In Spite of Lobbyist Efforts, over 500 Community Broadband Networks Across US

In Spite of Lobbyist Efforts, over 500 Community Broadband Networks Across US

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October 21, 2022 | Published: September 22, 2016

Telecom lobbyists have been doing their best to block municipal broadband networks. In spite of their efforts, public-owned Internet options continue to spread in towns throughout the US.

The data set below, based on records from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, shows 528 communities served by public-owned broadband networks in the US.

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Municipal broadband expanding despite restrictive state laws

Considering that more than half of US residents only have one Internet service provider (ISP) to “choose” from, municipal broadband can be a game changer for rural areas where commercial ISPs can’t or won’t provide service.

Independence, OR is one of hundreds of towns to implement community broadband to residents in need.
Independence, OR is one of hundreds of towns to implement community broadband to residents in need. Image Source: Independence OR City Website.

While the data is encouraging for municipal broadband advocates considering the FCC’s recent defeat in Tennessee and North Carolina, full-fledged city-wide networks like Chattanooga’s “smart grid” are rare.

Only 96 of the community networks have confirmed “gig” status (speeds of 1000Mbps up/down). Implementing gig networks in the first place can be difficult, even when funded privately, thanks to a complex array of laws in 19 states.


Data from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance
City City State Type Stimulus Gig
N/A Aberdeen SD 24992 inet
Grays Harbor PUD Aberdeen WA 16008 partial
Point Broadband Abingdon VA 8200 fiber Y
OneCommunity Akron OH 207209 partial
ALP Business Communications Alexandria MN 11000 partial
Algona Municipal Utilities Algona IA 5227 cable
Altatec Alta IA 1862 cable
N/A Ammon ID 14000 partial N Y
Anaheim Anaheim CA 340000 dark
Anaheim Fiber Anaheim CA 332361 inet
Anderson Municipal Light and Power Anderson IN 56000 partial
Chelan PUD Ardenvoir WA 50 partial
ConnectArlington Arlington County VA 227000 dark N
N/A Asheville NC 76636 dark
Ashland Fiber Network Ashland OR 20996 cable
OneCommunity Ashtabula OH 19680 partial
Athens Utility Board Athens TN 13500 partial N Y
Point Broadband Atkins VA 1100 partial Y
Auburn Essential Services Auburn IN 13000 fiber
N/A Aurora IL 200000 partial
N/A Aurora IL 200000 dark
N/A Baconton GA 900 cable
Bagley Public Utilities Bagley MN 1400 cable
N/A Baker County GA 3085 partial Y
OneCommunity Barberton OH 26533 partial
Barbourville Barbourville KY 3624 cable
Bardstown Cable Bardstown KY 11298 cable
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Barnard VT 1000 partial
Barnesville Municipal Utilities Barnesville MN 2300 partial
City of Bartow Bartow FL 17000 dark
Kane County Fiber Optics Batavia IL 26000 dark
Douglas County Community Network Bauer’s Landing WA 50 inet
Beaver County Fiber Beaver County PA 171673 inet
Scott County Fiber Network Belle Plaine MN 6600 dark N
Bellevue Bellevue IA 2302 fiber
Benton PUD Broadband Benton City WA 3013 partial
Benton PUD Broadband Benton County WA 155991 partial
Beresford Municipal Telephone/Cablevision Beresford SD 2279 cable
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Bethel VT 500 partial
SMBS – Bingham lake Bingham Lake MN 126 fiber Y
Chelan PUD Blewett WA 50 partial
Point Broadband Bluefield VA 5400 partial Y Y
Bowling Green Municipal Utility Bowling Green KY 50663 partial
