Internet Providers in Orford, NH

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Residential Internet Statistics for Orford, NH
Internet Providers: 8
Internet Plans: 8
Fastest Speed Available: 100 Mbps
Average Plan Price: $66.23

Internet Access in Orford, New Hampshire

The average residence in the Orford area has 2.33 providers to choose from. This is common amount of options for the US, seeing as most companies that provide Internet plans used to be cable TV or telephone providers, and most houses have long been wired for one of each.

Consolidated Communications (Formerly Fairpoint Communications) is also a common broadband option for Orford. They offer primarily DSL service available to 96 percent of the area.

Viasat Internet and HughesNet are Orford's most widely available wired Internet providers.

We should note here that since FCC data is only collected twice annually and only published six months after, availability shown here may not be complete. Our process incorporates availability data directly from many major companies to help fix this issue.

To summarize, Satellite and DSL are the most widespread network types in Orford. and speed test data below show where the real-world speed test statistics differ when comparing specific neighborhoods and ISPs in Orford.

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Orford, NH

100 People Only have access to 1 or fewer wired internet providers available at their address.

This data is calculated from FCC datasets which providers are legally required to supply twice a year. We further validate this data for accuracy.

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Summary Of Fastest Internet Providers In Orford, New Hampshire

Provider Speed Type Time To Download 1 GB
Topsham Communications 100 Mbps Fiber 1m 21s
Consolidated Communications (Formerly Fairpoint Communications) 60 Mbps DSL 2m 16s
Viasat Internet 50 Mbps Satellite 2m 43s
HughesNet 25 Mbps Satellite 5m 27s
WiValley 10 Mbps Fiber 13m 39s

Summary of Internet Providers Availability in Orford, New Hampshire

  • Consolidated - DSL - 96.8% Availability in Orford - Speeds up to 60 Mbps
  • Topsham - Fiber - 90.1% Availability in Orford - Speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • WiValley - Fiber - 2.5% Availability in Orford - Speeds up to 10 Mbps
  • Viasat - Satellite - 100.0% Availability in Orford - Speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • HughesNet - Satellite - 100.0% Availability in Orford - Speeds up to 25 Mbps

Internet Provider Competition Map For Orford

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Orford is the 152nd most connected city in New Hampshire ahead of North Haverhill and Lyme, but behind Bradford, Fairlee, and Rumney.

The “Connected” metric is a citywide average based on FCC data showing the density of broadband options at the census block level.

Approximately 600 people in Grafton County don't have access to any wired internet.

This statistic is drawn from the population in census blocks not served by at least one wired broadband provider.

Fiber Availability: 90% of people living in Orford have residential fiber service available to them.

Fiber coverage data is sourced from FCC Form 477 filings and cross-validated through BroadbandNow with private datasets and direct provider reporting.

Approximately 90% of Orford residents are serviced by multiple wired providers.

This coverage statistic is based on a mix of FCC and private provider reporting in the past two quarters.

In Grafton County, approximately 5,000 people do not have access to 25 Mbps wired broadband.

25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload is the minimum speed for an Internet connection to be classified as “Broadband” by the FCC.

Summary Of Internet Providers In Orford

Provider Type Coverage Speed
Consolidated Communications (Formerly Fairpoint Communications) DSL 96.8%+ 60 Mbps
Topsham Communications Fiber 90.1%+ 100 Mbps
WaveComm Fixed Wireless 18.0%+ 3.0 Mbps
VTel Wireless Fixed Wireless 13.0%+ 1.5 Mbps
King Street Wireless Fixed Wireless 12.9%+ 1.0 Mbps
WiValley Fiber 2.5%+ 10 Mbps
Viasat Internet Satellite 100% 50 Mbps
HughesNet Satellite 100% 25 Mbps
Topsham Communications Fiber 96.5%+ 100 Mbps
FirstLight Fiber 2.0%+ -- Mbps
Verizon Business Copper 0.2%+ 1.5 Mbps

Compare Orford to the 5 largest cities in the US

City Average Download Speed Number of Providers Average Cost per Mbps
Orford 8.7 Mbps 8 $3.36 ( + $0.00 )
New York 415.4 Mbps ( +406.7 Mbps ) 15 ( +7 ) $0.54 ( $0.00 )
Los Angeles 118.9 Mbps ( +110.2 Mbps ) 17 ( +9 ) $0.23 ( $0.00 )
Chicago 116.2 Mbps ( +107.5 Mbps ) 14 ( +6 ) $0.26 ( $0.00 )
Houston 127.4 Mbps ( +118.7 Mbps ) 23 ( +15 ) $0.24 ( $0.00 )
Philadelphia 127.6 Mbps ( +118.9 Mbps ) 8 $0.34 ( $0.00 )

Customer Reviews of Internet Providers in Orford

Forgettable - and thats a GOOD thing!

When I first moved to the area and had the service installed, it was great during the day. 5:30 PM - 11 PM not so much. Turns out they had a peering issue upstream which affected all of their customers. Once that was resolved, the service for me at least has been fine. I don't pay attention to it anymore, no one in the house complains about it. Out of sight, out of mind. Is it expensive? Sure $187/mo for 20Mbps symmetrical. Both of us work from home and couldn't do that without reliable internet. We've had a couple of outages here and there but nothing lasts more than 10 hours. For that, we have a cellular backup. So after all of that, why did I rate them so well when on the surface of things it's expensive, slow and unreliable? A: Is it though? Sure I'm paying the same amount for what I would get from a larger provider in a metropolitan area A: Do you REALLY need more than 20Mbps? I mean please give this some thought. You can stream NetFlix reliably and in really good quality at 5-7Mbps. I've had 1Gbps links, I've had 10Gbps links (Yes. yes I have.) It takes a little bit of adjustment, but at the end of the day, we're quite satisfied with 20Mbps. We can stream multiple NetFlix and Hulu sessions at a time with really good quality. Listening to music online is a non-issue. Playing games online is fine too, latency is not directly related to throughput and we get fantastic latency in single digit. A: Given the challenging environment we're in I think they do a fairly good job at preserving their infrastructure - at least that's the outward appearance. The outages have been either during or immediately following a significant storm and there were power outages during these events as well. Customer service really is quite good. I've spoken to them on many occasions. They know who I am and they know what I do for a living. I've worked with their tech support and they're pretty sharp. Their install crew is pretty good too. I'm able to have a conversation with them about networks and routing without having to break out the crayons and scratch paper. I think they should have caught their problem I was experiencing when I first had the service activated on their own and probably much faster. A customer shouldn't have been the one to troubleshoot and identify a problem in their entire network - but this is what I do for a living. So, I think these guys deserve a chance and they also deserve a really fair review which reflects how I truly feel. They provide a much-needed service to our community and I'm happy to be a customer.