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Internet Providers in Igiugig, Alaska

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Home Internet in Igiugig, AK

  • 1. Rock Solid Internet & Telephone
    Speeds Up To
    10 Mbps
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    Connection: Fixed Wireless
    Availability: 82.4%
  • 2. EarthLink
    Speeds Up To
    100 Mbps
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    Connection: DSL, 5G Internet
    Availability: 78.4%
  • ERF Wireless
    Speeds Up To
    1 Mbps
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    Connection: Fixed Wireless
    Availability: 16.2%

Best Internet Provider In Igiugig, AK

Rock Solid Internet & Telephone takes the crown as the leading provider in Igiugig, offering fixed wireless connections with an impressive 82% coverage. Their service guarantees a steady 10 Mbps download speed, providing a reliable solution for your internet requirements. Its plans start at a comfortable $59.99 per month, striking a balance between cost and quality.

Hot on Rock Solid's heels, EarthLink provides DSL and 5G internet, covering approximately 78% of Igiugig. It significantly outdistances Rock Solid's download speed, offering a staggering 100 Mbps. While its starting price is slightly higher at $64.95 per month, the boosted performance certainly justifies it.

Given that a significant part of Igiugig lacks a wired internet connection, wireless options like these are vital. Both Rock Solid and EarthLink are instrumental in serving these less connected areas, ensuring widespread internet accessibility for the community.

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