Braintree Electric Light Department Braintree MA 35488 cable
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Braintree VT 1200 partial
SMBS – Brewster Brewster MN 473 fiber Y
Douglas County Community Network Bridgeport WA 2022 inet
Douglas County Community Network Bridgeport Bar WA 40 inet
N/A Bristol CT 60722 inet
Bristol TN Essential Services Bristol TN 25021 fiber Y
Point Broadband Bristol VA 17690 fiber Y
Axcess Ontario Bristol Center NY dark
Axcess Ontario Bristol Springs NY dark
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Brookfield VT 1300 partial
Swiftel Brookings SD 20184 fiber
Bryan Municipal Utilities Bryan OH 8210 cable
Burbank Water and Power Burbank CA 103121 partial
Kane County Fiber Optics Burlington IL 600 dark
Mt Vernon Fiber Optic Services Burlington WA 8400 partial Y
N/A Burlington NC 51000 dark
Butler County Butler County OH 368130 inet
N/A Cairo GA 9870 cable
N/A Calhoun GA 15500 partial
N/A Calhoun County GA 6694 partial Y
Community Network Services – Camilla Camilla GA 5355 cable
Axcess Ontario Canandaigua NY dark
Clackamas Broadband Express Canby OR 16000 dark Y
OneCommunity Canton OH 78379 partial
Carroll County Broadband Carroll County MD 170089 dark
Fibercom Cartersville GA 20000 partial
CarverLink Carver MN 4100 dark Y
Chelan PUD Cashmere WA 2955 fiber Y
Point Broadband Castlewood VA 2000 partial Y
OptiLink Catoosa County GA 64035 partial
Point Broadband Cedar Bluff VA 1085 partial Y Y
Cedar Falls Utilities Cedar Falls IA 39387 fiber Y
Cedar Falls Utilities – rural expansion Cedar Falls IA 39260 partial Y
N/A Champaign IL 81000 partial Y
CarverLink Chanhassen MN 23000 dark Y
Chanute Chanute KS 8738 partial
N/A Chapel Hill NC 53546 inet
N/A Chaska MN 24000 partial
EPB Fiber Optics Chattanooga TN 171350 fiber Y
Chelan PUD Chelan WA 4107 partial
Chelan PUD Chelan County WA 73372 fiber Y
Cheney Fiber Network Cheney WA 9743 partial
Axcess Ontario Cheshire NY dark
N/A Cheshire NH 800 dark Y
Chicopee Electric Light Chicopee MA 56000 partial N Y
Point Broadband Chillhowie VA 1827 partial Y
Chelan PUD Chumstick WA 50 partial
CC Communications Churchill NV 24355 fiber
N/A Cincinnati OH 800000 inet
Clallam PUD Clallam County WA 71413 partial
N/A Claremont NH 13000 dark Y
Clarksville CDE Lightband Clarksville TN 124565 fiber Y
Point Broadband Clay Pool Hill VA 1700 partial Y
Point Broadband Cleveland VA 150 partial Y
OneCommunity Cleveland OH 461324 partial
OneCommunity Cleveland Heights OH 45404 partial
Axcess Ontario Clifton Springs NY dark
Point Broadband Clinchco VA 400 partial Y Y
Point Broadband Clintwood VA 1400 partial Y Y
N/A Coldwater MI 10425 cable
N/A College Station TX 95000 dark Y
Collins Communications Collins MS 2861 cable
CarverLink Cologne MN 1500 dark Y
CPWS Broadband Columbia TN 35248 cable
Howard County Fiber Network Columbia MD 103000 dark Y
N/A Columbia County GA 124053 partial Y
N/A Concord MA 18000 fiber
Conway Corporation Conway AR 59512 cable
Coon Rapids Municipal Utilities Coon Rapids IA 1238 cable
N/A Corinth KY 181 partial Y
Continuum Cornelius NC 25000 cable
Cortez Community Network Cortez CO 8500 partial
Grant PUD Coulee City WA 951 partial
Grant PUD Coulee Dam WA 1050 partial
Crosslake Communications Crosslake MN 2128 partial
City of Crystal Falls Crystal Falls MI 1549 cable
OptiLink Dalton GA 33604 fiber
Point Broadband Damascus VA 1000 partial Y
Clackamas Broadband Express Damascus OR 10500 dark Y
nDanville Danville VA 44400 partial Y
Continuum Davidson NC 11000 cable
Howard County Fiber Network Dayton MD 2000 dark Y
N/A DeKalb County IL 44000 partial Y
Grant PUD Desert Aire WA 1124 fiber
