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Oct 23, 2022 | Published: Apr 6, 2021

Municipal Broadband Is Restricted In 18 States Across The U.S. In 2021

Editor’s Note: this report has been updated to reflect the passing of Washington state’s bill. Over the past year, the broadband sector has come into the forefront of public discourse, with millions of Americans struggling to stay online amidst the pandemic. In many communities, local governments have turned to creating their own solutions where private … Continued

Tens of Millions of Students Are Back to School Remotely, And So Far, Networks Around the U.S. Are Holding Up 

Students around the U.S. are returning to school, though for many of them, this year will be different than any other on record. Millions of learners are getting accustomed to a fully online schooling environment as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold. With thousands or hundreds of thousands of students going online simultaneously in a given … Continued

Internet Performance Around The World Amid COVID-19

Hundreds of countries have now reported cases of the novel coronavirus as it sweeps its way through nearly every corner of the planet, impacting the daily lives of millions. Throughout this period, staying connected while staying home has become a crucial aspect of quarantined life. We have been tracking both download and upload speeds in … Continued

Internet Speed Analysis: Rural, Top 200 Cities April 12th – 18th

As America settles into a new normal, millions of workers and young learners are now relying on their home internet connections to stay productive.  These networks continue to face disruptions in cities and towns in all corners of the nation, though the majority of the degradations remain minor. This is our fifth report tracking internet … Continued

Microsoft Launches Open Data Campaign to Close the Digital Divide – BroadbandNow Contributes Pricing and Competition Data

Today, Microsoft launched the Open Data Campaign to help address the longstanding digital divide in the United States. The company has provided an open data set on broadband usage gathered from its Airband Initiative for researchers, policymakers and concerned citizens to better understand access at the local level. In tandem with this initiative, BroadbandNow has contributed an open data set on … Continued

Internet Speed Analysis: Rural, Top 200 Cities March 29th – April 4th

Several major U.S. cities previously hit hard are showing signs of network recovery, but others are still experiencing significant disruptions For the past three weeks, our team has been tracking internet performance in hundreds of American cities amid the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, we expanded our analysis to include rural America, as well as adding … Continued