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May 9, 2023

What is Net Neutrality and why does it matter?

Discouraged that you don’t have another option for broadband Internet in your neighborhood? Tired of monthly bills that seem to creep a little higher each month? If so, understanding what’s at stake in the national debates about Net Neutrality is critical, because the outcomes will have a direct affect on your financial bottom line. With … Continued

Apartment Landlords Are Holding Your Internet Hostage

Here’s why, and what you can do about it. Steep Internet bill and no choice? If you live in an apartment building, the landlord might be profiting from your plight. Exclusive broadband agreements between apartment building owners and internet providers in cities like Los Angeles are common, leaving renters with no choice but to pay … Continued

These 25 Cities Are the Most Impacted By the Digital Divide

If you think the digital divide is shrinking, don’t mention it to residents of Miami, Kansas City, or Buffalo — all cities listed on a recent NDIA report identifying the worst-connected cities nationwide. While politicians and ISPs have been tussling over how to close the digital divide for years, few cities have seen any improvement. … Continued

10 Small Towns with Blazing Fast Internet

In 2016, we looked at 10 small towns that had impressive internet performance across the country. Five years on, with the pandemic accelerating the transition to a more remote-focused work culture, we wanted to check in and see how things had progressed in these areas. For small towns, having high-speed internet can be a critical … Continued

5 Futuristic Ways You Could Get Internet Access… Anywhere

Imagine if your internet was ten times faster, ten times cheaper, and accessible anywhere — even Mars, if an interplanetary journey strikes your fancy. Current internet infrastructures fail to connect 3.8 billion people worldwide, and frustrated consumers want to know: “when will the future finally get here?” While wired technologies will continue to play a … Continued