Douglas County Community Network Desert Canyon WA 100 inet
N/A Doerun GA 800 cable N N
Douglas County Community Network Douglas County WA 37565 inet
Oregon South Central Regional Fiber Consortium Lighting the Fiber Middle Mile Project Douglas County OR 107667 partial Y
N/A Douglasville GA 32812 inet
Dover Technology Dover OH 12816 dark
Chelan PUD Dryden WA 50 fiber Y
Dublin Dublin GA 16000 partial N N
Dublink+ Dublin OH 34000 partial N
LENOWISCO Planning District Commission Duffield VA 91000 partial
Durango Durango CO 17000 dark
Access Eagan Eagan MN 64000 partial
N/A Early County GA 11008 partial Y
Axcess Ontario East Bloomfield NY dark
Connecticut Education Network East Hartford CT dark Y
EPB Fiber Optics East Ridge TN 19985 fiber Y
Douglas County Community Network East Wenatchee WA 12569 inet
N/A Eastern Virginia VA question
OneCommunity Eastlake OH 19733 partial
EastonOnline Easton MD 14829 cable
Chippewa Internetworking Consortium (CINC) Eau Claire WI 66623 inet
N/A Edmonds WA 39515 dark
Elberton Utilities Elberton GA 4650 cable
Kane County Fiber Optics Elgin IL 110000 dark
Scott County Fiber Network Elko New Market MN 4100 dark N
Howard County Fiber Network Elkridge MD 15500 dark Y
City of Ellensburg Ellensburg WA 18000 partial N N
Howard County Fiber Network Ellicot City MD 65000 dark Y
OneCommunity Elyria OH 54947 partial
Point Broadband Emery-Meadow View VA 2200 partial Y
N/A Enfield NH 4500 partial Y
Chelan PUD Entiat WA 1082 partial
Grant PUD Ephrata WA 7569 partial
Erwin Fiber Erwin TN 6000 partial N Y
Clackamas Broadband Express Estacada OR 2700 dark Y
Eugene Eugene OR 156000 dark
Evanston Evanston IL 75000 partial
Axcess Ontario Farmington NY dark
Fayetteville Public Utilities Fayetteville TN 7215 cable
Axcess Ontario Fishers NY dark
N/A Fitzwilliam NH 2400 dark Y
EPB Fiber Optics Flintstone GA 3500 fiber Y
Forsyth Cablenet Forsyth GA 5162 cable
<N/A Fort Pierce FL 37841 partial
Frankfort Plant Board Frankfort KY 27382 cable
Franklin Municipal FiberNET Franklin KY 8408 partial
Franklin PUD Broadband Franklin County WA 77355 partial
Howard County Fiber Network Fulton MD 2000 dark Y
Gahanna Gahanna OH 33224 inet
GATOR NET Gainesville FL 116616 partial
Wired Road Galax VA 6880 partial Y
Axcess Ontario Geneva NY dark
Kane County Fiber Optics Geneva IL 22000 dark
Point Broadband Glad Spring VA 1300 partial Y
Clackamas Broadband Express Gladstone OR 11500 dark Y
Glasgow Electric Power Board Glasgow KY 14272 cable
Glassboro Municipal Area Network Glassboro NJ 19094 inet
Glendale Glendale CA 200499 dark
Glenwood Springs Community Broadband Network (GSCBN) Glenwood Springs CO 9000 partial
Axcess Ontario Gorham NY dark
N/A Goshen NH 800 dark Y
Clackamas Broadband Express Government Camp OR 193 dark Y
Grant PUD Grand Coulee WA 951 fiber
N/A Grant County KY 22384 partial Y
Grant PUD Grant County WA 88098 fiber
N/Amah Greenfield MA 17000 partial
N/A Greensboro NC 280000 dark
GEUS Greenville TX 25553 cable
Point Broadband Grundy VA 1100 partial Y Y
N/A Grundy Center IA 2524 cable
N/A Hamburg MN 500 dark Y
CenterGrid (using Hamilton fiber) Hamilton OH 62000 partial N N
N/A Hamilton OH 62795 inet
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Hancock VT 300 dark
N/A Hanover NH 11000 dark Y
Clackamas Broadband Express Happy Valley OR 14000 dark Y
Harlan Municipal Utilities Harlan IA 4895 cable
The Community Agency Hartley IA 1650 cable
Grant PUD Hartline WA 146 fiber
HITEC – Hawarden Integrated Technology, Energy, & Communication Hawarden IA 2367 cable
Point Broadband Haysi VA 200 partial Y Y
SMBS – Heron Lake Heron Lake MN 700 fiber Y
N/A High Point NC 108000 dark
