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Kendra Chamberlain is a freelance journalist covering telecommunications, IoT and smart infrastructure. Based in New Mexico, she has covered telecommunications for over six years as a journalist and analyst.


Kendra Chamberlain is an industry analyst at BroadbandNow, where she contributes articles and reports on issues such as cybersecurity, federal, state and local broadband policy, smart grids, satellite Internet, precision agriculture and other topics. She has been a telecom analyst for nine years. Her work has appeared in Rethink Research’s Faultline, FierceWireless, Smart Grid News, The Next Web, and other sites.

Kendra is also a freelance journalist. She has covered environmental and climate change issues at Ensia Magazine and DeSmogBlog. She also writes about smart infrastructure on her blog Technigraph, and serves as a commercial space analyst and journalist at The Enterprise Orbit.

Professional Background & Education

Kendra has a degree in political science from Bard College. As a freelance journalist, she has covered telecommunications, IoT and smart infrastructure extensively. Based in New Mexico, she has worked in telecommunications for over six years as a journalist and analyst.

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Kendra lives in New Mexico with her husband and their three dogs.

She can be found on Twitter at @KendraRC976.

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