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They are great, until they aren't!

Kristina on February 10, 2023

We bought a brand new house about 3 years ago. At that time the technicians had no clue how to hook up our house. We had to have 2 different techs come out to figure it out. At that time they refused to hook up any of the additional internet jacks in the house and made us use wifi. Just about every day at 4 pm our internet is either lost or throttled so badly it is useless. If you run a speed test it shows terrible speeds, and then BOOM! As if by miracle, we are back up to regular speeds. This week we had an outage, just our house. We were out of the internet for 3 days. My husband works from home daily, and I do it once a week. Customer service is terrible. They give you the runaround. No one has information on anything anyone else is doing. I was hung up a few times because I wanted to wait on hold for a supervisor, and the agent got tired of having me on hold. on day 3 a wonderful person came out and Voila! internet back with lightning speeds. The next day without warning at about 3 pm a couple of guys come, jump out of their van, yank the cable out of the ground, dig up my yard, replace our lines, and get back in their truck and speed away. This is not an exaggeration. They left my yard a muddy mess and left the junction box on the outside of my house wide open with wires sticking out everywhere. (I have photos.) Now we have barely any internet upload or download. No one at WOW could care less. The problem is that they have no actual employees. Their technicians are subcontractors, and their customer service people work from home and only know how to read from a script. It's a terrible mess. WOW is right, but not in a good way. The worst part is they don't have competition in my neighborhood, so I have literally NO recourse. They didn't even offer me a credit on my bill! Not a happy camper.

Rep from Alabama

Ronnie on November 05, 2022

Hi, I recently had an awesome customer service experience with a Wow representative from Alabama, she was the best service rep I have ever spoken with. I switched and wanted to come back to Wow. She gave me a good deal, faster internet, and was very pleasant to talk with. Wanting to those who may want to switch. It was fast, but useless if it don't work with my ring cams or indoor doggy cam. I'm going to stick with Wow now thanks to such good customer service. she should get recognition for being so awesome. One happy customer. Thank you.

WOW Intermittent drops

Linda on August 05, 2022

Have been a WOW customer for so very long. Over the past year, I continued to have internet random drops. I have switched to their equipment because they couldn't troubleshoot with the customer-owned modem. Still continued to have problems until it went down completely. Tech was out one day and replaced the cable from the pole to the house and then went down completely. took 2 days for another tech to get it back up since the "levels" were not adjusted correctly. Throughout the day my internet continues to do random drops. Tough when you keep locking up on video meetings. Very frustrated over the last year. It would be very nice to know if WOW plans to upgrade its infrastructure in St. Pete as that seems to be where the issues lie.

Great Company for Internet Only

Nathan B. on June 17, 2022

Greetings! Back in July 20218, I switched ISP which was getting too pricey at the time (I started there at ~24.99 and finished up around ~64.99 for their lowest plan). I have been a WOW customer since then. I started on their internet 100 plan at the time. I was able to switch to WOW for double the speed starting at half the price -- no brainer. They upgraded my plan to internet 200 without any charge at some point last year. Then, due to changing work conditions, I needed extra bandwidth. Upgrading was easy and pricing to go from 200 to 500 was reasonable - about $8.00 per month for the first year. I now have internet 500 and paying the current 64.99, which is 10x the speed for the same price I ended with our previous provider! Not much to say about the network other than we have only had 1 or 2 incidents where the net goes down. Most of the time, if we have issues, disconnecting the router for 10 mins and cycling power fixes things. Speed and bandwidth are wonderful and meet our needs 100%. Value seems great! I just perused the previous ISP and their internet 50 is going for 55.00 a month -- which is 10x slower than the internet 500 we have and only 9.00 cheaper per month. I will stay a WOW customer as long as these things continue! Thank you, WoW! :)

Technical Support —Installation/Install-Repair Technician

William on June 06, 2022

I have experienced intermittent internet connections for about two weeks. Today was the 2nd time in ten days that I had a field technician come out. I've been a WOWI customer since 1999 and for many years the service and value were excellent. That is not the case now! While the service and value are excellent (WHEN CONNECTED), the quality of the work done by some of the technicians is just totally unacceptable!

Review from 8/29/21 customer service phone call

Jim Spangler on September 02, 2021

I wanted to give the tech a superior review but when I went to survey it had expired. He helped my husband and myself on August 29th. He was great. He explained everything to an old lady who doesn't understand streaming. He was so kind and professional and detail oriented. I am still not happy about WOWs prices but he did find 1 discount for us which was appreciated. Based on his information and advice we will probably start streaming by the end of the month. He made it seem not quite so difficult. He is the best!

Bad CS to Excellent CS

Precious King on August 02, 2021

I was already upset because I had to leave our previous ISP but I still had to make this phone call to WOW CS it was a male that answered ( with no regrets as to how down I was because I had to leave) and he was completely Cold (ice). So I told him the way you treated me I preferred to just connect my services online and hung up. I started my application but because my area was only serviced, the address was already in the system and I still had to talk to someone live (I was really feeling nervous about that) but I placed the call and to make a long excellent CS experience short I meet the Perfect CS from north Alabama. She turned that horrible taste in my mouth about WOW, very Pleasant. Thank You for all that you did for me today! The World needs more CS like you from N Alabama.


