Internet Only Plans

Below are the latest internet only deals Quantum Fiber is offering.

  • 360 WiFi service included; no one-time installation fee

    Download speeds up to: 500 Mbps


    • Fiber
    Taxes and fees apply. Limited availability. Service and rate in select locations only.
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • $50/mo regular rate
  • 360 WiFi service included; no one-time installation fee

    Download speeds up to: 940 Mbps


    • Fiber
    Limited availability. Service and rate in select locations only. Taxes and fees apply.
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • $75/mo regular rate

Best Quantum Fiber Deals

Bringing highly-competitive fiber internet plans to an increasing number of homes across the U.S., Quantum Fiber is becoming one of the largest and best fiber providers around. Here are the deals Quantum Fiber is offering this month:

  • Free installation with the Quantum Fiber 940 Mbps plan
  • Free 360 WiFi modem with the Quantum Fiber 940 Mbps plan
  • Up to $100 cash when you refer a friend through the Refer & Earn Program

Quantum Fiber Internet-Only Deals

When you sign up for Quantum Fiber, you can get a whole bunch of perks. Here are the ones we’re excited about:

  • No annual contracts: Quantum Fiber doesn’t require an annual contract commitment, so you can pay your bill each month without the threat of cancellation fees.
  • Unlimited data: You tap into an endless supply of data through Quantum Fiber’s superfast fiber-optic network. Your household full of devices can stream, browse, and shop without worrying about a data cap.
  • Free installation and modem: When you sign up for the Quantum Fiber 940 Mbps plan, you’ll get free installation and a free modem. That will keep your prices low and add value to an already great fiber plan.


Quantum Fiber Internet Fees

While we love almost everything about Quantum Fiber, there are a few fees you need to watch out for before you make a purchase. Here are some fees you might encounter with Quantum Fiber:

  • Equipment lease fee: Quantum Fiber charges $15 monthly for the 360 WiFi modem if you don’t sign up for the Quantum Fiber 940 Mbps plan. Alternatively, you can provide your own equipment to avoid this fee.
  • Non-return equipment fee: If you fail to return your device within 30 days after cancellation, Quantum Fiber will charge you up to $200 per device. However, Quantum Fiber does send a shipping label and notice to help you stay informed.
  • Installation fee: Choosing an option below the Quantum Fiber 940 Mbps plan may result in an installation fee of up to $129. Skip this fee by bringing your own modem or upgrading your plan to the top speed available with Quantum Fiber.

Quantum Fiber Bundle Plans and Pricing

Quantum Fiber doesn’t offer a stand-alone TV service you can combine with your fiber internet. However, fiber internet is excellent for streaming, so we recommend choosing one or more streaming services to add to your home entertainment experience. That said, if you need home phone service, you can add Quantum Fiber Connected Voice for just $40 per month. Quantum Fiber Connected Voice comes with various calling features, unlimited nationwide long-distance calling, and a dedicated phone number for your household.

Quantum Fiber Internet Discounts

Partnering with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and its Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), Quantum Fiber provides a $30 per month discount on internet services for eligible households. That means qualifying families can get the Quantum Fiber 200 Mbps plan free each month. Quantum Fiber is even throwing in the 360 WiFi system for free with this offer.

How to Get the Best Deal With Quantum Fiber

When choosing your Quantum Fiber plan and packages, there are a few things to consider. We put together these tips to help guide you through the purchasing process:

  • Select the speeds that match your household’s needs. Base whether you get the Quantum Fiber 200 Mbps plan or 940 Mbps plan on what your household does most. If your household is full of streamers and gamers, the quicker plan is a better choice. If not, consider going with the cheaper option.
  • Take advantage of the 360 WiFi system. If you have a large household, you’ll need the 360 WiFi mesh network system from Quantum Fiber. Not only does it come with multiple 360 WiFi pods to spread coverage through your home, but you can control the system right from the Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quantum Fiber

  • How fast is Quantum Fiber internet?

    Quantum Fiber internet can deliver symmetrical download and upload speeds up to 940 Mbps.

  • How much is Quantum Fiber Internet?

    Quantum Fiber internet starts as low as $30 per month plus taxes and fees for its most affordable internet plan.

  • Does Quantum Fiber have data caps?

    All Quantum Fiber plans come with unlimited data, so you don’t have to worry about data caps or overage fees.

  • Can I bundle Quantum Fiber internet with other home services?

    You can bundle Quantum Fiber with Quantum Fiber Connected Voice for an additional monthly fee. Quantum Fiber doesn’t offer any other home services at this time.