Highland Communication Services Highland IL 10000 fiber
Howard County Fiber Network Highland MD 1000 dark Y
Altitude Community Broadband Highlands NC 1000 partial
Point Broadband Hiltons VA 1600 fiber Y
Martin County Dark Fiber Hobe Sound FL 11500 dark
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Connect (Economic Development for the 21st Century) Hogansburg NY 3512 partial Y
Holland Fiber Network Holland MI 34053 partial
Holly Springs Dark Fiber Holly Springs NC 29000 dark
HGE.Net Holyoke MA 40000 partial N Y
Point Broadband Honaker VA 1500 partial Y Y
Axcess Ontario Honeoye NY dark
Axcess Ontario Hopewell NY dark
Energy Net Hopkinsville KY 32095 cable
N/A Hudson OH 22000 partial
N/A Humboldt County CA 129623 inet
Huntsville Utilities Huntsville GA 180000 dark
Circa Idaho Falls ID 55312 dark
Point Broadband Independence VA 1000 partial Y
Independence Light & Power, Telecommunications Independence IA 6074 cable
MINET Independence OR 9510 fiber
Indianola Indianola IA 14782 partial N Y
Martin County Dark Fiber Indiantown FL 5500 dark
Jackson Energy Authority Jackson TN 63732 fiber Y
SMBS – Jackson Jackson MN 3300 fiber Y
N/A Jacksonville FL 813518 inet
Martin County Dark Fiber Jensen Beach FL 11700 dark
Point Broadband Johnson City TN 63000 partial Y
Scott County Fiber Network Jordan MN 5500 dark N
Martin County Dark Fiber Jupiter Island FL 800 dark
N/A Kahoka MO 2165 cable
N/A Keene NH 23000 dark Y
Benton PUD Broadband Kennewick WA 67814 fiber
KPU Telecommunications Ketchikan AK 7515 cable
Kitsap PUD Kitsap County WA 240862 fiber
Oregon South Central Regional Fiber Consortium Lighting the Fiber Middle Mile Project Klamath County OR 20840 partial Y
Kotlik Kotlik AK 650 cable
Hometown Utilicom Kutztown PA 5102 fiber
Lafayette Utilities System Lafayette LA 114915 fiber Y
N/A LaGrange GA 30000 partial
Lake Connections Lake County MN 11000 fiber Y
SMBS – Lakefield Lakefield MN 1600 fiber Y
Lakeland Lakeland FL 100000 dark
Oregon South Central Regional Fiber Consortium Lighting the Fiber Middle Mile Project Lane County OR 154620 partial Y
N/A LaSalle County IL 114000 partial Y
N/A Laurens IA 1228 cable
Lawrence Lawrence KS 88000 dark N N
Chelan PUD Leavenworth WA 2347 fiber Y
Point Broadband Lebanon VA 3500 partial Y Y
N/A Lebanon NH 13000 dark Y
Lebanon Utilities Lebanon IN 16000 cable
N/A Leesburg FL 22000 partial
N/A Lenexa KS 41995 dark
Lenox Lenox IA 1248 fiber
LeverettNet Leverett MA 1900 fiber N Y
Port of Lewiston Fiber Network Lewiston ID 42000 dark
N/A Loma Linda CA 21659 fiber
City of Lompoc (LompocNet) Lompoc CA 42343 inet
Long Beach Long Beach CA 465576 dark
NextLight Longmont CO 86000 fiber N Y
EPB Fiber Optics Lookout Mountain TN 1800 fiber Y
OneCommunity Lorain OH 70260 partial
N/A Luray VA 4895 partial Y
N/A Lyme NH 1700 dark Y
N/A Mahomet IL 7250 partial N
Axcess Ontario Manchester NY dark
N/A Manchester CT 54740 inet
N/A Manning IA 1500 cable
Douglas County Community Network Mansfield WA 348 inet
Mapleton Communications Mapleton IA 1147 cable
Point Broadband Marion VA 6350 partial Y
N/A Marlow NH 750 dark Y
Marshall Marshall MO 12245 fiber
Martinsville Information Network – MINET Martinsville VA 14000 partial
Mason County PUD3 Mason County WA 58016 partial
Grant PUD Mattawa WA 3199 fiber
CarverLink Mayer MN 1750 dark Y
OneCommunity – Mayfield Village Mayfield Village OH 3500 partial
Medina County Medina County OH 173262 dark Y
Rio Blanco Broadband Meeker CO 2500 partial Y
Mendocino Community Network Mendocino County CA 87553 inet
OneCommunity Mentor OH 51895 partial
Chelan PUD Meritt WA 50 partial
Middletown Miami U Middletown OH 48962 inet