Denise on January 06, 2021

WOW is amazing. An honest company that does business right!! From the service tech to the customer service, we've never had a problem. They worked with us to find a plan that we can afford. They have always gone above and beyond in every situation for years. Thank you WOW.

Good cable & wifi, terrible customer service business practices

Matt on January 04, 2021

Changed companies from WOW due to ridiculous price increase partway through contract, and gladly paid the cancellation fee. Bills keep coming, even after being told you're paid up. All offices are closed, and no place to return equipment or make payment and get a receipt, so you are at their mercy as far as getting charged. Even taking into account virus issues, the inability of anyone to get you a final receipt when you return equipment or make payment, or put anything in writing via email is disturbing to say the least.

Excellent Service, Consistent Speed higher than expected

Cyberbloke on December 30, 2020

We had 600Mbps from our previous ISP and we rarely got the contracted speed -- we consistently got the speed of 25-40 Mbps. It was quite frustrating as we've all been working from home since the pandemic and the kids are studying from home. On top of that, we had several outages. Finally decided to move to WOW internet. The installation by WOW was completed within 48 hours of placing the order & it was flawless. We have signed up for 500 Mbps 2.5 months ago and we're consistently getting the speed of 350-550 Mbps, no outages as well. We were skeptical about the speed initially so we kept testing it but we are pleasantly surprised to see that the speed is always consistent, sometimes it's as high as 560 Mbps. On top of that, they have excellent customer support 24X7. Thank you WOW for taking care of your customers.

Above and beyond

Annmarie on November 12, 2020

We have had Wow service now for a little over a year. We switched because we were cutting the cord, and our old service provider still wanted $150 for wifi only! I’d heard good things about Wow from family and friends, so I thought we’d give it a shot. Their price couldn’t be beaten for the speed they were giving us. Fast forward to now, through a pandemic, where my husband has to run a classroom from home at the same time my Kindergartner has to be in a virtual classroom, and there has not been one hiccup! The speed has been fantastic, no matter how many devices are on. And the very few times I’ve had to call customer service, they’ve been kind and quick to resolve issues. I highly recommend!

Slow speeds, No service

James on October 26, 2020

I have been experiencing slow speeds at 10%-20% of the speed and bandwidth I am subscribing and paying for. I call for service support and speed increases for an hour and they throttle it back again. I am subscribed to 1000Mbs service and getting 80-150Mbs normally with frequent service interruptions and resets. The service techs at support cannot support, they sent a new modem which is older and the wifi radios don't work.

Outstanding Customer Service!

Anonymous on September 18, 2020

I want to commend the customer service rep who went above and beyond and assisted me with everything I needed. He was professional, polite, efficient, and went the extra mile. He is an outstanding employee. Thank you.

So impressed!

Sylvia on September 13, 2020

I initially chose another provider because they were a little less expensive, but boy did I regret that. After 2 missed appointments for installation and a misquoted price, I canceled and called WOW. They were so friendly and helpful, set me up for a quick appointment for installation after I mentioned my dilemma, and how long I had been waiting for the internet. The technician was good and set everything up perfectly, and it's working great! I'm very impressed by everyone I've interacted with and the service itself. Great value, great service, great company!

Outstanding service technician

Michelle Webb on May 07, 2020

Service tech went above and beyond to help me with a technical issue. He is thorough and has great communication skills and a wonderful attitude. I am so pleased with the service he provided.

Awesome download speed, nonexistent upload speed

Chris on April 29, 2020

My speed test says 109.5 Mbps download, 0.70 Mbps upload. So if all you want to do is surf the web and stream TV and movies, you'll be fine with WOW! If you want to actually work from home which requires 2-way internet communication, look elsewhere.

Happy with the speed and reliability

Harry on March 28, 2020

We switched from another provider to WOW, their speed is great and so far no breakdown or interruptions. Their rates are reasonable, so even if we have a contract for 2 years, I am happy to get it.

WOW Internet Service results for home use

Darrell Kneice on January 21, 2020

I have WOW for Internet, 200Mbps that is it. I pay $50 a month and I have average download speeds of 150Mbps so not too bad. I am a single dad with two kids and I use Apple TV so something is always streaming or downloading and I never have had any issues with my internet usage. It is consistent for sure.

Terrance tech #4121

Laura on December 10, 2019

After a month of problems dealing with our cable, making a lot of customer service phone calls, actually resetting our own cable box and with two visits from techs, we made one more call for a service tech to come out. Hooray for Terrance! This young man came in and knew right away how to deal with our problem. He is personally responsible for us staying with WOW. Terrance has a very pleasant personality, pleasant to talk to and has a sense of humor. Terrance gets 10 stars from this customer and WOW should be giving him a raise! Thanks Terrance!

Unreliable service

Jeff on November 24, 2019

Internet goes out constantly. WOW spends 4 minutes rebooting the modem and stops troubleshooting from there. They have sent 4 techs to the house, nothing yet. Takes forever just to get through on the phone.

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