angelo, TX had far superior cable offerings. In our neighborhood, Charter has not expanded to our area, so we are forced to use WOW!. After 2 years of horrible channel selection, constant outages, equipment from the 1990s and even worse service we decided to switch to DirecTV for our television and Magic Jack for our phone but we're forced to stay with them for internet. Today I got a bill for $113 - for internet only. Even when we lived in Washington DC, (which had Verizon FiOS - oh how we miss them) we didn't pay even a third of that for far superior internet service.

Purchased high speed internet but speeds are slower and less dependable than 3G

2.00 Stars

on January 18, 2017

I have purchased several different speeds from WOW! and have the same experience with each. At the modem, where hardwired, the speed is good but wireless router speeds are ridiculously slow. I even purchased my own router (at the WOW! tech's advice) and the speed is horribly slow and unreliable. It makes working from home nearly impossible.

3.00 Stars

on May 03, 2016

The channels watch go out very frequently. Our service is "interrupted" at least 4-5 times a week. Our bill has random "Misc charges" added for all kinds of crazy things like "sports surcharge" (we don't watch sports, nor do we have any special sports channels). Every month we are overcharged. Unfortunately they are the only cable company we can get service through in the 35805 area.

Only game in town

3.00 Stars

on February 06, 2017

Wow is always messing with the rates. I have my own modem and they seem to forget that every so often and start charging for that. They just up'd the rate by $25. Charging me for the modem and 30 Mbps download. I'm lucky to get 15 Mbps. They are the only cable provider in my area which is the problem. $56 a month for 15 Mbps is too high compared to the other providers. Customer service is very nice though.

Be weary of when your promotional rate expires.

4.00 Stars

on February 12, 2017

Service had been great never had any issues. My only problem is when their promotional price expires like all other providers they price gouge you. My bill went from $79 to $130, I feel like it is no longer worth it.

Bad internet

2.00 Stars

on September 15, 2015

Their internet cuts out randomly a lot. Half the time you can't get someone when you call from the USA. They cost more then there worth in the long run.

Great Customer Service - much too expensive for what you are getting

3.00 Stars

on November 13, 2017

Great Customer Service - much too expensive for what you are getting. You get a great deal, then it gets expensive real quick. Also, cable was not installed where we requested.

Awful service from WOW

1.00 Stars

on March 21, 2017

Subscribed to WOW Internet in July 2015. Started having issues with intermittent outages in January 2016. Phone support is useless. Multiple tech visits useless; if it works when they visit, no problem as far as they're concerned. Techs have no interest in modem logs (I suspect they don't even know how to interpret a modem log), looking only at inside wiring and connections, and signals levels. I am an IT guy have done all that myself, and then some. My guess is there is a capacity issue --outages are often at peak times-- or a hardware or connection issue at the pole or beyond. As far as I know, they have never looked beyond the wire coming into my house. Service might work well for a couple of weeks, then days in a row where I'm getting<1 Mbps down/up for hours at a time. Tonight, all night, been getting around 0.15 down and 0.08 up. I have to have Internet for my job and can't keep increasing my mobile data. Unbelievably frustrating situation. I am not at all wowed by WOW.

Love WOW!

2.00 Stars

on January 21, 2018

We switched to WOW! about three months ago from our previous provider. We were paying over $200 per month for Spectrum's 300Mbps internet only service which was the fastest they had to offer. We now have WOW's Gigabit Internet, 1000Mbps for $89.99 without a contract. It has been a dramatic change for the better, and I will be recommending WOW! to all my friends!

Great service but expensive

4.00 Stars

on December 15, 2015

WOW! provides great personalized service, but they relentlessly jacked up the prices. You really need to be haggling with them every six months to keep their charges reasonable.

Long Time Customer

4.00 Stars

on June 19, 2018

I've been a long time customer of WOW!. I loved the service and the company, but my bill has continually climbed and my internet speed keeps going lower and lower.


