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Providers Offering DSL Service

We've found 894 providers offering DSL service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

AT&T Internet119,880,6432175 mbps
CenturyLink48,437,52539140 mbps
Verizon High Speed Internet47,654,7341115 mbps
Frontier Communications29,981,65438115 mbps
Windstream15,233,640501000 mbps
TDS Telecom5,082,03526100 mbps
Consolidated Communications4,577,03924100 mbps
Sonic.net2,922,6671100 mbps
Cincinnati Bell1,540,783950 mbps
Internet Nebraska Corporation1,386,776150 mbps
Hawaiian Telcom1,254,055125 mbps
ACD.net904,073110 mbps
Raw Bandwidth Communications733,032140 mbps
JAS Networks441,573110 mbps
Alaska Communications404,142150 mbps
TEC378,2284100 mbps
Clear Rate Communications344,5071100 mbps
Comporium Communications304,213231 mbps
Montana Internet Corporation304,19617.0 mbps
GWI283,627252 mbps
Horry Telephone Cooperative229,541150 mbps
Wi-Power224,58913.0 mbps
North State Communications221,3761100 mbps
ConnectTo211,725175 mbps
MTCO Communications211,262170 mbps
Socket197,001250 mbps
FTC189,332150 mbps
OTELCO184,4107100 mbps
KDSI Internet Services166,51116.0 mbps
Lumos Networks159,7325100 mbps
NTS Communications148,252312 mbps
Brandenburg Telecom148,066120 mbps
Direct Communications142,515620 mbps
Wyoming.com141,499145 mbps
Quantum Internet & Telephone139,535120 mbps
Matanuska Telephone Association125,187140 mbps
Arvig113,844140 mbps
EATEL104,83518.0 mbps
GVTC Communications100,742112 mbps
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative100,242170 mbps
MontanaSky Networks99,511110 mbps
Volunteer First Services95,085160 mbps
Ben Lomand Connect95,085160 mbps
FiberComm92,032210 mbps
Allo Communications91,27017.0 mbps
Ritter Communications86,172230 mbps
Grande Communications84,41116.0 mbps
Parallax Systems83,63516.0 mbps
Kaptel81,202115 mbps
Horizon Chillicothe Telephone80,053150 mbps
Twin Lakes Telephone79,243170 mbps
AcenTek78,8663100 mbps
Desert Winds Wireless78,5292100 mbps
Eastex Telephone Cooperative77,347140 mbps
MidIowa Net74,96516.0 mbps
Golden West Telecommunications73,920250 mbps
United Communications73,26511000 mbps
Veracity Networks72,2791200 mbps
South Central Rural Telephone71,820115 mbps
Chickasaw Telephone Company70,393120 mbps
Nebraska Technology & Telecommunications70,247112 mbps
OneSource Communications68,988150 mbps
Nuvera68,207255 mbps
ATMC65,886110 mbps
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative64,114212 mbps
Yadtel63,943125 mbps
DFT Communications63,301124 mbps
Hargray Communications63,126110 mbps
NexGen Communications61,95813.0 mbps
Star Communications61,532110 mbps
Premium Choice Broadband61,102120 mbps
Action Communications59,41029.0 mbps
Quantum Communications57,890110 mbps
SRT Communications57,7151100 mbps
VCI INTERNET57,234110 mbps
Nsight Telservices54,252132 mbps
Peoples Telephone Cooperative52,0121100 mbps
Home Telecom50,922145 mbps
Skybest Communications50,60931000 mbps
Armstrong50,152410 mbps
Strata Networks49,902150 mbps
BEVCOMM49,749326 mbps
Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative49,3251100 mbps
Agri-Valley Services48,291125 mbps
WK&T48,10126.0 mbps
702 Communications47,9092100 mbps
South Valley Internet47,743145 mbps
Blackfoot Telecommunications47,463420 mbps
Shentel46,757110 mbps
Acme Communications46,186124 mbps
DTC Communications45,639150 mbps
WVT44,159275 mbps
Nemont43,494330 mbps
USA Communications (Iowa)42,999120 mbps
WMTel42,64918.0 mbps
Surry Telephone Membership Corporation42,51118.0 mbps
Great Plains Communications42,386450 mbps
Harrisonville Telephone Company42,285180 mbps
TruVista40,333120 mbps
Green Mountain Access38,878150 mbps

How Many DSL Internet Providers are There in the US?

There are currently 894 DSL Internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States. Many of these companies have roots as landline phone companies, and have evolved to offer Internet and TV service over phone lines. Many of the smaller companies are “Baby Bells” that resulted from the breakup of AT&T in 1984.

What is a DSL Provider?

DSL, or “Digital Subscriber Line,” providers deliver Internet connectivity to residences and businesses using twisted copper phone lines. The connection is often shared with a landline phone subscription. For more information on how DSL works, see our technical guide to DSL Internet service.

DSL Internet Providers in the USA

DSL service is one of the most common broadband options in the United States. It is especially common in rural areas, where more advanced networks like Cable and Fiber have not yet been built. DSL is common because the telephone infrastructure it uses has already been installed in most US households for decades.

The best DSL providers and plans will usually be in suburban areas, where you have a stronger likelihood of being close to the provider office or “DSLAM” that connects to the Internet at large. In rural areas, subscribers often get slower speeds in the 1–5 Mbps range due to signal degradation over long distances. In suburban areas, DSL is commonly closer to 20–75 Mbps and competes closely with Cable Internet providers.

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