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Providers Offering DSL Service

We've found 917 providers offering DSL service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

AT&T Internet119,880,64321
Verizon High Speed Internet47,654,73411
Frontier Communications29,981,65438
MegaPath8,230,6203625+ mbps
Global Capacity5,716,2363725+ mbps
TDS Telecom5,082,03526
FairPoint Communications3,517,10119
GTT Communications2,551,65153
On-Ramp Indiana1,810,92610.7+ mbps
Cincinnati Bell1,540,7839
Internet Nebraska Corporation1,386,7761
ProTronics Technologies1,370,83316.0+ mbps
Hawaiian Telcom1,254,0551
Consolidated Communications1,060,8478
ACD.net904,0731100+ mbps
Raw Bandwidth Communications733,0321
Birch Communications710,33944
Electric Lightwave563,99811
JAS Networks441,5731100+ mbps
Alaska Communications404,1421
The Computer Works348,8431
Clear Rate Communications344,5071
Comporium Communications304,2132
Montana Internet Corporation304,196110+ mbps
Skywire Networks277,2413
Horry Telephone Cooperative229,5411
Wi-Power224,58910.7+ mbps
North State Communications221,3761
MTCO Communications211,2621
KDSI Internet Services166,51116.0+ mbps
Lumos Networks159,7325
Broadview Networks153,20911
NTS Communications148,25236.0+ mbps
Brandenburg Telecom148,0661
Direct Communications142,5156
OTT Communications133,5935
POPP Communications127,6071
Matanuska Telephone Association125,1871
Xpress America Internet108,9461100+ mbps
TPx Communications107,3943
EATEL104,83511.5+ mbps
GVTC Communications100,7421
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative100,2421
MontanaSky Networks99,5111100+ mbps
Volunteer First Services95,0851
Ben Lomand Connect95,0851
FiberComm92,0322100+ mbps
Allo Communications91,270110+ mbps
Ritter Communications86,1722
Grande Communications84,41116.0+ mbps
Parallax Systems83,63516.0+ mbps
Horizon Chillicothe Telephone80,0531
Twin Lakes Telephone79,2431
Desert Winds Wireless78,5292
Eastex Telephone Cooperative77,3471
MidIowa Net74,96516.0+ mbps
Golden West Telecommunications73,9202
United Communications73,2651
Veracity Networks72,2791
South Central Rural Telephone71,8201
Chickasaw Telephone Company70,3931
Nebraska Technology & Telecommunications70,2471
OneSource Communications68,9881
CS Technologies66,8751
ATMC65,88616.0+ mbps
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative64,1142
DFT Communications63,3011
Hargray Communications63,1261100+ mbps
NexGen Communications61,95810.7+ mbps
Star Communications61,5321100+ mbps
Action Communications59,410250+ mbps
MaineStream Internet58,8401
Quantum Communications57,8901100+ mbps
SRT Communications57,7151
VCI INTERNET57,2341100+ mbps
Nsight Telservices54,2521
Peoples Telephone Cooperative52,0121
Home Telecom50,9221
Skybest Communications50,6093
Daystarr Communications50,3421
Armstrong50,1524100+ mbps
Strata Networks49,9021

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