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Oct 12, 2022 | Published: Jul 15, 2020

Where Donald Trump and Joe Biden Stand On Key Broadband Issues

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated. It appears as though Joe Biden has signalled his support for Net Neutrality through his “unity task forces” with Bernie Sanders, stating that “Democrats will restore the FCC’s clear authority to take strong enforcement action against broadband providers who violate net neutrality principles through blocking, throttling, paid prioritization, or … Continued

Where The 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand On Broadband Issues

Just 4 Candidates Have Specific Plans To Address The Digital Divide Editor’s Note: this report has been updated. On December 6th, the Sanders campaign issued a comprehensive “Internet For All” plan. This report was updated to reflect these details. Broadband is emerging as a critical campaign issue for the U.S. 2020 presidential election, and there’s … Continued

Missouri’s Battleground for Community Broadband

Missouri is an agricultural state, with farms covering two-thirds of the state’s total land acreage, supporting an $88 billion industry. The state’s large rural areas lack access to high-speed broadband. According to the FCC’s 2019 Broadband Deployment Progress Report, over half of Missouri residents in rural areas of the state lack access to broadband at … Continued

2019 Digital Inclusion Trailblazers: Leading Cities

Robust access to broadband and technology is vitally important for participation in the modern economy, and yet, more than 21 million Americans currently lack access to even basic broadband-level internet speeds. Cities around the nation are waking up to the idea that a connected populace is more informed, more financially stable, and healthier overall. Now, … Continued