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Internet Providers in Bowdon, North Dakota

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Home Internet in Bowdon, ND

  • 1. HughesNet
    Speeds Up To
    100 Mbps
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    Connection: Satellite
    Availability: 99.7%
  • 2. DCT
    Speeds Up To
    1 Gbps
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    Connection: Fiber
    Availability: 93.3%
  • 3. Starlink
    Download Speeds:
    50 - 220 Mbps
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    Connection: Satellite
    Availability: 100%

Best Internet Provider In Bowdon, ND

Hughesnet shines as a top Internet service provider in Bowdon, North Dakota, leveraging satellite technology to deliver 100% coverage. No home or business is out of reach with their services that boast maximum download speeds up to 25 Mbps. These reasonably fast connections start at $49.99 per month, making Hughesnet an affordable option for Bowdon residents.

Not to be outdone, Starlink, another satellite provider, heats things up with scorching download speeds of up to 220 Mbps. Impressively, they also cover the entire Bowdon area. But bear in mind, the speedier service comes at an elevated starting price of $90 per month.

Bowdon's Internet landscape is dominated by satellite providers, such as Hughesnet and Starlink, fueled by the city's lack of cable, DSL, and fixed wireless connectivity. Yet, a significant 97% fiber coverage powered by Dakota Central Telecommunications brings a touch of competition.

Despite some areas of Bowdon being potentially underserved, the broad satellite coverage from Hughesnet and Starlink steps in to bridge those gaps seamlessly.

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