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Rise Broadband Deals and Promotions

Below you will find the best triple play offers, TV and internet bundles, and internet only deals available for Rise Broadband.

Setup Rise Broadband Service

Average wait time to speak with a human is less than 30 seconds.

(855) 720-8276

  • New Service: (855) 720-8276
  • Support: (844) 816-9149


40%40% Customer Rating

39.6% recommendation rating according to 4,641 verified Rise Broadband users.


Internet Only Plans

Below are the latest internet only deals Rise Broadband is offering.

$29.95/mo for GOOD

  • 25 Mbps ↓ and -- Mbps
  • 1-year promo rate.
  • After 12-month promotional period Internet price increases by $10 for the remaining 12 months.
  • Setup: $75.00 (Includes professional installation.)
  • Modem: $10.99/mo

$39.95/mo for BETTER

  • 50 Mbps ↓ and -- Mbps
  • 1-year promo rate.
  • After 12-month promotional period Internet price increases by $10 for the remaining 12 months.
  • Setup: $75.00 (Includes professional installation.)
  • Modem: $10.99/mo

$49.95/mo for BEST

  • 50 Mbps ↓ and -- Mbps ↑ w/ no data cap.
  • Setup: $75.00 (Includes professional installation.)
  • Modem: $10.99/mo

We've noticed that Rise Broadband's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Last updated on 10/21/2019.

Rise Broadband Overview

Rise Broadband is a provider of fixed wireless broadband Internet with service availability in 19 states. They primarily operate in the Western and Midwestern US with the greatest coverage in Texas, Illinois, and Colorado. They have a variety of different package and speed options to consider.

When searching for the best Rise Broadband deals, there are a number of things to keep in mind. This guide will help you to compare Rise’s different plans as well as the various Rise Broadband deals for new customers so you can determine if Rise service is right for you.

Comparing Rise Broadband Internet Plans


  • Broadband Internet Speeds
  • Rural Coverage
  • Easy Installation


  • Data Limits
  • Line Of Sight Technology
  • Reliability

Fixed wireless Internet is a line of sight technology, meaning that the signal is broadcast from a Rise Broadband access point direct to a receiver at your residence. While this makes fixed wireless service easy to install, it can also cause some issues if there are landscape features blocking the line of sight between your receiver and Rise’s. Fog, rain, and other weather conditions can also affect signal strength and reduce reliability.

Fixed wireless is a great option for those in rural areas without other cable or wired Internet options. Rise Broadband offers broadband internet speeds (downloads greater than 25 Mbps and uploads greater than 3 Mbps) at affordable prices.Fixed wireless is a great option for those in rural areas without other cable or wired Internet options. Rise Broadband offers broadband internet speeds (downloads greater than 25 Mbps and uploads greater than 3 Mbps) at affordable prices.

When you consider speeds and data allowances versus plan pricing, fixed wireless is generally better value than DSL and satellite Internet. However, keep in mind that Rise Broadband plans do come with data limits. This is something that is typical of fixed wireless Internet service. There are currently no Rise deals that include unlimited data.

Rise Broadband Plans In Your Area

Rise Broadband offers plans with download speeds ranging from 5 Mbps up to 50 Mbps (Megabits Per Second). However, the availability of different plans and specific pricing varies based upon location. Which speeds you can get depends on the infrastructure in your area.

It is generally recommended that you select a plan that offers speeds of at least 25 Mbps, especially if you would like to do any online video streaming using services like Netflix or YouTube. Part of the reason for this is the way that Rise Broadband allocates data. Their faster plans come with higher data allowances than their slower ones, meaning more overall streaming time for your family. Since it only costs a few dollars more per month to upgrade to one of Rise’s high-speed plans, most families find the additional cost well worth it.

Rise Broadband’s 5 and 10 Mbps plans are best for families who only use the Internet for basic activities such as browsing websites or checking email. It is also important to remember that your plan’s bandwidth will be split between all concurrent users. If multiple people are trying to utilize the connection at the same time, a 5 Mbps plan can quickly slow down to a crawl and be rendered more or less unusable.

