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Great service

on July 10, 2015

Google Fiber is free, which is the best part. It's free plan offers 5 Mbps, which is not super fast, but it's enough for movie streaming for one person. It offers a predictable 5 Mbps that never changes and never seems to get disrupted. Their customer service is good and helpful.

Great stuff

on August 09, 2019

The only complaint I have with their service is that install takes a long time. From the day you sign up, it took about 3 weeks to actually have internet service, and the communication on their side is lackluster when it comes to that. However, everything else has been an amazing experience. Their technician was polite and accommodating, their service has been outstanding, and speeds have been stable. I pay for the 1000mb/s plan and I'm consistently sitting between 800-950, with pings in the ~4ms area, but some of that could be due to my own hardware. I can't really comment on their customer service, because I've never had to contact them. This is the most stable and reliable experience I've ever had with an ISP and I'm hesitant to ever move out of their service area for fear of having to use a different provider.

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