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Cricket Plans and Pricing

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$35/mo for 20GB data

  • Nationwide 5G access
  • Compatible device required. No data access after monthly purchase is used.

Mobile Broadband

$55/mo for 100GB data

  • Nationwide 5G access
  • Compatible device required. No data access after monthly purchase is used.

Mobile Broadband

Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with Cricket Wireless.

Expert Overview of Cricket‘s Services

Cricket Wireless provides mobile broadband and cellular service in metro-area pockets all around the US. The company offers a wide range of hardware options to customers, and has several types of service plans to choose from. Traditionally, the company has focused on smaller, rural markets often overlooked by larger providers.

Does Cricket Wireless Have Mobile Broadband Options?

Cricket Wireless offers several different service plans for users looking to get mobile broadband internet access. These include both addons to cellular data plans and standalone service agreements for devices like portable hotspots. In either case, you will have a set amount of bandwidth per month. After reaching this cap, speed reductions and overage charges may apply.

Cricket Wireless Unlimited Data Explained

Cricket Wireless (like many large cellular providers) offers a selection of “unlimited” data plans for customers to choose from. That said, most of these plans are limited in terms of speed and bandwidth. Once you pass a certain threshold, you may experience slower speeds until the next billing cycle begins. This is especially true during times of peak network congestion.

Cricket Wireless Deals & Promotions

Cricket Wireless commonly offers special promotional rates and packages for new customers. Deals for existing customers are less common, but the company has been known to have incentives several times throughout the year. These include discounted cellular plans and bundles, as well as sales on the latest hardware like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Does Cricket Wireless Offer TV Bundles Packages?

While Cricket Wireless doesn’t offer any sort of TV service themselves, the company does partner with DIRECTV’s DIRECTV NOW streaming platform. New customers are eligible for a free 7-day trial of the service. DIRECTV NOW allows you to watch select live TV channels and programs on-the-go, whenever you’d like to.

Cricket Wireless Company Background

Cricket Wireless was initially founded in 1999, with Chattanooga being the first market the company served. Since 2013, the company has been wholly-owned by AT&T. Initially focusing on underdeveloped and rural areas, the company has since expanded its network to large pockets all around the US.

Cricket Wireless Network Overview

Cricket Wireless has a nationwide network footprint made up of mixed 3G, 4G and LTE service types. The company has not announced any specific plans for 5G service rollouts, but it is expected that this will begin sometime over the next few years. Cricket has offered both prepaid and monthly billing options in the past, with the former being their primary focus.

Cricket Wireless Availability

Cricket Wireless has service access across the US in regional pockets. As you can see from the map above, the provider offers cellular service in 37 different states. This makes Cricket the 5th largest mobile provider in the nation, behind T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Coverage is weakest in the north and the midwest. The company services the most users in Texas, with 13, 824, 881 individuals having availability.

Availability By State

Alabama 29,988 6 mbps
Arizona 5,214,164 6 mbps
Arkansas 1,407,936 6 mbps
California 5,374,889 6 mbps
Colorado 4,017,801 6 mbps
Delaware 529,322 6 mbps
District of Columbia 601,723 6 mbps
Georgia 1,086,631 6 mbps
Idaho 768,251 6 mbps
Illinois 9,581,689 6 mbps
Indiana 1,341,264 6 mbps
Iowa 80,309 6 mbps
Kansas 1,404,148 6 mbps
Kentucky 1,909,904 6 mbps
Louisiana 263,855 6 mbps
Maryland 4,703,760 6 mbps
Michigan 24,027 6 mbps
Mississippi 186,394 6 mbps
Missouri 3,038,919 6 mbps
Nebraska 1,001,366 6 mbps
Nevada 2,428,382 6 mbps
New Jersey 2,136,418 6 mbps
New Mexico 1,248,816 6 mbps
New York 2,439,389 6 mbps
North Carolina 4,507,952 6 mbps
Ohio 2,723,854 6 mbps
Oklahoma 2,209,711 6 mbps
Oregon 1,693,198 6 mbps
Pennsylvania 6,023,393 6 mbps
South Carolina 1,031,548 6 mbps
Tennessee 3,594,789 6 mbps
Texas 13,824,881 6 mbps
Utah 2,320,092 6 mbps
Virginia 2,456,803 6 mbps
Washington 863,695 6 mbps
West Virginia 24,319 6 mbps
Wisconsin 2,594,670 6 mbps

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