N/A Miller County GA 6125 partial Y
Clackamas Broadband Express Milwaukie OR 20500 dark Y
N/A Mishawaka IN 48000 dark
N/A Mitchell County GA 23498 partial Y
Clackamas Broadband Express Molalla OR 8000 dark Y
Chelan PUD Monitor WA 50 fiber Y
MINET Monmouth OR 15083 fiber
N/A Monroe GA 13534 cable
Community Telecom Services Monticello KY 6141 cable
N/A Monticello MN 11994 fiber
Mooresville NC 22133 cable
Morganton Morganton NC 17029 cable
FiberNET Morristown TN 28054 fiber Y
Grant PUD Moses Lake WA 20086 partial
Community Network Services – Moultrie Moultrie GA 15500 cable
Mt Vernon Fiber Optic Services Mt Vernon WA 32000 partial Y
Clackamas Broadband Express Mulino OR 2100 dark Y
N/A Multiple NH 1100 dark Y
Murray Electric System Murray KY 16555 cable
N/A Murray County GA 40621 partial
MachLink Muscatine IA 22614 cable
Axcess Ontario Naples NY dark
N/A Nashville TN 630000 dark
N/A Negaunee MI 4456 cable
Nelson County Virginia Broadband Project Nelson County VA 15000 partial Y
BlueAlbany New Albany OH 7300 partial
CarverLink New Germany MN 370 dark Y
N/A New London NH 4400 dark Y
Scott County Fiber Network New Prague MN 7300 dark N
Utilities Commission, City of New Smyrna Beach New Smyrna Beach FL 23376 inet
N/A New York City NY 8244910 inet
N/A Newport NH 6500 dark Y
Pend Oreille County Public Utility District (PUD) Broadband Network Newport WA 2200 partial Y
N/A Norman Park GA 1000 cable N N
N/A North Kansas City MO 6007 fiber Y
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) North Randolph VT 4800 partial
City of Norway CATV System Norway MI 2804 cable
Norwood Light Broadband Norwood MA 28442 cable
CarverLink Norwood Young America MN 3500 dark Y
N/A Ocala FL 55568 partial
Martin County Dark Fiber Ocean Breeze Park FL 460 dark
Oconee FOCUS (Fiber Optics Creating Unified Solutions) Oconee County SC 74273 partial Y
Oconto Falls Municipal Utilities Oconto WI 4530 cable
SMBS – Okabena Okabena MN 200 fiber Y
N/A Okanogan County WA 40552 fiber Y
Opelika Opelika AL 28000 fiber N Y
N/A Opp AL 6524 cable
N/A Orangeburg County SC 91910 partial Y
Clackamas Broadband Express Oregon City OR 32000 dark Y
N/A Orford NH 1200 dark Y
Douglas County Community Network Orondo WA 1556 inet
Osage Municipal Utilities Osage IA 3431 cable
Ottawa Network Ottawa KS 12600 partial
N/A Owen County KY 10547 partial Y
OMU Online Owensboro KY 54312 partial Y
N/A Pacific County WA 21246 partial
Paducah Power System Paducah KY 25720 partial
N/A Page County VA 24042 partial Y
N/A Palm Beach County FL 1335000 partial
Martin County Dark Fiber Palm City FL 10500 dark
Palm Coast FiberNET Palm Coast FL 73168 partial Y
Palo Alto Fiber Palo Alto CA 57000 dark
Paragould Light Water and Cable Paragould AR 25028 cable
Pasadena Pasadena CA 138101 dark
Franklin PUD Broadband Pasco WA 58647 fiber
The Community Agency Paullina IA 1000 cable
Community Network Services – Pelham (Pelnet) Pelham GA 3981 cable
Pend Oreille PUD Pend Oreille County WA 12946 fiber
Chelan PUD Peshastin WA 50 fiber Y
Axcess Ontario Phelps NY dark
Pine City Fiber Optic Backbone Pine City MN 3123 partial
Greenlight (City of Wilson) Pine Tops NC 1400 fiber Y
N/A Pitcairn PA 3324 cable
Chippewa Internetworking Consortium (CINC) Platteville WI 11224 partial Y
Coeur d’Alene Reservation FTTH Project Last Mile Non-remote Plummer ID 1044 partial Y
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Pomfret VT 1000 partial
N/A Ponca City OK 25000 partial N N
City of Poplar Bluff Municipal Utilities Poplar Bluff MO 17045 cable
Mt Vernon Fiber Optic Services Port of Skagit County WA 0 partial Y
Port of Whitman Port of Whitman WA 1 dark N N
