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Optimum offers cable and fiber internet to more than 20.6 million people across the Northeast, with the most coverage in New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia. Optimum offers cable TV, home phone, and mobile services along with home internet service. Optimum’s mobile services are powered by T-Mobile’s wireless network.

Optimum Internet Services

Best Features: Things to Consider:
  • Super-fast fiber speeds
  • Free installation when you order online
  • Unlimited data and contract-free plans
  • Limited availability
  • Prices vary by service area

With Optimum FlexAbility, you can choose the internet speed, TV package, or data plan you want. Optimum doesn’t require contracts, and if you’re not satisfied, Optimum offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. With internet plans starting at $40  per month, Optimum offers download speeds up to 940 Mbps. If fiber is available in your area, you can get symmetrical internet speeds.

Plan Name Download Speed Starting Price Data Cap
Optimum Fiber Up to 5 Gbps $40 per month Unlimited data
Optimum Cable Up to 940 Mbps $40 per month Unlimited data

If you need extended Wi-Fi coverage in your home, not to worry, one Optimum Wi-Fi Extender in addition to the Smart Wi-Fi 6 gateway modem is included in most Optimum internet packages. You can use your own modem too if you prefer.

On the flip side of promotions are fees. Luckily, Optimum keeps its internet fees to a minimum since there are no data caps or contracts. Plus, Optimum makes installation free for customers when they order online.

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Optimum Internet Speeds

Optimum’s primary service is cable internet, which means data travels over coaxial cable lines either buried underground or on utility poles. Although originally installed exclusively for cable TV, a technology called DOCSIS uses these lines to send high-bandwidth digital data. That enables cable companies like Optimum to provide internet service to a broad subscriber base without installing expensive fiber lines to every individual subscriber.

Optimum instead sends fiber into subscribers’ general area and uses coaxial lines for the last part of the data journey. It can bottleneck download and upload speeds compared to pure fiber-optic connections, enabling the company to offer cheaper service at scale. People with access to Optimum Fiber will have fiber routed directly to their homes.

Optimum Internet vs. Optimum Mobile

Optimum offers both internet and mobile services. Combining internet service and a mobile plan on one account can save you up to a year’s worth of mobile phone charges.

Cities and Towns With Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions About Optimum Internet

  • Is Optimum fiber or cable internet available in my area?

    If Optimum is available in your area, you’ll have your choice of cable or fiber internet service. One way to figure out which connection type is available is by looking at the upload speeds on the advertised plans. Fiber speeds are symmetrical, whereas cable tends to have a much lower upload speed than download speed. Check to see your plan options by entering your ZIP code at the top of this page.

  • Do I have to sign a contract to get Optimum internet?

    All Optimum internet plans are free of contracts and come with unlimited data.

  • How much can I save if I bundle internet service with phone service?

    You can add home phone service for $15 to any internet plan. If you’re interested in bundling a mobile phone plan with your internet service, you can save significantly on your mobile service — even get a year’s free service, depending on the internet plan and mobile plan you choose.

  • Does Optimum impose data caps on its internet plans?

    Optimum does not impose data caps on fiber or cable internet plans. All plans include unlimited data.

  • Does Optimum charge for installation?

    While Optimum does have an installation fee, Optimum tends to waive this installation fee for all customers who order online.