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Dec 21, 2023

19 Rural Broadband Providers Working to Bridge the Digital Divide

With the climate for municipal broadband becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, we wanted to showcase regional providers who are doing their part to bring high-speed internet to rural, underserved areas. To find out more about the changing landscape, we asked 19 rural broadband providers to share their founding stories, walk us through their company’s evolution, … Continued

FCC vs FTC: Who Polices the Internet After Net Neutrality?

Who the FTC Is and Why They’re Taking Over Consumer Protection on the Internet. Update: this post has been updated as of May 2018 to reflect new appointees under the Trump Administration. With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) loosening their regulatory authority over how Internet providers like AT&T and Verizon structure their service offerings, the … Continued

State-by-State Net Neutrality Laws Breakdown

More Than Half of States in America Are Opposing the FCC’s “Internet Freedom” Bill With Local Net Neutrality State Laws. Here’s Exactly How Those Laws Work. This post will be updated weekly through Q4 2018 with the latest updates on Net Neutrality state laws and legal initiatives. Information on this page was last verified and … Continued

WISPs Are The Real Heroes in Bridging The Digital Divide

Politicians and Big Cable Promise to Bridge the Digital Divide. Small WISPs Actually Build the Bridges. As of 2018, industry records show that the “digital divide” leaves nearly a quarter of the US without wired broadband access, and 46 million Americans still have only one provider available. Tech corporations and politicians frequently campaign on the … Continued

Who Are the FCC Commissioners and Where Do They Side on Net Neutrality?

The war over how to regulate the internet has a key problem: the process for creating regulation is so complex that even vehement supporters and opponents of Net Neutrality and other key issues often have little knowledge of where this regulation actually comes from, or how it’s created. Interestingly, the group that’s responsible for managing … Continued

Why Is the American Internet Empire Crumbling?

A Brief History of the Internet and the Problems Facing Broadband in America The colossal labyrinth of pulses and wires we refer to as “the Internet” is sort of like the jumble of wires and plugs behind your uncle’s VCR. Sure, it works — but it’s largely improvised, and for the love of God don’t … Continued