Martin County Dark Fiber Port Salerno FL 10000 dark
Powell Fiber Optic Network Powell WY 5786 fiber
The Community Agency Primghar IA 900 cable
Princeton Municipal Utilities Princeton IL 7500 partial
Scott County Fiber Network Prior Lake MN 23000 dark N
Benton PUD Broadband Prosser WA 5282 fiber
PES Energize Pulaski TN 7871 fiber
Grant PUD Quincy WA 6157 fiber
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Reading VT 650 dark
EPB Fiber Optics Red Bank TN 11765 fiber Y
Redding Light Plant Redding MA 25000 dark
Reedsburg Utility Commission Reedsburg WI 9211 fiber Y
Reedsburg Utility Commission – rural expansion Reedsburg WI 2000 partial Y
Reinbeck Telecom Reinbeck IA 1751 cable
Point Broadband Richlands VA 1100 partial Y Y
N/A Richmond NH 1100 dark Y
EPB Fiber Optics Ridgeside TN 402 fiber Y
N/A Rindge NH 6000 partial Y
Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority Roanoke VA 100000 partial
Rochelle Municipal Utilities Rochelle IL 9556 partial
City of Rochester Rochester NY 210000 dark
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Rochester VT 1100 dark
Rock Falls Rock Falls IL 9200 partial N
N/A Rockbridge County VA 22307 partial Y
GWI (using Rockport fiber) Rockport ME 3300 dark N Y
EPB Fiber Optics Rossville GA 4100 fiber Y
SMBS – Round Lake Round Lake MN 376 fiber Y
Grant PUD Royal City WA 2024 fiber
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Royalton VT 2600 partial
Point Broadband Rural Retreat VA 24000 partial Y
Axcess Ontario Rushville NY dark
Russell Municipal Cable Russell MA 1768 cable
Russellville EPB SmartNet Russellville KY 6000 fiber N Y
Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority Salem VA 25000 partial
Fibrant Salisbury NC 31041 fiber Y
DiamondNet Sallisaw OK 8812 fiber
Point Broadband Saltville VA 2200 partial Y
San Bruno Municipal Cable TV San Bruno CA 41420 cable
SF Fiber San Francisco CA 751682 question
The Community Agency Sanborn IA 1308 cable
Sandersville FiberLink Sandersville GA 5981 partial
OneCommunity Sandusky OH 25651 partial
N/A Sandy OR 10000 fiber N Y
Santa Clara Santa Clara CA 120000 partial
City of Santa Fe Santa Fe NM 69000 partial N N
Santa Monica City Net Santa Monica CA 90377 partial Y
Howard County Fiber Network Savage MD 7000 dark Y
Scott County Fiber Network Savage MN 27000 dark N
Scottsboro EPB Scottsboro AL 14879 cable
N/A Sebewaing MI 1700 fiber N Y
N/A Sells AZ 2495 partial Y
Clallam PUD Sequim WA 5840 partial
Martin County Dark Fiber Sewall’s Point FL 2000 dark
City of Shafter, California Shafter CA 15911 partial
Scott County Fiber Network Shakopee MN 37000 dark N
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Sharon VT 1500 partial
Mason County Public Utilities District Shelton WA 9254 partial
N/A Shenandoah VA 5040 partial Y
N/A Sherwood OR 13901 partial
N/A Shrewsbury MA 33939 cable
EPB Fiber Optics Signal Mountain TN 7253 fiber Y
Lake Connections Silver Bay MN 1900 fiber Y
Lake County Fiber Network Silver Bay MN 1900 partial Y
Grant PUD Soap Lake WA 1870 fiber
Saint Joe Valley MetroNet South Bend IN 100000 dark
N/A South Hadley MA 17196 inet
N/A South Sioux City NE 12213 inet
Spanish Fork Community Network Spanish Fork UT 32643 cable
Spencer Municipal Utilities Spencer IA 11000 fiber N
N/A Springfield NH 1300 dark Y
Springfield Dark Fiber Springfield MA 150000 dark
N/A Springfield OR 60000 dark
SpringNet Springfield MO 150867 partial Y
Kane County Fiber Optics St Charles IL 33000 dark
Point Broadband St Paul VA 1000 partial Y Y
N/A St. Louis Park MN 46000 inet
Axcess Ontario Stanley NY dark
N/A Stanley VA 1688 partial Y
N/A Statewide AK inet
Staunton Staunton VA 25000 dark
