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  • Plan Starting At $54.95/month

    Download speeds up to: 5 Mbps

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    • Connection: Fixed Wireless
    • Fiber

    100/100 Mbps

    Plan Starting At $55/month

    Download speeds up to: 100 Mbps

    Deal Available Free expert installation.
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • Data: No Caps
  • Plan Starting At $64.95/month

    Download speeds up to: 10 Mbps

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    • Connection: Fixed Wireless
    • Fiber

    500/500 Mbps

    Plan Starting At $70/month

    Download speeds up to: 500 Mbps

    Deal Available Free expert installation.
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • Data: No Caps
  • Plan Starting At $84.95/month

    Download speeds up to: 15 Mbps

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    • Connection: Fixed Wireless
    • Fiber

    1000/1000 Mbps

    Plan Starting At $85/month

    Download speeds up to: 1 Gbps

    Deal Available Free expert installation.
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    • Connection: Fiber
    • Data: No Caps
  • Plan Starting At $104.95/month

    Download speeds up to: 25 Mbps

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    • Connection: Fixed Wireless

Surf Internet Availability by State

Illinois 102,500 1 gbps
Illinois 47,406 1 gbps
Indiana 88,890 1 gbps
Indiana 108,568 1 gbps
Michigan 122,943 1 gbps
Michigan 13,100 1 gbps
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Not for gaming or live streaming

Kobe on March 15, 2022

We've had their service for quite a while maybe like a few years, I do gaming and Live Streaming so having "good" internet is a need for me. Over the last year, it got to the point where it was unreliable for gaming and live streaming, it would buffer all the time and kick me out of lobbies (Still does to this day..) during gaming sessions. Difficult to live stream on because every time I grow with viewership it would frame drop, so I just quit. It's been a year since I stopped and it's just hard to trust it again because I don't want it to do the same thing. The customer service is very nice though, I can tell they're trying their best to get the service better. But it's just not enough to have it be reliable and happen to just call them every single time. Overall it's decent for those who just want to browse, watch 4k-1080p videos and streaming services like Netflix or live streams on Twitch or YouTube. We get 25mbps down and 6mbps up fixed wireless (we can't get fiber here). It's just not for gaming or people who just want to make content, unfortunately.

Bang for the Buck!

Dane on August 15, 2020

Surf always helps me resolve my issues in a timely manner one way or another which is half the battle. Most recently, Tech Support fixed an issue in just a few hours which would have put my home business in a pretty bad bind. They have gone out of their way to keep me up and running.

The Best Customer Service in the Midwest!

Dianne Chmidling on June 17, 2020

I would give Surf Broadband Solutions a 10 if I could. My husband and I moved to northern Indiana from the Kansas City area in 2008 and had our WiFi set up by Surf Broadband Solutions' predecessor, Maple Net. It was a small growing company then, and they were very customer-centric, always there to help us with whatever we needed from an Internet Service Provider. That company was so successful that they "outgrew their britches," and then they advanced to more capability and became Copper Wireless. Most of the same people stayed together, and we found their customer service to be just as great as it ever was. With growth comes growing pains, and their leaders understand how value migrates as businesses' and customers' needs change. Then they stepped up to the challenge of acquiring even more powerful technology and came together with Surf Broadband Solutions. Again, most of the same leaders from the beginning were there. They knew the community, the people, and the specific needs of their customers. This is more of a mission for these folks than a job or career. They genuinely care about doing the right thing for their customers, and that's exactly what they deliver. We're very happy with their expertise, training, experience, and customer service, and you will be too. TEN STARS!


Corey on January 01, 2020

I can just about see the tower from our front yard yet streaming is often a challenge. There isn't an episode of any program that goes by without it freezing up because of lack of bandwidth or speed. Latest speedtest shows download speed at 6.8 mbps and upload of .05. If you're trying to run a business at home and need fast internet speed, I would encourage you to check around. It's January 1 and the middle of the day and there's no internet. I called the 800# and got a recording about a territory wide outage and that they're "working on it." Connectivity is a hit and miss.

Surf Air Wireless Review

Shane on December 16, 2019

This internet literally has me frustrated most days. When I first got Surf Air Wireless, It was amazing. I had no problem at all and was really happy. Around the third month of having it, I experienced lower speeds. I didn't really think much of it as I still could play my game on it. It progressively got worse and I ended up doing speed tests. I was paying 85 a month for up to 15 mbps. I was getting an average of 3 mbps. I called them to fix this issues. The guy did something and then I actually went up to 7 mbps.... just for that day though. I ended up still averaging 3-5. I was very angry at the fact I was paying for a 85-dollar package and could barely get enough mbps that the cheaper package offers. I ended up getting two months credit. This still doesn't make up for the fact that Im now paying for up to 10mbps but still only get 3. As I write this, I am sitting at 2 mbps. Just awful internet and If I had other options, I would pick them in a heartbeat.

Great for the price!

John on August 17, 2018

On their game with customer service! I've had to call a grand total of 5 times over 5 years of having Surf Air. Every time they made it right. My service was starting to get spotty because of over growth of a tree. Instead of me having to chop it, they sent a tech to check the "dish" and advise. Guy adjusted it and told me to chop the tree if it didn't work. Sure enough it got worse the next couple of days because of spring. Cleared it and instantly got back up to 18 Mbps. This is only one of the interactions with this growing company and I think if they got their permits/whatever to deploy fiber, they would continue to provide a great service. Nothing but good to say about this local ISP!

Great service, great price, great people!

Karen Boehringer on February 14, 2018

Always worked as it should, only one problem once, simple fix, they got there the next day! As time goes on Surf Air Wireless gets better and better. Also get phone from them! Have had their service for probably 10 years now.

About Our Surf Internet Speed Test Tool

Whether Surf Internet is your internet provider or you use a different provider, the speed test below can show key statistics about your internet connection.

This speed test will determine the quality of your Internet service whether you use Surf Internet or another provider. These modules are designed to return statistics for download and upload throughput. Download and upload speeds are the most important signs of broadband connection performance. As of January 2022, Surf Internet’s average download rate is 50.74 Mbps. Throughout their footprint, the average latency on Surf Internet Internet speed tests is -1ms. In context, wired connections generally output latency results in the 5–70ms range. Satellite Internet connections, in contrast, can be closer to 500–800ms.

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Note: This speed test can be used to test any internet provider, not just Surf Internet .

If your Surf Internet speed test result is lower than expected, try resetting your router or call Surf Internet customer service for additional assistance.

Surf Internet Internet Speed Data


Maximum Advertised Download Mbps

224.24 MBPS

User Speed Test Download Mbps


Speed Tests from Surf Internet Customers


Average Jitter

Surf Internet Fastest Download Speeds Over Time

Surf Internet Average Download Speeds Over Time

Top Cities For Surf Internet Internet Service

La Porte, IN 1,000 mbps 177 mbps
Fowlerville, MI 1,000 mbps 92 mbps
Williamston, MI 1,000 mbps 5 mbps
Stockbridge, MI 1,000 mbps 14 mbps
New Carlisle, IN 1,000 mbps 13 mbps
Wayland, MI 1,000 mbps 8 mbps
Webberville, MI 1,000 mbps 10 mbps
Caledonia, MI 1,000 mbps 5 mbps
Portland, MI 1,000 mbps 47 mbps
Holland, MI 1,000 mbps 7 mbps

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