5.00 Stars

on March 11, 2016

I have had a very positive experience with WOW internet in St. Pete, FL. Price is really good and after some issues during the first few weeks, service has been fast and pretty reliable (connection is lost every once in a while but picks back up immediately). I love that there is no obligation to sign a contract, and customer service has been pleasant.

WOW is not bad.. :-)

4.00 Stars

on April 05, 2015

Overall they have been really good to us. Customer Service is top notch and the overall service itself is not bad. Internet speeds are good and the channel line up is nice. Gets expensive if you want to use more than one TV/DVR...


4.00 Stars

on April 22, 2016

Great internet and very reliable!

Not customer service oriented

2.00 Stars

on September 20, 2018

Each time I have had questions or tried to work with them, it has not been customer service focused. Instead, there are small fees here and there to which they say "our system adds that and I am unable to waive that.". Despite having my own modem, I had to use their equipment while paying a $7 monthly fee for it. When I went to cancel service (2 weeks in advance) they told me they were unable to send a technician and couldn't "waive" the shipping fee to return the modem that I never wanted in the first place. Just very disappointed the customer is not their priority.

Switched and never looking back!

5.00 Stars

on April 01, 2018

Came from another provider. Cut our price down to a fraction and got 10x faster speeds. I thought it was too good to be true at first, but 7 months later I still haven't had a single problem with WOW!. We started with their 500 Mbps, 2 months later they introduced 1000 Mbps in the area so we switched to that immediately. It has been amazing. We used to pay for 200 Mbps but only get about 15 Mbps on our previous provider, and on top of that it would drop out multiple times a week.

sing WOW

5.00 Stars

on June 29, 2017

I have WOW for TV and the Internet, both work well. The Internet is rated up to 60 Mbps, always near that during peak hours and surpasses that speed in off-hours. TV picture and sound quality are excellent on both SD and HD programming. Priced a bit high after promo period, but customer service is so much better than the huge cableco.

Good support. Speed, eh.

4.00 Stars

on April 27, 2017

They always answer my questions and resolve problems satisfactorily. Speeds just aren't that great. While trying to watch a movie on Amazon I can occasionally get stoppages. Sometimes I have to wait a few seconds for it to load (?) Other times I have to press "back" and hit "resume from the beginning" Right now my smart TV keeps losing the connections and I have to set up the wifi over and over again. I am pretty certain this is a Wow problem. One more annoying thing. With their router, you have to use the password they provide. There is no option to change it.

WOW! Is great!!

5.00 Stars

on January 07, 2017

After having our previous provider for years, we decided to give WOW! a try! With internet speeds going from 30-600Mbps, we chose the 60mbps and large cable and haven't looked back!!

Would Definitely Recommend

5.00 Stars

on July 24, 2017

Great speed, reliable service, haven't had a problem with them for the year I've been with them. Never contacted customer service before, but I trust they'd be helpful.

WOW is by far the BEST

5.00 Stars

on March 08, 2017

Our internet speed was the fastest of anybody in our area. Whenever there was a connectivity issue, which was rare, they had it fixed in no time. Other companies in this area could learn customer service and availability from WOW.


5.00 Stars

on September 29, 2016

Great customer service. Good value for the money.

Great internet as long as you own the Hardware

5.00 Stars

on May 03, 2016

Works well and is a great price. Just invest the money into your own quality router and modem to get the most out of your service.


4.00 Stars

on April 06, 2015

Very reliable and customer service is very good. No price brakes on their top speed of 110 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up, for now, hopefully soon.

Great support and service

4.00 Stars

on July 20, 2017

While the price may not be the cheapest, WOW! makes up for it with stellar customer service and reliable connections.

Great for the $

4.00 Stars

on December 01, 2015

Great service for the $ value.

Great price at $25.00 for 30 Mbps.

5.00 Stars

on October 09, 2015

It's been solid since I had it installed on September 16, 2015.

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