Tyler Cooper is the Editor-in-chief at BroadbandNow. BroadbandNow and its analytics arm, BroadbandNow Research, cover social, economic and political issues related to broadband technology such as digital inclusion, municipal broadband, telecom legislation, emerging technologies, and the impact of broadband on everyday life.

Tyler is an active speaker at industry conferences and events, such as the National Digital Inclusion Alliances Net Inclusion 2020 conference, NPR’s “In Conversation” & Broadband Breakfast’s “Broadband Breakfast Live Online.”

Tyler has more than a decade of experience in the telecom industry, and he has been writing about broadband issues like the digital divide, net neutrality, cybersecurity and internet access since 2015. Tyler’s work is internationally recognized; he has been published on sites like VentureBeat, TechRadar, and The Next Web. He has also been featured in VICE, Digital Trends, Fox News, Voice of America, and many other outlets.

Professional Background & Education

Tyler has been writing professionally for 7 years. Previously, he worked as a network administrator and audio/visual system designer, responsible for designing, implementing & maintaining enterprise-grade network architecture, automation solutions, and home theater technology for custom home builders across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Tyler majored in English at North Central Texas College.

Previously Published

Tyler has created and contributed to some of the most influential and frequently-cited reports examining broadband deployment in the U.S. today:


Tyler is a multi-instrumentalist and hobbyist composer; he spends most of his time outside of work on music, as well as with his Malamute hybrid, Luna.

He can be found on Twitter at @TylerCooperBBN.

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