ECFibernet (East Central Vermont Community Fiber Network) Stockbridge VT 700 dark
Martin County Dark Fiber Stuart FL 15500 dark
Point Broadband Sugar Grove VA 750 partial Y
Douglas County Community Network Sun Cove WA 50 inet
N/A Sun Prairie WI 23484 partial
N/A Sunapee NH 3300 dark Y
Chippewa Internetworking Consortium (CINC) Superior WI 27211 partial Y
N/A Swanzey NH 7000 dark Y
Sylacauga Sylacauga AL 12607 cable
BalsamWest FiberNET Sylva NC 2588 partial
Click! Network Tacoma WA 199638 cable
Tallahassee Tallahassee FL 180000 dark
Taunton Municipal Lightning Plant Taunton MA 56781 partial
Point Broadband Tazewell VA 4600 partial Y Y
Q-Life Network The Dalles OR 11873 partial
N/A Thomasville GA 19437 cable
N/A Tifton GA 17410 dark
Traverse City Light & Power Traverse City MI 15000 dark
Point Broadband Troutdale VA 190 partial Y
N/A Truckee CA 14000 dark
PANGAEA Tryon NC 1709 partial
Tullahoma Utilities Board Tullahoma TN 18434 fiber Y
Lake Connections Two Harbors MN 3700 fiber Y
Lake County Fiber Network Two Harbors MN 3700 partial Y
N/A Urbana IL 41000 partial Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) UTOPIA – Brigham City UT 18900 fiber Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) HQ UTOPIA – Centerville UT 15000 fiber Y Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) UTOPIA – Layton UT 67000 partial Y Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) UTOPIA – Lindon UT 8861 partial Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) UTOPIA – Midvale UT 27029 partial Y Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) UTOPIA – Murray UT 46569 partial Y Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) UTOPIA – Orem UT 89713 partial Y Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) UTOPIA – Payson UT 15479 partial Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) UTOPIA – Perry UT 4500 partial Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) UTOPIA – Tremonton UT 6043 fiber Y
Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) HQ UTOPIA – West Valley City UT 125096 partial Y Y
Valparaiso Broadband Valparaiso FL 17966 cable
Point Broadband Vansant VA 1000 partial Y Y
Vernon Light & Power Vernon CA 112 fiber
Axcess Ontario Victor NY dark
CarverLink Victoria MN 7300 dark Y
Vineland Metropolitan Area Network Vineland NJ 57057 inet
CarverLink Waconia MN 10000 dark Y
N/A Wadsworth OH 21007 cable
OneCommunity Wadsworth OH 21567 dark
Grant PUD Warden WA 2649 fiber
CarverLink Watertown MN 4200 dark Y
Douglas County Community Network Waterville WA 1147 inet
Chippewa Internetworking Consortium (CINC) Wausau WI 39213 partial Y
Connect Waverly Waverly IA 10000 fiber Y
N/A Webster City IA 8070 dark
Chelan PUD Wenatchee WA 30229 fiber Y
Axcess Ontario West Bloomfield NY dark
Westbrook Municipal Light & Power Westbrook MN 666 cable
N/A Westfield IN 30000 partial
Whip City Fiber Westfield MA 41000 partial N Y
Ting (using Westminster fiber) Westminster MD 19000 partial N Y
Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska Fiber-to-the- Premise White Cloud KS 1400 partial Y
White Mountain White Mountain AK 205 cable
OptiLink Whitfield County GA 60094 partial
SMBS – Wilder Wilder MN 60 fiber Y
EPB Fiber Optics Wildwood GA 1900 fiber Y
N/A Williamstown KY 3509 cable
Greenlight Wilson NC 50000 fiber Y
Grant PUD Wilson Creek WA 249 fiber
Clackamas Broadband Express Wilsonville OR 20000 dark Y
N/A Windom MN 4136 fiber
N/A Woodsfield OH 2388 cable
OneCommunity Wooster OH 26214 partial
N/A Worcester MA 182882 inet
Wyandotte Wyandotte MI 24174 cable
Point Broadband Wytheville VA 1827 partial Y
Chelan PUD Yodelin WA 50 partial