Rise Broadband: Contract Or No Contract?

While Rise Broadband does offer month-to-month Internet plans, one of the major benefits of signing a long term contract with them is the amount of data they allot you. If you agree to a two year contract, they will generally offer you a data allowance that is around 40% greater than the one given to customers that sign up for plans without a contract. This normally works out to around 100 GB of extra data per month. Plans with a two year contract also have a cheaper monthly rate than the month-to-month plans.

With either option, it is always possible to pay a higher rate to upgrade to their highest data allowance plan of 500 GB per month. Keep in mind that Rise does charge hefty fees for terminating a contract early, so you should only agree to one if you are ready to commit to the full one or two year term.

Types of Rise Broadband Internet Deals

Rise Broadband offers several different types of package deals that include Internet, phone, and TV service through the DISH Network or DIRECTV. You can typically save money by combining multiple services together. Since Rise doesn’t do a whole lot of special promotions, signing up for one of the Rise broadband bundle deals is the best way for families to get a discount on service.

Rise Internet-Only Deals

There are a number of Rise Internet deals for new customers. In order to get the cheapest price on Internet only service, you will be required to sign up with them on a two-year contract. The plans offering speeds of 25 Mbps and up are the best overall value and do not cost significantly more than the basic plans.


If you need phone service in addition to Internet, you can get cheaper rates on both by combining them together in a Rise double play deal. Rise ActivePhone is a digital residential phone service, meaning it uses your Internet connection to make calls instead of hardwired landlines. Rise’s digital phone service comes with unlimited domestic calls as well as free International calling to 64 countries. Caller ID and digital voicemail are included in the packages as well.

RISE TRIPLE PLAY DEALS (Internet + Phone + TV)

While there are currently no Rise cable and Internet deals available, Rise does have partnerships with both DIRECTV and the DISH Network that allow you to bundle satellite TV in with your Internet and digital phone plan. Which provider you can get depends on what coverage area you reside in. Rise’s partnership agreements vary by location.


In addition to the standard fees charged for things like exceeding your plan’s data allowance or missing a bill payment, there are a few other types of fees you should be aware of.


Rise typically charges a one time fee of around $150 for installation of the fixed wireless receiver dish on your property. However, it is possible to get 50% off of installation if you sign up for their Internet service on a two year contract. Should you decide to cancel your Internet service for any reason, Rise will charge you a reconnection fee in the future if you would like to restart up again on a new plan.


Rise charges an equipment rental fee of $11 per month for the receiver dish required to get their fixed wireless Internet signal. Upon discontinuation of service, you will be required to return the dish to Rise or face paying an unreturned equipment fee of $300.

For modems and routers, Rise recently changed their equipment policy and now provide managed router service free of charge when you sign up for an Internet plan with them. However, it is still possible to use your own router if you would like as well. You’ll just need to make sure it is compatible with their service.


When signing up for Internet, Rise customers also have the option to add on a PC Care service plan or Premium Technical Support service plan. For most people, these are generally not really necessary. One of the main benefits of these packages is that you will have access to Rise’s technical support team outside of normal service hours. Technical support is typically available Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 8 PM. However, with one of their computer care plans, Rise will give you a support number that you can call 24/7.

With a computer care package, Rise will also provide you with other general technical assistance not related to your Internet plan including helping you to resolve hardware, software, and computer networking issues. Tech savvy people will find that the majority of these sorts of questions can easily be answered by doing a quick Google search online. Most customers opt to go it alone and save the $10 or $15 dollars extra Rise charges monthly for these premium services.


BroadbandNow polled Rise Broadband users across the country about the company’s fixed wireless Internet service. To date, over 450 Rise Broadband customers have responded. They have given Rise Broadband an overall rating of 1.7 out of 5.0 stars. All customers were verified based upon IP address. Before signing up for Rise Broadband service, it is recommended to read some of the reviews left by other Rise customers to help decide whether their service is right for you.