Broadband: basic right or simply a convenience?

The debate over municipal broadband boils down to this core issue: is home Internet a right, or a convenience?

For those who consider home Internet access a right, it makes sense to implement municipal broadband to ensure widespread and fairly-priced coverage. White House reports cite studies showing that broadband access is “associated with higher employment rates, especially in rural communities,” as well as helpful in opening career opportunities to married women. Municipal broadband access attracts tech-driven companies to formerly declining cities like Chatanooga, where city-wide gig Internet has driven a community revival and drawn millions in venture capital to the area.

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s Municipal Broadband interactive map shows that public broadband is surprisingly prevalent, especially in the midwest.

For those who consider it a luxury, spending public resources is viewed as wasteful and unnecessary. It also has the potential to put public-owned networks in competition with private companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable in areas like New York, interrupting free market forces. Fiber networks can cost millions to install, and returns are risky since unlike other utilities like electricity and water, there’s no guarantee that everyone in the community will sign up (regardless of whether or not private providers also serve the area.)

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Bridging the Digital Divide

The digital divide is becoming a major problem for consumers, and those left in the dark have less access to employment, education, and other 21st-century economies that depend on Internet connectivity.

Whether it comes from the private or public sector, one thing is for certain: the USA is lagging behind other developed nations, ranking only 13th for overall speed as of 2015. without increased competition in the broadband market, US consumers will be left with slow, expensive Internet.

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  • I live in a rural area south of Elgin Texas. We have only 1 ISP provider for DSL Internet Service (AT&T). They are providing internet speeds that are almost unusable and customer service has been an excercise in frustration.
    My questions are in regard to “Dark Fiber” that was laid in our area several years ago. We were inconvienienced for 2 years with the road work and broken water lines while Contractors ran literally miles of fiber optic cable. The lines run through our neighborhood and they even installed boxes on the street, but nothing has happened after that. How do you find out who actually owns it, why it wasnt offered to be hooked up to our homes, and what would it take to get it activated so people could have decent internet service in our area?

    1. Unfortunately this type of information is not usually publicly available. I would recommend contacting your local government offices — they should have information available on who to contact for developers that might need to dig in that area.

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